Celgene Update

Real quick post on CELG. I sold my position for $86.28. I wanted to lock in profits and while there is still a nice gap between current price and deal.

January 17 Biotech Update

The grind in place or higher option remains possible with the market. It will be interesting to see how the approach of earning season pressures traders. Does the lack of.

January 15 Biotech Update

We are clearly not out of the woods for a correction but we should also remember that corrections can occur through price or time. In other words, most think of.

January 11 Biotech Update

Everyone continues to expect a pullback and yesterday looked like it would be the day that starts the correction but we ended up green again. This has been on the.

January 9 Biotech Update

The sector move seems to be losing some steam. This is not unexpected nor bad as these overbought conditions need to be reset. The real key going forward is not.

January 8 Biotech Update

The sector is ripping higher the past couple days, which makes sense given the news flow. I thought the XBI could hit $80 and it did. This is an area.

January 7 Biotech Update

This is one hell of a start for biotechs this year. M&A and good data are back. Of course, there is a bias in JPM week to present good news.

January 4 Biotech Update

The broader market is finally supportive of the sector and barring a reversal we should start to see a nice run up into JPM next week. At the very least.

January 3 Biotech Update

Holy crap, BMY is buying CELG. This is one hell of a way to start the XLRN is aNew Year and JPM week. It is unfortunate for the sector that.

December 31 Biotech Update

The selling has been relentless but we are now seeing a nice rally/dead cat bounce. While one has to be very careful with any rally as countertrend rallies in bear.

December 18 Biotech Update

It is brutal out there for bears and bulls alike. While the trend seems to be lower the market continues to have little rips higher. I still lean towards another.

December 17 Biotech Update

It really is looking like we are entering a bear market and those sharp rallies that we have seen are simply the sharp counter trend rallies one sees in bear.

December 13 Biotech Update

Not a ton of news as the year closes down. It seems like the market wants to whiplash investors as we bounce around with no clear trends. It does not.

December 11 Biotech Update

The market did a lot better to start the week than I would have thought and that strength continues today. At this point, I think everyone does not really trust.

December 7 Biotech Update

The market can always surprise and I was surprised yesterday with the sector strength. The broader market did better than I expected but the sector clearly outperformed. It is only.

December 6 Biotech Update

China is back in the news and for good or ill, the sector fundamentals do not matter. Right now it is all about China and the broader market will pull.

December 4 Biotech Update

Yesterday was a good day but not as broad based as one would have hoped. Today will be telling in that the confusion over the China “trade deal” has only.

December 3 Biotech Update

It is certainly a great start to the week with generally good news from ASH, merger Monday, and easing trade tensions. If we do not get a gap and run.

November 29 Biotech Update

We are at an interesting place for the sector. The XBI is approaching the upper end of the downtrend, which has been acting as resistance. I am not totally convinced.

November 28 Biotech Update

Yesterday as a bad day for the sector as it was red with a positive broader market backdrop. To be fair it was a rather odd day in the sector.

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