April 28 Biotech Update

A lot has happened in terms of news in the sector, although there is nothing that was thesis changing. There are some new potential trends to watch but at this.

April 26 Biotech Update

Today is the eye in the center of the storm with a number of earnings tomorrow. It might also be the eye in the center of the North Korean crisis.

April 25 Biotech Update

The market continues to have a tail wind as France and North Korean risks are being removed (although not sure we are quite out of the woods on North Korea.

April 24 Biotech Update

The market is surging and is dragging the sector higher with it. It seems to me that the sector is not doing particularly well given the new risk on environment.

April 19 Biotech Update

The sector is not doing well. The broader market is getting stronger and biotech cannot seem to catch a bid or hold any sort of gain. Volume is anemic. All.

April 18 Biotech Update

Nothing dramatically new happening in the sector. There are a couple of interesting tidbits that are worth talking about but certainly no thesis changing or confirming news. 1. JNJ started.

April 17 Biotech Update

Another long weekend and another lack of M&A. I do not know when this will start to weigh on the sector or the reason behind the lack of M&A but.

April 13 Biotech Update

More of the same as we move into Easter weekend. Tensions are building in Korea and there is almost a pathological disinterest in biotech with anemic volumes. If this were.

April 12 Biotech Update

Nothing has changed really in terms of politics. There is still talk coming out of Washington about health care reform not being dead and I do think they are still.

April 11 Biotech Update

We are inching closer to a major black swan as I noted earlier. This is keeping me very cautious about initiating new positions in size. Keep in mind that April.

April 10 Biotech Update

The weekend is over and we have another Monday with a noticeable lack of M&A. This is not an issue for the market (yet) but outside of the ALIOY deal.

April 5 Biotech Update

I promised to talk about more stocks that are on my radar but I am going to change it up a little. I do not like to stray too far.

April 4 Biotech Update

The sector had a little bit of a down draft late yesterday and I suspect that it is related to the news that TrumpCare may not be dead. Clearly there.

April 3 Biotech Update

AACR is in full swing with a couple more days worth of data coming but so far there has not been anything thesis changing to the upside or downside. To.

March 31 Biotech Update

The sector in general seems to be drifting if not a slight negative bias but we are still seeing good news move stocks higher, which is not a bad setup.

March 29 Biotech Update

Yesterday was the opposite of my market thesis but perhaps that was related to the new talk about healthcare reform not being dead. I would slightly increase the odds that.

March 28 Biotech Update

So an interesting day yesterday in that the sector outperformed the broader market (as I expected) but the broader market was not as weak. Obviously my market headwind/bio tailwind call.

March 27 Biotech Update

We are back in a macro driven world (at least for the near term). The failure of TrumpCare will have two impacts on the sector. First, the odds of drug.

March 24 Biotech Update

Do we have AHCA fatigue yet? It could end today if the House votes no but a yes vote likely means another couple months of debate as it moves to.

March 22 Biotech Update

We finally had a 1%+ down day in the market, so we can finally stop seeing on the tweets about how long it has been since a 1% sell off..

March 21 Biotech Update

While we are still seeing the residual impact of the PCSK9 news and events, I want to step back from that news and focus on some other companies/areas. Clearly it.

March 20 ESPR Update

A quick note on ESPR as I somehow missed the FDA news this morning that a couple of you kindly pointed out. This makes the move much more reasonable than.

March 20 Biotech Update

Another week and another attempt at the 300 level on the IBB and another week with no real M&A. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the AMGN data.

March 17 Biotech Update

Well, this is not going to be a good day for the sector and that wall at 300 in the IBB is likely safe for now. The key culprit is.

March 14 Biotech Update

The sector is on the edge of either breaking down or breaking out. While it is hard to have very strong conviction, I would lean towards a breakout especially given.

March 13 Biotech Update

Certainly getting some more news and events that could be driving the sector but nothing really thesis changing, we need to wait for the end of the week with the.

March 10 Biotech Update

The sector has been interesting. Given the past 18 months, it feels easy to be bearish on every pullback consolidation but I am incrementally more positive. It is starting to.

March 8 Biotech Update

I was not too busy to write yesterday but there was really nothing that I could find that was interesting enough to write about. I looked for something and there.

March 6 Biotech Update

There is a little bit of news to start the week but nothing that likely seems thesis changing or will have a dramatic impact on sentiment/trends. We are in the.

March 3 Biotech Update

I think the sector has been rational the past couple of days in that good news is generally moving stocks higher and bad news lower. If there was a broader.

March 1 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news the past couple of days but certainly some interesting events to talk about. I will focus on two but more generally the sector is doing.

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