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Dave-Trading August 2017

Dave Trading – August 2017 *** David Sobek is a disciplined value investor.  Using models, research, and fundamental data, David devises a value for biotech stocks, buys when significantly undervalued,.

July 21 Biotech Update

I am back and missed all the fireworks yesterday. This week has gone quite well for the sector in terms of fundamentals and the price action reflected it. We sort.

July 19 Biotech Update

The sector got a big boost from VRTX last night. If it cannot rally off of this news, then buckle your seatbelts and hedge your positions as there is unlikely.

July 18 Biotech Update

There seems to be a negative pattern developing with strength early that gives way to weakness later in the day. This is not totally unexpected given the need to consolidate.

July 17 Biotech Update

A little bit of news to start the week but nothing dramatic and still none of the M&A that was supposed to explode this year leading the recovery of the.

July 14 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news to end the week, so I will touch on a couple of quick longer term themes. The sector was a little stronger than I would.

July 13 Biotech Update

We have some news and perhaps additional news but unconfirmed as of yet. In general, however, the sector seems to be more or less treading water without a real upside.


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