Eteplirsen: Reasonable Evidence of Activity

The Adcom is over and Eteplirsen was voted down. A final decision still remains for approval. While much was discussed in the Adcom, the key arguments were over these: 1..

May 2 Biotech Update

It was not a great end of the week for the sector. Trading has not been good and earnings were fine but not exciting. As much as the sector has.

April 28 Biotech Update

We have a little bit of news this morning. There is no way I can cover it all especially having a bunch of conference calls to listen to as well..

April 27 Biotech Update

This week seems to have started like last week. I think it was actually last Tuesday that the sector suddenly took a dive on no real news and yesterday was.

April 25 Biotech Update

There is not a lot of news to start the week but this will be a bust week of news, so I will keep this short as we wait for.

April 22 Biotech Update

Yesterday was a great day for the sector (although volumes could have been better) but I do not know why. There did not seem to be a major catalyst but.

April 21 Biotech Update

I think the best description of the sector is listless and uncertain. The price action has been mixed but more than anything else, there has been a significant lack of.

April 20 Biotech Update

I need to get this out early as I have meetings all morning. I apologize if it does not read well or is poorly edited. 1. One worry that cannot.

April 18 Biotech Update

There is a recurring theme with excitement to end the week but no merger Monday. I continue to believe we are still too early for there to be a pick-up.

SRPT – Final thoughts ahead of the AdCom

  Reaching the decision point… Today is the day we have to make decisions in SRPT position. As has been explained several times in the forum and CRG twitter private.

April 15 Biotech Update

The generally trading in the sector seems indeterminate. Stocks that underperform one day outperform the next. One day large caps outperform and the next it is small caps. The only.

Dave-Trading – April Edition

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor. Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

April 14 Biotech Update

Yesterday ended up being modestly better than it started but the sector still remains in a difficult spot. It was certainly positive to see some recovery and movements higher but.

April 13 Biotech Update

It has been a strange sort of trading. The sector did well last week but has been underperforming for a couple days now. Ideally this is simply back testing the.

April 11 Biotech Update

I do not think the week is starting with the news everybody wants, i.e. buyouts, but I do think we are getting closer to that point. The sector has been.

April 8 Biotech Update

While the sector did not do great on an absolute basis yesterday, it clearly outperformed the broader market. Given the relatively underperformance in the first quarter (the biggest underperformance for.

April 7 Biotech Update

I think we can have more confidence that the bottom is in for the sector, although I am still of the belief that it will be volatile and the sector.

April 6 Biotech Update

The news is obviously the failed AGN and PFE deal, so I will focus on why the deal fell through and what it means for the companies and sector. I.

April 4 Biotech Update

It is a pretty quiet start to the week (again) but a little less so than previous weeks. At least we have a GILD deal to think about, although not.

April 1 Biotech Update

Yesterday was generally a good day for the sector but it is hard to feel particularly good about it. We certainly need more time to see if this is another.

March 31 Biotech Update

It has been an interesting week. We saw some continued strength yesterday morning only to roll over the rest of the day as sellers returned. The sector may have been.

Catatonic Economics

***”Economists have forecast 9 out of the last 5 recessions. *** One contribution I make to the CRG team is my background in economics. I have a pervasive interest in.

March 30 Biotech Update

I am very surprised with the way yesterday turned out. Shrugging off the news to turn positive was impressive even if the sector underperformed the broader market. It seems to.

March 28 Biotech Update

We start the week with some biotech news although not the M&A that many expect. I will be interested to see how MDVN trades given its takeover speculation at the.

March 24 Biotech Update

The week has not been ending how it started and this is always the risk with short covering rallies. Without real long term buyers, they are going to be susceptible.

March 22 Biotech Update

It looks like the sector did not fall off a cliff and perhaps has been finding some support. We still have the recurring question of whether this is real buying.

Cup O' Joe – GILD Calls

  ***Joe Gantoss relies on knowing more, either through technical analysis & charts or DD & research.*** Thesis: GILD has been in a channel between ~87 and ~91. Joe already.

March 18 Biotech Update

  You are missing a lot of private interaction we are mostly using the private feed @CRGTrades to do so, the best way to be updated is to follow us.

March 17 Biotech Update

You are missing a lot of private interaction we are mostly using the private feed @CRGTrades to do so, the best way to be updated is to follow us through.

March 16 Biotech Update

We are again at a decision point in the sector where it seems we are close to making another leg lower. My base case has been that there is not.

March 14 Biotech Update

We start off the week once again without M&A and light on the news. The news we did have was positive (even if there was some discussion on twitter about.

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