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May 31st Biotech Update

Yesterday was not great or at least it did not feel great.  It looked as if we would have a nice little bounce but ended up red again.  Stepping back, however, we are not in an awful position as long as we do not break below the recent lows.  There seems to be some support […]

May 30th Biotech Update

Last week was disappointing to say the least.  I was worried about the macro and the impact on the sector but it ended up not mattering.  The market actually did pretty well but the sector was weak both in an absolute sense and a relative sense.  That is always a difficult situation as it is […]

May 25th Biotech Update

The sector is in an odd position.  We sort of made a higher high when we got to the $90 level, which would generally be good but we ended that day way off the highs and then followed up with a weak day.  Generally, I would look at that as a failed breakout and a […]

May 23rd Biotech Update

A nice little rally yesterday and hopefully we can continue that momentum.  Obviously the ideal scenario is that the sector can break out and go to a higher high after having set a higher low.  To be fair, we have been in this situation before and even had a mini upward trend established only to […]

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Founded in 2011, Chimera Research Group provides completely independent and actionable investment and trading ideas backed by comprehensive fundamental research and analysis for listed companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Our coverage focuses on early stage companies with impending FDA decisions or clinical trial results but also includes mid-to-large cap bio-pharma companies where there exists specific catalysts. Our Trade Ideas are designed to maximize the risk reward profile. Our Research Reports outline the top up-and-coming catalysts that represent the best opportunities for traders and investors.

The biopharmaceutical sector offers significant opportunities to generate big returns yet can be risky and difficult to navigate.

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