Dave-Trading – PFE

  Pfizer Inc. (PFE)–NYSE   *** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor. Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued,.

Options Basics (3) – Options variables and Greeks

  We already discussed what an option is, and how it can help with risk management. When I was talking about risk management, I was talking about how options require a.

Cup O' Joe – SRPT AdCom

  ***Our trading analyst Joe Gantoss relies on knowing more, either through technical analysis & charts or DD & research.*** Thesis: Joe has done a lot of research on SRPT..

Options Basics (2) – Options as a risk management tool

  In the last article, I discussed the basics of options. What they are, their classification, properties, and the different types that exist. I also mentioned how options allow you.

Options Basics (1) – What is an option?


GILD – Heavy Options Activity

  Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) –Nasdaq   GILD dropping hard after MRK receive the FDA approval for a less expensive alternative to Gilead’s hepatitis C drug and pricing it with.

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