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December 15 Biotech Update

The question I keep asking myself is whether or not JPM really will be the positive catalyst that everyone is expecting (or really hoping for). We know that companies tend.

December 14 Biotech Update

Volume and news is starting to dry up but there were some interesting tidbits to talk about but they are more interesting than really game changing. In any case, we.

What Drives the Bitcoin Market?

What is Bitcoin? To answer that question we need a good analogy as to what bitcoin actually is or what it is supposed to do. Bitcoin as a Digital Currency.

December 12 Biotech Update

The sector sort of held in there for the ASH hangover but was sort of hit or miss. With ASH winding down, we are seeing the winners selling shares and.

December 11 Biotech Update

There is no ASH hangover quite yet but it usually comes pretty quick after the conference. Perhaps this year will be different given that outside of a few good days,.

December 8 Biotech Update

Finally, he sector responded well to good news and held those gains. That bodes well heading into ASH (assuming more positive news) but we obviously cannot give all the gains.

The Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin is a bubble. Bitcoin is overvalued. There is a lot of hysteria about bitcoin but that is from both those drinking the koolaid as well as those screaming bubble.


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