April 19th Biotech Update

Well, I wish something would change but we are back in the rut that was most of later year.  To be fair, we did eventually break out of that rut but I will continue to be a repeating record.  We need rates to break lower.  I think things are getting stretched to the downside (in […]

April 17th Biotech Update

We still wait on the Middle East to see if we need to add another layer of macro worry to the markets.  The longer we go on the more likely tension settle but it still seems to rest on the scale of the Israeli response and whether it compels Iran to respond.  A tit-for-tat spiral […]

April 15th Biotech Update

Did we dodge the Middle East risk?  We did to a certain extent, but I do not think we are completely out of the woods yet.  If Israel decided not to response, then I would be quite confident that the risks are significantly lower but it seems like Israel is going to respond and they […]

April 12th Biotech Update

I sort of figured that even the news of some M&A was not going to drastically change the character of the market.  I am progressively become more pessimistic about the market and sector.  It has little to do with the fundamentals of the sector and a lot to do with the macro structure in which […]

April 8th Biotech Update

And we are once again dependent on rates and inflation.  Rates are moving higher regardless of what the Fed has been saying as the economy remains stronger than expected.  I think we started the year with the thought that we could see upwards of seven rate cuts, but it has generally been around three to […]

April 3rd Biotech Update

I head out of town, and I come back to a precarious market.  It seems that interest rates are once against front and center for the sector.  The Fed is not talking about raising interest rates and they still have been very clear that the next move will be to cut but the rates themselves […]

March 26th Biotech Update

So a whole lot of nothing yesterday.  While I guess it remains good that support is holding, we really need to be building some momentum or, perhaps, we would like to see the sector build some momentum.  The sector is certainly in a better place than last year and ultimately, I think we do get […]

March 25th Biotech Update

While the sector certainly seems to be holding up around support, this does not feel like a good place for the sector.  The market and tech sectors are at highs and we are struggling to bounce off of what should be pretty strong levels of support.  The small caps are not doing as well as […]

March 21st Biotech Update

Nothing really that news worthy this week so far.  That being said the sector might be getting some momentum.  We definitely needed to some bouncing after the hanging around what should be support and so far we seem to be seeing that bounce.  The chart itself is showing a nice two day move and ideally […]

March 18th Biotech Update

Not a lot of news to start the week.  Ideally we need to get some positive momentum going in the sector but there is not a ton of fundamentals to get it going this week.  It would not be bad to see the sector get some upside movement without a lot of fundamental news but […]

March 14th Biotech Update

Support held yesterday and perhaps that is an early positive sign that we have reached the bottom of this little selloff.   One day does not make a successful test of support but it was nice to see and ideally we can build on that green and even accelerate it into the end of the week. […]

March 13th Biotech Update

Well, we are no longer hanging at the higher levels and my original thought that we would test the upper end of the previous range was correct.  We are getting close and perhaps the intraday low the other day was the test, but we are pretty close.  It is probably a reasonable time to be […]

March 11th Biotech (and Oil) Update

We continue to hang out at these higher levels, although we do not seem to be able to catch any real momentum to the upside.  I think we are moving out of what is traditionally more challenging seasonality to more positive.  There is typically a post-JPM overhang as secondaries hit the sector and we have […]

March 8th Biotech Update

We are hanging out at these higher levels, and it makes me a little more bullish that we might be able to stay in this range.  My ongoing concern was that there was not a lot of volume at these levels and so the support might not be that strong.  While I would not be […]

March 6th Biotech Update

Despite the good start to the week, it has not been as positive of a continuation.  We are at the lower end of a range but one that I do not have confidence can hold.  I like the $94-$95 level a lot more given that it had acted as resistance for awhile.  I do think […]

March 4th Biotech Update

It looks like it will be a good start to the week.  I do sort of think that we are in a holding pattern of sort as we have not really continued the breakout, but we also have not went back to the upper end of the previous range.  I thought that a test of […]

March 1st Biotech Update

It has been a good week, but it has also been quite a quick run.  The recent weakness is not necessarily bad if we successfully back test the breakout.  The $94-$95 level on the XBI was the upper end of the range and was resistance.  We clearly busted above that level this week, but it […]

February 28th Biotech Update

A big in the sector.  We had an underlying bid that I thought was positive and then we get some positive news.  I am not sure the news is the real cause or just an excuse, but we are clearly breaking out in the sector.  I would not be surprised if there is some sort […]

February 27th Biotech Update

It was a good start to the week albeit on limited news.  I actually find it encouraging to see what looks like a breakout on no major news as it speaks to an underlying bid in the sector.  Obviously major news can always change the tone of the market but it is certainly a good […]

February 23rd Biotech Update

We are very close to breaking out.  I think it would be a nice way to end the week to get that initial breakout and run higher but there is actually not a lot of news that could drive it.  Rates expectations are a little less dovish with most now not expecting the first rate […]