June 29 Biotech Update

Brexit fears are turning into Brexit relief as I talked about Monday but there is still awhile to go before the damage to the market and sector are fixed and.

Catatonic Economics – Brexit!

In response to Dave, “someone will nail the impact”… I figured I’d give my shot at it. My prediction last article was that sovereign debt along with other headwinds would.

June 27 Biotech Update

Brexit, Brexit, and more Brexit. Commentary from this weekend ranged from the end of humanity as we know it to everything will be fine. Clearly someone is going to nail.

June 24 Biotech Update

Nothing from the sector but the news is certainly the Brexit results. I am not well versed in all the nuances of what it means for the EU (no one.

June 23 Biotech Update

Nothing new (again) and the market is waiting on baited breath about the Brexit voting results. This should be the last major near term fear inducing event. The polls are.

June 22 Biotech Update

This is an extra early morning edition (I had to drop my kid off at the airport at 3:45AM) but really nothing a lot has changed since yesterday. The sector.

June 21 Biotech Update

Really not much news but the more things change the more they stay the same. We seem destined to once again test the lows in the sector and one has.

June 20 Biotech Update

Macro rules yet again with Brexit fears abating sending the market higher, although there are some notable under performing stocks. While it is hard to see a very large trend,.

June 17 Biotech Update

I am starting to sound like a broken record but we are having more of the same in that I did not miss much yesterday and it continues today. It.

June 15 Biotech Update

It ended up not being a horrible day for the sector but certainly not great. We started a modest late day rally that seems to have continued into this morning.

June 14 Biotech Update

The sector continues to struggle but for some reason we seem to be getting a bounce today despite a set of fairly negative news. It obviously remains to be seen.

Dave-Trading – June Edition

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor. Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

June 13

Without any real bullish news, the sector continues with its struggles. We have seen this story before and every other time it lead to a new low or a test.

June 10 Biotech Update

We are having a decent pullback yesterday and this morning. Many are still frustrated with the sector and are getting the feeling of “here we go again” but pullbacks happen.

We saw some more low volume drift and no real news to break through the summer doldrums, which seems to be in effect. I think this will probably be the.

Cup O' Joe – SRPT followup

***Joe Gantoss relies on knowing more, either through technical analysis & charts or DD & research.*** Last article, I spoke about the decision tree, and how to play the coming.

Catatonic Economics – The Four Letter Word

*** “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” – John Maynard Keynes *** Economics is called the dismal science for a reason.  The real reason is.

June 8 Biotech Update

Yesterday was surprisingly good, although so far we have not really had a nice follow through to start today. That being said the rally started to pick up steam later.

June 7 Biotech Update

Today is going to be a real test of the sector with all the negative news that came out. I am sure some will try to call this the ASCO.

June 6 Biotech Update

It’s the Monday after ASCO started and it is time to declare the winners and losers. Even when we have definitive data this is often a less than precise undertaking.

June 3 Biotech Update

Not much in terms of news to end the week as we head into ASCO. The jobs report may make this a macro day sell off (although if you dig.

June 2 Biotech Update

I missed a day but not much happened. The sector continues to do well and it seems to be slowly turning sentiment around. The one negative (or perhaps positive) is.

May 31 Biotech Update

So we got a little takeover Tuesday but not the mega deals that would have been transformative. I think we are at the point that we likely needed a deal.

Cup O’ Joe – May SRPT Edition

***Joe Gantoss relies on knowing more, either through technical analysis & charts or DD & research.*** Well, SRPT has delayed their decision past the PDUFA, destroying the weekly out-of-the-money (OTM).

May 27 Biotech Update

Yesterday was not a great day but after the run having a treading water sort of trading is not the worst outcome. At the worst, we were trading in line.

May 26 Biotech Update

Yesterday was more of the same and that is actually good for one of the first times this year. The sector continues higher and modestly outperformer the broader markets. The.

May 25 Biotech Update

The market continues higher and the sector with it. We seem to be moving away from the previous lows with broader participation with SMID and large caps. This market continues.

May 24 Biotech Update

I do not think anything dramatic happened when I was away. The sector seems to be holding the support which is most important. In addition, one could perhaps argue that.

May 19 Biotech Update

The sector did well the other day especially given the weakness in the broader markets. We have, however, seen this before and last time the sector grossly underperformed once the.

May 18 Biotech Update

The sector remains in a precarious position, which is nothing new. ISI had a call yesterday with its technician and the overwhelming view on most of the stocks was that.

Dave-Trading – May edition

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

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