January 24 Biotech Update

Thanks to everyone who was on the stream yesterday and those that watched afterwards. Not much has really changed between now and then. The sector appears relatively weak but perhaps.

January 22 Biotech Update

I think the trading context for the near term is basically set. We have a potential macro scare with the Wuhan coronavirus, earnings, and the sector trading just below breakout.

January 21 Biotech Update

A long weekend and we start the week like JPM with little to now news. If you stare at the chart closely enough and squint your eyes, we might be.

January 17 Biotech Update

I suspect that the sector is setting up for a run at $100 on the XBI if not breaking above it. People expecting a JPM selloff on the lack of.

January 16 Biotech Video Update

So today I did a chat on Twitch. If you go to the page there should be a video recording that you can watch. https://www.twitch.tv/chimeraresearch Rest assured quality will improve.

January 15th Biotech Update

The snorefest that is JPM continues with no deals and not particularly meaningful company updates. The sector was understandably weak yesterday morning but it had a pretty nice reversal during.

January 14 Biotech Update

It is all but confirmed that this is going to be the worse JPM in my memory on the deal front. I knew without CELG and AGN you had fewer.

January 13 Biotech Update

It looks like JPM is going to be a dud. The only deal announced so far with the smallish LLY deal for DERM last week. This has to be one.

January 10th Biotech Update

We are now ramping up the news with the peak coming Monday. Not many deals announced so far and I suspect we need more for us to get a decent.

January 9th Biotech Update

I think macro is officially in the background for now. It seems clear the US will not respond and most encouraging is that the US noted that they will not.

January 8th Biotech Update

Iran responded and it went about as well as we could have hoped. The administration has a chance to de-escalate today and given the limited damage done with the attack.

January 7 Biotech Update

We remain in the calm before the storm (perhaps both macro and in terms of JPM). I still think the market is underestimating possible Iranian responses and seems to be.

January 6 Biotech Update

I am glad to be back and will be in my usual daily update routine for the foreseeable future. I did not miss a ton of news but we certainly.

December 18th Biotech Update

Another slow news day or at least slow trading day. I think the market continues to drift and perhaps we get a large small volume move but markets near yearly.

December 17th Biotech Update

It seems like we are getting into the slow part of the holiday season. News is slowing down as is the trading volume. I suspect we get less and less.

December 16 Biotech Update

We have a decent news morning but I want to focus on three and can do so with a Western theme: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 1. The.

December 13 Biotech Update

There is some news today so I will do a quick Friday note. 1. ATNX had their data and it showed a statistically significant OS improvement. We are getting a.

December 11 Biotech Update

Today will be interesting in whether or not we can break into new highs for the week. It looked like Monday was going to trigger a breakout and run but.

December 10 Biotech Update

It seems like the sector might breakout and run yesterday morning but it came back to reality in the afternoon. While it would have been nice to see a run,.

December 9th Biotech Update

We have our answer as to the strength of the trend. Positive data are being rewarded (so far) and the perfect storm continues for the sector with not only good.

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