July 17 Biotech Update

The lack of news continues as well as a generally weak market. While it certainly was not strong yesterday (and to start today), it feels more like indifference than a.

July 16 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news this morning so I will keep it quick. We will have some earnings but large pharma tends to not be a leading indicator for biotech.

July 13 Biotech Update

While we are talking about small numbers and small difference, I would argue that it looks like large caps are finally starting to show some relative strength to SMID. I.

July 12 Biotech Update

I think we are entering a lull in the sector as we are approaching earnings seasons. In general, this tends to be a better season than the first but that.

July 11 Biotech Update

Apparently my effect is now hitting the broader markets as they are pretty weak today. It could be more trade tensions with the Trump administration amping up the trade war.

July 10 Biotech Update

So I stay away and the sector does well and now that I am back, let us see how it does. I apologize for any weakness that my return causes.

July 2 Biotech Update

Apparently I am the problem with the sector. I miss one day and the sector moves higher and now that I am back it is back to going lower. I.

June 28 Biotech Update

I tried to hold out as much hope for the sector as possible but the selling has been non-stop since the false breakout. The first bit of selling made sense.

June 27 Biotech Update

We still might be able to salvage a bullish view but it is getting pretty difficult. Clearly the breakout did not occur but we are still in higher highs and.

June 26 Biotech Update

Yesterday was a brutal day and the odds now favor it being a false breakout of the sector. I would not say all is lost as if we can bounce.

June 25 Biotech Update

This will be an interesting day to see if the breakout will be confirmed as real or confirmed as false. We are back testing the previous levels of resistance and.

June 21 Biotech Update

Sector strength continued and is clearly outperforming the broader market. While we have seen this happen for a couple days before, this feels more like a real breakout. Ideally, we.

June 20 Biotech Update

You would think replacing a computer would be an easy job, it apparently requires different layers of people and so not everyone was on campus yesterday. So at some point.

June 19 Biotech Update

The trade war is taking a lot of the headlines and I am running out of time to write as they are replacing my computer soon, which will likely take.

June 18 Biotech Update

Nothing new to start the week outside of a pretty weak market. I am not sure what the catalyst outside of an extended market but it looks again like the.

June 15 Biotech Update

EHA is here and there will be some updates that are of interest but for the most part, I do not see it as having a fundamental effect on the.

June 13 Biotech Update

The sector had a decent day, although participation was not great. We seem to be on the verge of breaking higher (at least in the XBI) but it will be.

June 12 Biotech Update

Nothing too exciting in terms of market action yesterday. There was some relatively outperformance of large caps versus small caps but that was mainly due to the gene therapy carnage..

June 11 Biotech Update

I missed out on how the sector traded at the end of the week but it seems like the large caps had the slight edge over the SMID. We are.

June 6 Biotech Update

The sector did a little better yesterday but given the strength of the market, it is not a great performance. That being said another couple days in the green and.

June 5 Biotech Update

We had our typical post ASCO selloff even after a morning attempt at a move higher. Even the ASCO winners ended up getting hit in the sell off. This was.

June 4 Biotech Update

Despite the lack of any real thesis changing news, ASCO seemed to be fairly typical. There will be a couple of big winners but more losers as you have both.

June 1 Biotech Update

Happy ASCO days. The first day tends to be slow as news as it is information sessions, although later in the day we get some important CART data. In any.

May 31 Biotech Update

Some interesting news as we head into ASCO. While the trading action is a little better for the sector it is not exactly tearing it up. Of course, the lack.

May 29 Biotech Update

You would think that after a long weekend there would be more news but it is a slow start to the week. Perhaps it is related to the upcoming ASCO.

May 25 Biotech Update

We end the week as we started the week with not a lot of news and basically in a holding pattern for ASCO. Hopefully the sector does better today than.

May 24 Biotech Update

There is a not a lot of news today so I will keep this short. The sector itself seems to be struggling as is par for the course. It is.

May 23 Biotech Update

This looks to be a macro day for the markets with I believe China fears percolating again. Unfortunately, these macro down days seem to hit the sector whereas the macro.

May 22 Biotech Update

Well, the sector did not do great yesterday. It started off as expected which was following the market higher but lagging a little and then it just went downhill all.

May 21 Biotech Update

So it looks like the trade war with China is off, which should be good for the market in general. Whether that risk on appetite will translate into the biotech.

May 17 Biotech Update

Some interesting moves and data coming out of the ASCO abstracts. There are some questions answered with these abstracts, although more questions remain unanswered. I suspect that many of the.

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