December 15 Biotech Update

The question I keep asking myself is whether or not JPM really will be the positive catalyst that everyone is expecting (or really hoping for). We know that companies tend.

December 14 Biotech Update

Volume and news is starting to dry up but there were some interesting tidbits to talk about but they are more interesting than really game changing. In any case, we.

December 12 Biotech Update

The sector sort of held in there for the ASH hangover but was sort of hit or miss. With ASH winding down, we are seeing the winners selling shares and.

December 11 Biotech Update

There is no ASH hangover quite yet but it usually comes pretty quick after the conference. Perhaps this year will be different given that outside of a few good days,.

December 8 Biotech Update

Finally, he sector responded well to good news and held those gains. That bodes well heading into ASH (assuming more positive news) but we obviously cannot give all the gains.

December 7 Biotech Update

I thought we would have to wait until ASH to get a good tell on the market but if the sector cannot hold onto gains today, then there is a.

December 6 Biotech Update

The sector and stocks are going to give everyone whiplash. Despite their being some out performers, it seems like every move higher gets smashed later in the day. There are.

December 5 Biotech Update

I was quite wrong about the sector setting up well and it is not immediately clear to me why the sector did so poorly. I want to go through a.

December 4 Biotech Update

The sector is tied to macro but given the macro events (tax bill status and Flynn flipping) it is not surprising to see this. Ultimately, it is more likely that.

December 1 Biotech Update

It looks like the market and sector are going to be tied to the fate of the tax bill (at least that is how it seemed yesterday) and that makes.

November 29 Biotech Update

The sector seems to have gotten its footing a little and while that does not mean it will shoot higher, it does seem to have stopped the decline. As I.

November 27 Biotech Update

Perhaps we are in the calm before the storm or people are still recovering from their Thanksgiving meals but the sector is off to a slow start to the week..

November 21 Biotech Update

Sentiment remains difficult in the sector but I think we are also close to the point that a reversal is due in that it is very difficult to get even.

November 20 Biotech Update

The news is winding down as we get closer to the holidays but there is some news today. For the most part, I do not expect a lot of news.

November 17 Biotech Update

We had a decent bounce yesterday and perhaps we will get a continuation. The sector is over sold as are a bunch of individual names. I am not convinced the.

November 15 Biotech Update

The sector continues to struggle and at least today we can blame the larger macro market but the fact is if the markets in general are going to correct, the.

November 13 Biotech Update

Another week and another noticeable lack of M&A. At this point, we are so use to nothing happening that it seems like a normal week (which it is). Even though.

November 10 Biotech Update

We have our answer to what the sector wants to do as the number of large moves higher by the odd stock is over and the large days down continue..

November 8 Biotech Update

Today certainly has some interesting news for stocks I have talked about but unlikely to have an impact on the sector. In any case, it seems to be more of.

November 7 Biotech Update

Some news to start the day but nothing particularly thesis changing. The sector seemed to hold onto to some of its gains yesterday but more or less a treading water.

November 6 Biotech Update

Sort of a quiet start to the week, which is good and bad. Ideally, we would like to see some nice fundamental news to start the week but given the.

November 3 Biotech Update

The sector is just odd. If you look at the broader averages they have been pretty flat this week but under the surface there has been and continues to be.

November 2 Biotech Update

I remain a little skeptical of the sector. We have had good news this week and while it has pushed those stocks higher, it had no impact on any other.

November 1 Biotech Update

The sector is doing well with the release of the ASH abstracts. There is not a ton to glean from the data but there are certainly some nice updates that.

October 31 Biotech Update

The sector held onto some of the early gains but not a great finish. I read the retracement more related to broader market weakness on the fears of tax reform.

October 30 Biotech Update

It is a good start to the week for the sector but whether this is a dead cat bounce or something more meaning has yet to be determined. The selling.

October 27 Biotech Update

It has been an absolutely brutal earing season for the sector and for pretty good reason but you have also seen some babies being thrown out with the bathwater. Given.

October 26 Biotech Update

A lot to discuss and I will do a couple quick hits and then focus on CELG as that seems the most fundamentally meaningful earnings report. This is going to.

October 25 Biotech Update

ALXN managed to hold onto its gains yesterday, which was a positive but the sector just feels heavy. I am not sure if this is simply related to nervousness over.

October 24 Biotech Update

This is the start of the wave of earnings and the sector is right at a critical support level. These earnings will determine (or most likely will determine) whether or.

October 23 Biotech Update

News will really start to pick up this week with a full set of earnings. There are a couple of interesting ones to watch but given how late we are.

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