ASH Update: TRIL

Trillium Therapeutics presented interim data from its ongoing Phase 1 trial of the SIRPaFc TTI-621 at ASH this past weekend. These highly anticipated results gave a deeper look into the.

December 5 Biotech Update

ASH has more or less come and gone. This is usually a highly anticipated conference that has some game changing data. While this was once again highly anticipated, I have.

December 2 Biotech Update

ASH starts soon and the sector needs some more positive news as it is really starting to lag. Outside of the initial election pop it has been pretty bad in.

November 30 Biotech Update

We are in a lull before a flood of data arrives at the end of this week and then into ASH next week. There is not a lot of new.

November 29 Biotech Update

It seems like the election move is taking a time out and some consolidation is happening. That is not surprising given the move and (at least for the sector) the.

November 28 Biotech Update

I vaguely (not really vaguely) recall noting last Tuesday that we were likely done with news unless some company wanted to sneak bad news in right before the holiday. I.

November 22 Biotech Update

More of the same in terms of slow news and likely decreasing volumes into the weekend. We do have a couple pieces of fundamental news to talk about but nothing.

November 21 Biotech Update

An exciting return to the sector for me and I mean that sarcastically. Not really much to talk about heading into this Thanksgiving week and I would not be surprised.

Dave Trading – Where is the value?

Dave gave me one line when I asked him about value… “not much value.  Maybe write about how to make profit in a momo market while not risking too much.”.

November 16 Biotech Update

Again we do not have a ton of news but we had one of our first year end catalysts, which I will talk about. In terms of the year end.

November 15 Biotech Update

The initial move from the election seems long in the legs and perhaps is ready to pause. We have seen a couple of companies do secondaries, which is a perfectly.

November 14 Biotech Update

And we continue with the Trump effect in the sector. As I noted before this is going to be a longer term tailwind despite what people argue about the potential.

November 11 Biotech Update

The sector momentum continued and there is no reason to expect it will end soon. Of course, nothing goes straight up but as I noted before there are numerous tailwinds.

Catatonic Economics – Unpacking a Trump win

On October 9, 2016, I made a prediction about this election that has come true.  Hillary would lead the polls by 5 points throughout the election, and Trump would win..

November 9 Biotech Update

There is not a lot of stock specific news but I want to spend some time today talking about the election results and its implications and then starting Friday I.

November 8 Biotech Update

This is going to be a very interesting test for the sector. There are two events that should crush the sector (or would have recently) but will it? Odds are.

November 7 Biotech Update

Welcome to election week and stock performance across the board are going to be highly correlated. I suspect the move today is the pricing in of an increased probability of.

A Deep Dive in SRPT Chart!

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (SRPT) -Nasdaq During the past six weeks we had so many stories, with or against SRPT approval, where a 10-million shares short sellers are still traped in.

November 4 Biotech Update

There has been nothing reasonable, rational, or predictable about the price action in the sector recently. The sell off yesterday on the ASH abstracts (supposedly the catalyst) is the height.

November 2 Biotech Update

Any selling we see today cannot really be blamed on sentiment or the elections as we had our first day (in my opinion) of fundamentally bad earnings. Up to this.

November 1 Biotech Update

We have more of the same with basically solid fundamental reports but certainly not perfect and I suspect it will lead to another day lower with the outperformer that will.

October 31 Biotech Update

There is nothing that seems to help the sector. The clear sentiment headwind is the election and that is certainly plausible. A non-democratic sweep of the presidency, senate, and house.

October 28 Biotech Update

A week into earnings season and while it is not perfect, it is clearly better than the fears going in and the price action indicated. No company has really missed.

October 26 Biotech Update

It looks like the sector is not responding well to decent news. As I noted yesterday nothing has had a perfect press release but given the selloff perfect news was.

October 25 Biotech Update

Earnings have started and so far nothing great but nothing horrible. In fact there were some notable misses but we may be at the point that misses will rally stocks.

October 24 Biotech Update

We have almost a perfect storm of negativity to hit the sector to start the week- a week that people were already worried about with the slew of earnings that.

October 21 Biotech Update

Clearly the sector did not turn the corner after the presidential debate even though it should have assuaged concerns over the importance of drug pricing to the candidates. The sector.

Dave Trading – October Edition – Bargain Hunting Time?

*** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued, and sells when significantly overvalued.***.

October 19 Biotech Update

There is really nothing to talk about today with a lack of news. I suspect we will be weak into the final debate and stretch run of the campaign. Recent.

October 18 Biotech Update

It is still not great out there for the sector but yesterday was not awful, which I guess is an improvement. Perhaps we have reached a short term bottom and.

Catatonic Economics – No one is talking about the greatest risk to America

Financial markets talk about a lot of headwinds to the economy.  China devaluation, negative S&P earnings, presidential race, central bank actions, European banking problems, Japan, oil, etc.  One that should.

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