October 13 Biotech Update

More of the same with winners drifting higher in the sector and losers drifting lower. I had hoped that volume and interest would have picked up this week but it.

October 12 Biotech Update

Volume continues to be anemic but perhaps it will start to pick up into a series of conferences (world lung and SITC) and earnings. I say perhaps but it would.

October 11 Biotech Update

More of the same. The sector seems to be content to drift on low volume, which is pretty consistent with the broader market and the lack of fundamental news. Odds.

October 10 Biotech Update

I was in my office yesterday to write but there is really nothing happening in the sector that is exceptionally newsworthy. I was hoping we would have some news today.

October 6 Biotech Update

News continues to be a little slow but there are some companies that I want to follow up on given some discussions that have been percolating. In general, the sector.

October 4 Biotech Update

We got some news to talk about today and it just so happens to be some good news and some bad news. In both cases, the news is specific enough.

October 2 Biotech Update

There is not a lot of sector specific news to start the week, although there seems to be some minor news. In these situations the sector tends to follow the.

September 29 Biotech Update

The sector is off to a good start but it is a relatively slow news day but the news was certainly good. It will be interesting to see how the.

September 28 Biotech Update

The sector continues to grind along with a good day yesterday more or less signaling that the AXON news was taken as a stock specific event as opposed to a.

September 26 Biotech Update

We finally got the AXON news and it was pretty decisive. The question now is the impact that it will have on the broader sector. The hope is that enough.

September 25 Biotech Update

We did not get any big news to start the week even though I think many were expecting to see a PR from AXON to start the morning. This is.

September 21 Biotech Update

The sector did get some momentum with the news yesterday but it still feels like a grind that is in a holding pattern, although clearly not like the broader market.

September 20 Biotech Update

We are starting to get some meaningful data this week and while I suspect it will have some broader upside today, I will be curious to see if the sector.

September 18 Biotech Update

I have been looking around for real meaningful news this morning and there does not seem to be anything compelling. As such, I expect a trend day with the sector.

September 15 Biotech Update

It still looks to me that the sector is acting less like a sector and more like an aggregation of individual stocks. That is always true (it is not a.

September 13 Biotech Update

The sector in general appears to be treading water at these levels but that seems to belie the larger moves under the surface. I think keeping these levels and having.

September 11 Biotech Update

It is a strong start to the week (broader market) with the sector trudging along higher. There are some very strong moves under the surface but those are both higher.

September 8 Biotech Update

The sector has been doing well but it seems to have been a bifurcated market with big winners and losers. The broader market seems to be listless which is not.

September 6 Biotech Update

We have some more news this morning in the sector that I will focus on today. In terms of generalities, it is nice to see positive news being rewarded and.

September 5 Biotech Update

A relatively quiet start to the week (at least for the sector). North Korea remains a concern but despite the nuclear test the response of the US and South Korea.

September 1 Biotech Update

They say that the market never bottoms on a Friday and I wonder if the same is true of topping? The sector has clearly had a strong near term move.

August 31 Biotech Update

The good news and move for the sector continues. In isolation the move higher seems a stretch in terms of the fundamental news that we have seen the past week..

August 30 Biotech Update

The sector and perhaps even broader market look good. One of my fears about the risk of a government shut down and/or debt ceiling might be resolving to a certain.

August 28 Biotech Update

The long sector nightmare is over and we have a merger Monday and GILD did a deal. There was also some interesting BIIB data that has been loss in the.

August 25 Biotech Update

The news flow has picked up marginally but nothing that is thesis changing for the sector. Volume is generally low and I suspect that the sector will be hostage to.

August 23 Biotech Update

The sector had a good day yesterday with an early retracement this morning. I am a little surprised that there is not more weakness in the broader market. Last night.

August 22 Biotech Update

Another day with not a lot of news but we at least have some news to talk about in the doldrums of summer. 1. While we were expect the BPMC.

August 21 Biotech Update

Happy eclipse day. There is little news both in the sector and in the market. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it might give us a sense as.

August 18 Biotech Update

The whole market is looking heavy and the IWM broke below key support. The sector is not going to be able to hold up if this continues but luckily there.

August 17 Biotech Update

There is nothing to dissuade me that risk on is creeping back into the market as North Korea is fading into the background (for how long who knows but that.

August 16 Biotech Update

The recovery continues as risk-on seems to be heading back into the market. Part of me sees this as what I expected in terms of a sell off to test.

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