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January 19 Biotech Update

The M&A smoke in the sector is coming quick but it remains to be seen if this is just smoke or whether there is fire beneath. After a clearly disappointing.

January 18 Biotech Update

We had a little ice storm down here that has shut the town down for a couple days (I snuck into the office today), so I missed some interesting news..

Achaogen: Is It A Buy?

South San Francisco based Achaogen is on the verge of gaining FDA approval for its bacteria fighting drug Plazomicin. The decision date has been set for June 25 with an.

January 16 Biotech Update

Some interesting news to start the week. I suspect it will be good enough to help the sector as it was a little surprising and definitely early. We have still.

January 12 Biotech Update

Assuming nothing crazy happens, the price action has been much better than I would have expected given the headline news. What we do not know if what management said to.

January 11 Biotech Update

While we still have two trading days left this week, it looks like we will end up with a decent performance for the sector. Given the lack of news at.

The Kodak Hail Mary

Kodak is just the latest in a series of companies that rescued a failing stock price by announcing a crypto-currency scheme. While there is a Kodak crypto-currency that will be.


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