June 23 Biotech Update

We are finally getting a break in the move higher but it has been quiet impressive. There was less excitement in the move than I would have thought, which I.

June 22 Biotech Update

The sector continues to rocket higher as clearly sentiment has reversed. This run likely has more legs than anyone thinks. The sector has been in a massive bear market and.

June 21 Biotech Update

Biotech is clearly back. We appear to be breaking out of the range with perhaps broadening participation and increasing volume. I am not a technician but this is looking good..

June 20 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be breaking out of its range with another early show of strength. While it is still early and we have been here before, the background seems.

June 19 Biotech Update

The sector finally does not have bad news this morning to undercut any momentum. We are still waiting on the M&A cycle to start but at this point I do.

Dave Trading – July 2017

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

June 15 Biotech Update

The market is certainly continuing its recent weakness (especially NASDAQ) but today biotech is down with it. Is this the start of another move to the lower end of its.

June 14 Biotech Update

The trading seems to be more of the same in that the sector is modestly outperforming the market but more or less simply trading flat. There are certainly some moves.

June 13 Biotech Update

It is days like this that show why the sector cannot have nice things (as the saying goes). We seemed to be getting some traction and were approaching what has.

June 12 Biotech Update

Another slow start to the week with little news and no M&A. The sector did end last week outperforming a falling market and that is continuing today (weak market with.

June 9 Biotech Update

I want to end this week with an ASCO follow up and talking about something new. I must say that the sector is doing modestly better than I had feared.

June 7 Biotech Update

I want to focus on a couple of specific companies in more detail over the next couple of days. There seems to have been a couple of irrational reactions to.

June 6 Biotech Update

I am back from ASCO with a lot to cover and I will focus on broader themes today and spend the rest of the week with more company specific commentary..

June 1 Biotech Update

The sector sort of had some positive news yesterday with TSRO putting itself on the proverbial block. This obviously moved TSRO and sector as it reminded people that good things.

May 31 Biotech Update

No news continues this week and now we are in a low volume bounce mode. It is unclear if it will hold but it might as it was not as.

May 30 Biotech Update

It is ASCO week and the end of a long Memorial Day weekend and there is no news. Usually heading into long weekends there is the expectation/hope that a deal.

May 26 Biotech Update

There is no news to speak of so I want to end the week with some broader sector commentary. There are some broader undercurrents that seem to be continuing and.

May 25 Biotech Update

The sector continues to struggle, although yesterday was not the worst of days. Perhaps we get a bounce or even a run up into ASCO. Of course, run ups form.

May 24 Biotech Update

The sector is having issues. If it is not in oversold conditions it certainly feels that way. Part of the issue is the traditional reasons to sell biotech but it.

May 23 Biotech Update

So we have some news to discuss. I missed out yesterday as I was at an elementary school graduation ceremony that lasted longer than I expected. There is nothing thesis.

June Dave- Quick Trade Update – ESPR

I tweeted earlier that ESPR was crushed because of what seemed like an innocuous employee benefit (I made the tweet Friday, it published today). That was all I had on.

May 18 Biotech Update

I do not want to spend time on macro given the ASCO abstract dump. As I noted before there is usually not much that comes out of these abstracts as.

May 17 Biotech Update

We have an interesting morning and likely next couple days of trading. The proximate cause of the selling is the continuing and escalating crisis with the Trump administration. While predicting.

Dave-Trading June 2017

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

May 16 Biotech Update

While I do not want to say this with too high of a conviction but I am starting to believe sentiment has changed and is slowly improving. First, we are.

May 15 Biotech Update

It is a pretty slow start to the week. We have ASCO abstract coming up on the 17th and I believe EHA abstracts on the 18th. Without any real thesis.

May 12 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be doing OK. The market appears oddly bifurcated again with the large caps generally underperforming but there are some nice moves in the SMID. This is.

May 11 Biotech Update

There are a couple of quick hits that I want to get today as we have some news but we are also getting closer to ASCO. I suspect ASCO will.

May 10 Biotech Update

The news keeps coming in this week as the sector and market looks for a direction. I do not see anything happening that is fundamentally changing the story for the.

May 9 Biotech Update

Yesterday was a bad day for a number of reasons. It is interesting to see the sector hit so hard on the news and will be even more interesting to.

May 8 Biotech Update

With the earning seasons continuing it is becoming clear that the sector is going to bifurcate. Growth is becoming increasingly difficult to find as the ability to grow through price.

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