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June 21st Biotech Update

Are we finally getting some love in the sector?  The market and sector were very oversold and we were due for a bounce in both.  We seem to be getting some nice momentum in both (and I would add cryptocurrency which adds to my belief that it really might be a proxy now for risk […]

June 15th Biotech Update

So it is a good start to the morning and yesterday was OK in that we did not crash more. I would not really pay any attention to the morning moves as the more important trading action will be after the Fed announcement.  Obviously expectations are for a rate hike and speculation is that it […]

June 14th Biotech Update

The market is a mess.  We had treasuries invert on Friday, which is a favorite signal of an impending recession.  To be fair the treasury inversion over predicts recessions and so there have been many instances where nothing happened after an inversion.  All that being said rising rates and high inflation is probably bound to […]

June 8th Biotech Update

I guess I brought some good vibes back from my vacation.  I still would say that we are not ever close to saying that an uptrend is in play but these strong days are the necessary condition to start that trend.  We are at a level where additional upside gets us starting to think more […]

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Founded in 2011, Chimera Research Group provides completely independent and actionable investment and trading ideas backed by comprehensive fundamental research and analysis for listed companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Our coverage focuses on early stage companies with impending FDA decisions or clinical trial results but also includes mid-to-large cap bio-pharma companies where there exists specific catalysts. Our Trade Ideas are designed to maximize the risk reward profile. Our Research Reports outline the top up-and-coming catalysts that represent the best opportunities for traders and investors.

The biopharmaceutical sector offers significant opportunities to generate big returns yet can be risky and difficult to navigate.

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