Taking a BET on CNST

Constellation Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development of cancer therapeutics by targeting the epigenetic pathway. It has EZH2 and BET inhibitors in mid-stage clinical studies. Excitement in the stock is.

November 13 Biotech Update

All three SMIDs this week had positive news although only AMRN really took off on it. Of course, AMRN had the smallest positive move into the week and probably had.

November 12th Biotech Update

I know the actual AdCom is in a couple of days but the briefing docs release today gave us the final move for this weekly trifecta. This could also be.

November 11 Biotech Update

This is not necessarily a big week for the sector (the trend still seems in intact) but certainly some big SMID catalyst for stocks that I follow. In fact, there.

November 6 Biotech Update

We remain in what seems like the trend. Day three of the pullbacks tends to be when we restart the move higher but yesterday ended marginally green instead of red.

November 5th Biotech Update

Let us see if the trend is our friend. We hit what should be some resistance and have stalled. Previously, this led to a day or two of a shallow.

November 4 Biotech Update

Of course we get some meaningful news when I am unable to write but at least it was good news. And of course the sector does well when I am.

October 30 Biotech Update

The price action has not been great the past couple of days despite continued positive fundamentals. This could simply be a consolidation of the recent move higher and setting up.

October 29 Biotech Update

There is nothing that should stop the sector from running higher. Fundamentals look good and it has perhaps the best set of earnings among all sector this quarter. Of course,.

October 22 Biotech Update

I believe it is safe to say that we have some news today. I strongly suspect the news will be viewed as positive and should drive the sector higher. Let.

October 16 Biotech Update

Some good news today and most was unexpected. Some needs more discussion than other but I want to touch on all of them. Ideally this will be the catalysts needed.

October 9th Biotech Update

We are potentially setting up well for the sector. Yesterday was a down day but was that the pullback to consolidate the bounce and start a trend higher? Maybe. We.

October 8 Biotech Update

This is going to be an interesting couple of days for the sector. This is either the pullback to consolidate before another leg higher or the end of the dead.

October 7 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news to start the week. Some interesting odds and ends but nothing to really be a sector mover, so I suspect it continues with the trend.

October 2 Biotech Update

Today seems like a reversal day. The sector has been down for 11 straight trading sessions and is at a support level. I would have thought that $74 on the.

October 1 Biotech Update

We are probably due for a bounce in the sector as it has almost been straight down for a little bit. I think the $84 level on the XBI looks.

September 30 Biotech Update

The sector continued to underperform. I suspect part of this is a continuation of the overall underperformance and part is increasing fear around Warren’s rise in the polls. That is.

September 25th Biotech Update

I sound like a repeating record but the news have been pretty slow. I thought it was possible that the sector would break out higher but clearly that was not.

September 24 Biotech Update

News remains slow but the macro remains in the background. There is a chance that China trade tensions ease (only before rising again) and Iran is fading into the memory.

September 23 Biotech Update

Again another slow start to a week. We did survive the weekend without the macro getting worse. I am still not convinced we are out of the woods on the.

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