May 17 Biotech Update

Some interesting moves and data coming out of the ASCO abstracts. There are some questions answered with these abstracts, although more questions remain unanswered. I suspect that many of the.

May 15 Biotech Update

Drug pricing will not go away and I think that is going to be true going forward. We should not expect it to go away and at this point, one.

May 14 Biotech Update

Not much going on this morning. The big feared Trump drug pricing speech was a giant nothing burger and anyone who has paid attention the past 18 months could have.

May 10 Biotech Update

The sector rallied yesterday and the market in general seems to be shrugging off the escalation in Syria last night. I am a little surprised in that we saw the.

May 9 Biotech Update

Again not a day with a lot of news. There was a macro trade yesterday with the American withdrawal from the Iran deal as well as some heightened tensions between.

May 8 Biotech Update

It continues to be a slow news week, which is not completely unexpected given the series of large cap earnings. Today might very well be a macro day with Trump.

May 7 Biotech Update

It is certainly a slow start to the week. We should get a sense of the underlying strength of the sector this week as the large cap earnings are past.

Star Wars Day Biotech Update

We end the week on an OK set of news. It could certainly have been worse but nothing that is likely to fundamentally revalue the sector or reverse the chop..

May 3 Biotech Update

There was a relative lull in the news yesterday and today but I would argue that the sector held up pretty well despite the GILD miss. That either means that.

May 2 Biotech Update

It does not seem like today is going to be a good day for the sector but we have to see how it all plays out. There is some important.

May 1 Biotech Update

It looks like the market is in dangerous territory but barring some exogenous shock (perhaps war between Iran and Israel as a potential source of shock), it seems more like.

April 30 Biotech Update

I have a lot to catch up on this week but wanted to start this morning with a couple of points. We are going to be getting a lot of.

April 24 Biotech Update

There is a decent amount of news flow today, which makes sense given that I have little time to cover it all this morning. I will try and go through.

Dave Trading – May 2018

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

April 23 Biotech Update

Sort of a quite start to the week but it is Monday of the first week of earnings, so it is not completely surprising to see a slow start. Obviously.

April 20 Biotech Update

It is all about deal making it appears. We are getting closer to the earnings but deals are happening and might be happening or not happening as the case may.

April 19 Biotech Update

We are starting to enter into earnings season, which will pick up next week. This will obviously be driving price action and there is usually a little more risk/volatility in.

What Do You Need To Know Ahead of Next Week – SRPT CHMP Oral-Explanation

The CHMP meeting will take place next week April 23-26, we have no idea what day exactly is SRPT meeting, (Update 04/23:  today the CHMP published this week agenda and.

April 18 Biotech Update

We certainly seem to be moving away from the macro concerns to more sector specific issues, which is good to finally see. Of course, we are only one news cycle.

April 16 Biotech Update

We had the Syrian strikes over the weekend and for all intents and purposes it was typically political theater, which makes it enough for all sides to declare victory and.

April 13 Biotech Update

It is the calm before the storm and I hopefully mean the calm before the AACR and earnings season. We are not quite out of the woods yet on Syria.

April 12 Biotech Update

I am still convinced that the biggest macro risk for the market remains Syria. While there remains a chance that there is ultimately no attack, it seems that the past.

April 11 Biotech Update

Yesterday we were higher so obviously the whiplash has to continue with a red day today. The proximate cause of the weakness is concerns over Syria with Trump’s early morning.

April 10 Biotech Update

I am rushed this morning but I wanted to put out a quick note. The market is still volatile with the Cohen search yesterday sending the market down and the.

April 9 Biotech Update

I picked the wrong day to be out of the office. I thought the news will be in a lull before AACR picked up later this week. I guess I.

April 5 Biotech Update

The sector finally got its bounce and took some of the beaten down large caps with it. The sector (and market more generally) needs to follow through on this move.

April 4 Biotech Update

The market is a volatility machine. We went so long without any real volatility and now all we have a whiplash moves. In periods of these, the goal is to.

April 2 Biotech Update

Thursday was not a bad follow through for the sector. I am still not convinced that we are out of the forest quite yet but we are at least further.

March 29 Biotech Update

It has certainly been an interesting couple of days. It looked like the sector was toast Tuesday and then we end up not getting the follow through selling yesterday. Despite.

March 27 Biotech Update

We seemingly got our bounce yesterday. It was touch and go a little in the afternoon but the market ended strong. While the trading might simply be a reflection of.

March 26 Biotech Update

The market is going to bounce today and there are a number or proximate reasons. It could be the Stormy bottom. A dead cat, oversold bounce. A “maybe there will.

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