August 21 Biotech Update

Happy eclipse day. There is little news both in the sector and in the market. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it might give us a sense as.

August 18 Biotech Update

The whole market is looking heavy and the IWM broke below key support. The sector is not going to be able to hold up if this continues but luckily there.

August 17 Biotech Update

There is nothing to dissuade me that risk on is creeping back into the market as North Korea is fading into the background (for how long who knows but that.

August 16 Biotech Update

The recovery continues as risk-on seems to be heading back into the market. Part of me sees this as what I expected in terms of a sell off to test.

August 14 Biotech Update

We survived the weekend without a nuclear holocaust so I guess that is good for a relief rally. That seems a little misplaced in that the weather has been bad.

August 11 Biotech Update

The macro risks are helping to bring down the sector and we are just about at those breakout levels that I have been talking about. Of course, I also noted.

August 9 Biotech Update

The sector weakness continues but is still doing so on the back of good fundamental news. Of course, all the news has not been positive but we are seeing beats,.

August 8 Biotech Update

Another day with some news and catch up. The sector is still not doing well as we see positive individual moves that seem to have no read through other stocks..

August 7 BiotechUpdate

We have some interesting earnings news but this will more be catch up from the last week. My broader view is that despite any positive or negative news the sector.

August 4 Biotech Update

I am back from my last trip of the summer and to be honest it is going to take me the weekend to catch up on all the news. That.

July 27 Biotech Update

There is a lot to talk about today, so I will jump right into the most interesting and important news. 1. MYSTIC did not meet the primary PFS endpoint. There.

July 26 Biotech Update

If there has been a consistent theme to earnings this week it has been beat and raise but with stock underperformance. This is not great in the near term as.

July 24 Biotech Update

It should be a big week for news but it is starting a little slow, which is not unexpected as the earnings are clustered Tuesday through Thursday. There is some.

July 21 Biotech Update

I am back and missed all the fireworks yesterday. This week has gone quite well for the sector in terms of fundamentals and the price action reflected it. We sort.

July 19 Biotech Update

The sector got a big boost from VRTX last night. If it cannot rally off of this news, then buckle your seatbelts and hedge your positions as there is unlikely.

July 18 Biotech Update

There seems to be a negative pattern developing with strength early that gives way to weakness later in the day. This is not totally unexpected given the need to consolidate.

July 17 Biotech Update

A little bit of news to start the week but nothing dramatic and still none of the M&A that was supposed to explode this year leading the recovery of the.

July 14 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news to end the week, so I will touch on a couple of quick longer term themes. The sector was a little stronger than I would.

July 13 Biotech Update

We have some news and perhaps additional news but unconfirmed as of yet. In general, however, the sector seems to be more or less treading water without a real upside.

July 12 Biotech Update

Another day with little news (at least early as the NVS ad com is today). This is really the calm before the storm as we are inching closer to the.

July 11 Biotech Update

We are getting some news at least but nothing that is thesis changing but perhaps just enough to move the needle for the sector but that is to be determined..

July 10 Biotech Update

I think the summer doldrums have more than officially set into the market. There is little news to start the week so I expect today to be a low volume.

July 7 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be consolidating its previous move although the broader market does not necessarily look that strong. That being said the trend for the sector is higher and.

July 6 Biotech Update

I am back from vacation and seem to have brought some selling with me. I did not follow the market closely at all so I need to catch up a.

June 23 Biotech Update

We are finally getting a break in the move higher but it has been quiet impressive. There was less excitement in the move than I would have thought, which I.

June 22 Biotech Update

The sector continues to rocket higher as clearly sentiment has reversed. This run likely has more legs than anyone thinks. The sector has been in a massive bear market and.

June 21 Biotech Update

Biotech is clearly back. We appear to be breaking out of the range with perhaps broadening participation and increasing volume. I am not a technician but this is looking good..

June 20 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be breaking out of its range with another early show of strength. While it is still early and we have been here before, the background seems.

June 19 Biotech Update

The sector finally does not have bad news this morning to undercut any momentum. We are still waiting on the M&A cycle to start but at this point I do.

June 15 Biotech Update

The market is certainly continuing its recent weakness (especially NASDAQ) but today biotech is down with it. Is this the start of another move to the lower end of its.

June 14 Biotech Update

The trading seems to be more of the same in that the sector is modestly outperforming the market but more or less simply trading flat. There are certainly some moves.

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