Dave-Trading Alert – CELG

I was still not exercised, but it looks like tonight our CELG options will be exercised. Monday, we will be selling the February $120 calls. We will have 200 CELG.

January 20th Biotech Update

We are getting some more offerings as is expected post JPM but they seem slower than usual. In any case, we have more large cap pharma news that is pretty.

Tax Inversions: Regulation Chasing Corporate Tax Loopholes Part 1

The following was a research project completed for my Economics of Regulation class about tax inversions, the implications, and proposed solutions.  Since this is a large paper, it will be.

January 18 Biotech Update

We have some news to talk about that seems to be a net neutral but in terms of individual stocks are likely meaningful. I also do not want to beat.

January 17 Biotech Update

The sector appears to have shrugged off (relatively speaking as to what could have happened) the recent Trump noise on the industry and likely for good reason. It is only.

January 13 Biotech Update

JPM is over and I am back. It is a lot to digest, so I will do some broad highlights today and then get more into details on Monday. To.

January 9 Biotech Update

I am getting ready to head out to JPM but I wanted to have a quick JPM note this morning. In general, the news has been a little slow as.

January 6 Biotech Update

News continues to come in (both expected and unexpected) and the sector remains strong into JPM. Usually there is a tailwind JPM week that can last a little but eventually.

January 5 Biotech Update

News is starting to pick up as we approach JPM. This should continue through the weekend. There has not really been anything dramatic today as these early birds tend to.

January 4 Biotech Update

The year continues at two for two with another trial failure but so far the market is shrugging it off. It is not surprising as expectations build for JPM. Usually.

Dave Trading – January 2017

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

January 3rd Biotech Update

Welcome to 2017 and we are not off to a great fundamental start with a phase III failure, capital raises and price increases. In other words, more of the same..

December 26 Biotech Update

I hope that everyone is having a good holiday season. News has slowed to a crawl and I will start making the 2017 previews unless there is some breaking news..

December 21 Biotech Update

The news flow continues with deals and talk of deals. I want to end this week (will be at home for the holidays Thursday and Friday) with a follow up.

December 20 Biotech Update

Well, this has been a strangely interesting day for the week before Christmas. I thought the bulk of news was done but I clearly spoke too soon. There is some.

December 19 Biotech Update

We are winding down and gearing up. The year is winding down so the news flow seems to be drying up but we are starting to gear up with 2017.

December 16 Biotech Update

I am back from jury duty and will try and catch up on the events of this week but will continue that next week before the holiday break. The trading.

AGIO- Pivot to PKD

Agios Pharmaceuticals came to market in 2013 as a promising cancer metabolism company. Three years later, it has pivoted to rare disease. AG-120, an IDH1 mutant inhibitor being developed for.

December 8 Biotech Update

So the sector seems to be moving beyond the Trump Tantrum if only slowly. It sort of helps that we have something else to obsess and argue about with Alzheimer’s.

December 7 Biotech Update

Here we go again. Just when you thought we could focus on fundamentals we have to talk about politics and politicians again. There was apparently an interview where Trump talked.

ASH Update: TGTX

ASH 2016 has turned out to be an important convention for many small biotechs, and will likely be remembered as a break-out event for CAR-T therapies. Results from the Phase 1 TGR-1202/Ibrutinib.

December 6 Biotech Update

It was a good day for most of the sector and ASH names except the ones I seemed to own. In any case, it was good to see the sector.

ASH Update 2: BLCM

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals’ leading clinical candidate is BPX-501, individualized T-cells transduced with a controllable suicide gene. They are being studied for use as an add-back following T-cell depletion during Haploidentical Stem.

ASH Update: TRIL

Trillium Therapeutics presented interim data from its ongoing Phase 1 trial of the SIRPaFc TTI-621 at ASH this past weekend. These highly anticipated results gave a deeper look into the.

December 5 Biotech Update

ASH has more or less come and gone. This is usually a highly anticipated conference that has some game changing data. While this was once again highly anticipated, I have.

December 2 Biotech Update

ASH starts soon and the sector needs some more positive news as it is really starting to lag. Outside of the initial election pop it has been pretty bad in.

November 30 Biotech Update

We are in a lull before a flood of data arrives at the end of this week and then into ASH next week. There is not a lot of new.

November 29 Biotech Update

It seems like the election move is taking a time out and some consolidation is happening. That is not surprising given the move and (at least for the sector) the.

November 28 Biotech Update

I vaguely (not really vaguely) recall noting last Tuesday that we were likely done with news unless some company wanted to sneak bad news in right before the holiday. I.

November 22 Biotech Update

More of the same in terms of slow news and likely decreasing volumes into the weekend. We do have a couple pieces of fundamental news to talk about but nothing.

November 21 Biotech Update

An exciting return to the sector for me and I mean that sarcastically. Not really much to talk about heading into this Thanksgiving week and I would not be surprised.

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