November 15 Biotech Update

Today is an important day for the sector. We are at very long term support (the 200 week MA) that has rarely been breached (occasionally but never in a sustained.

November 13 Biotech Update

We are getting what I suspect is a dead cat bounce after the trouncing yesterday. The recent lows need to hold but there really seems to be nothing in terms.

November 12 Biotech Update

A rough start to the week. The market just feels heavy and looks like it wants to break through the recent lows. It looked for a little like it wanted.

Opinion: No, The Antibiotics Market Is Not Broken

In light of slow drug launches and disappointing sales, there is a growing chorus of voices saying the antibiotics drug market is broken; that the government must step in to.

November 8 Biotech Update

Not a lot going on but there are a couple of quick points I want to make today. 1. AKAO is having the completely predictable slow antibiotic launch. You will.

November 7 Biotech Update

The midterm elections are over and now we have a couple hour break before the 2020 presidential campaigning begins. The split congress is likely positive for the markets as they.

November 6 Biotech Update

While there are certainly other things happening in the market, I want to focus today on ONCS as I think there are important take aways not only about the data.

November 5 Biotech Update

We are entering the heart of the SMID earning season and while it could have an impact on the individual stock, it usually does not have major impacts more broadly..

Bellus – David vs. Goliath Round 2 – Can BLU Expand the Pipeline Following Merck Lead?

Back in August I published my first deep dive report “Bellus – David vs. Goliath Can BLU Deliver A Better Chronic Cough Drug Than Merck?” (Link) about Bellus Health (BLU.TO).

November 1 Biotech Update

Yesterday I wondered if the sector was bottoming and evidence is building that we are bottoming. We still need to string some green days together and see stocks react positively.

APTO – We Came for A Trade and Back for The Long-Term Potential

The First time I met Aptose Biosciences (APTO) was at the Bloom-Burton conference in Toronto back in May 2018 following the request of several Chimera Research Group (CRG) subscribers. They.

October 31 Biotech Update

Is the sector starting to bottom? It certainly does not feel like it as every gain is followed by more selling. No move higher seems to have any staying power..

October 29 Biotech Update

Surprisingly not any M&A (I say sarcastically). It is interesting, however, that there are some partnership deals and this makes me wonder if that is the new M&A. It is.

October 25 Biotech Update

Yesterday was brutal and there is really little to say about it as we are clearly in the middle of a massive correction if not outright bear market. I suspect.

October23 Biotech Update

It is unfortunate that the earnings weeks comes as the market seems to want to collapse. Industrial earnings are finally seeing the impact of the trade policies and now apparently.

October 22 Biotech Update

This should not be week of no news as we have the ESMO data to digest as well as a number of large cap earnings to work through. Unless there.

October 18 Biotech Update

We finally have some M&A in the sector but I am not convinced it will have a very broad effect. While it is not a small deal, the $2B or.

October 17 Biotech Update

Yesterday was obviously a great day for the sector with everything higher and by a lot. It is not stunning to see some pullback from that move but if there.

Briacell Interview

Chimera Research Group: What sets Briacell apart from other immuno-oncology approaches? Dr. William V. Williams, President and CEO of Briacell: Briacell is developing a novel cancer immunotherapy based on a.

October 15 Biotech Update

Tell me if you heard this story before. Merger Monday and nothing happens in biotech. We have essentially run out of excuses as it was the political uncertainty and then.

October 12 Biotech Update

Not a lot in terms of news but certainly in terms of action. The selloff has been brutal but I think we are much closer to a bottom than many.

October 10 Biotech Update

I do not think there is much to say today outside of the obvious. The market is not looking good and we seem to be entering (or in the midst).

October 9 Biotech Update

It was certainly not a great start to the week and the sector really needs a turnaround Tuesday to pan out. Interestingly, the pharma and large cap bios did OK.

October 5 Biotech Update

Yesterday was brutal to say the least. There really was nothing to like about it. The XBI seems to have broken below its range and the IBB is rushing to.

SRPT – Again, WMS-2018 Dystrophin Data Beating the Market Expectation

Yesterday 10/04, at 7:00 am ET, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) with Dr. Mendell released the biopsy data from the fourth patient including full 4 patients “Functional Data” from Argentina at #WMS2018.

SRPT – Preparing for WMS-2018 Presentation

Tomorrow 10/04, at 7:00 am ET, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) with Dr. Mendell are hosting a conference call from Argentina at #WMS2018 the 23rd International Annual World Muscle Society meeting, to.

October 2 Biotech Update

There is not a lot of news today, so I will keep it relatively quick. I am really not starting to like the way the sector is trading. The XBI.

October 1 Biotech Update

Yet again another weekend is passed and yet again there are no major M&A. Yet again, it no longer seems to matter. A little different this morning is not a.

September 27th Biotech Update

We continue to see the disconnect between the IBB and XBI, where the large caps are outperforming the SMID. Given that the previous range break on the IBB did not.

September 26 Biotech Update

Yesterday was a little odd. It was generally a good day for the sector but a lot of companies had very large ranges for no apparent reason and on no.

September 25 Biotech Update

The sector appears to be gaining some momentum but we need to see the strength continue and ideally broaden. Positive data being rewarded is good as there have been times.

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