February 26th Biotech Update

First, I apologize for the emails last night. We all received them as well and no one understands why quite yet. We are looking into it right now and hopefully.

February 25 Biotech Update

Today will be interesting for the markets. As I noted, the market has trained most to buy the dips and big sell-offs are followed by new highs. The gap up.

February 24th Biotech Update

As I have been saying COVID risk will re-enter the market when (if) it expands outside of China and we now have 4 potential non-China epidemics in the works with.

February 21st Biotech Update

I am back and the sector has barely changed. I do feel, however, that we are closer to a move lower than before. The market seems to be revising both.

February 19th Biotech Update

The curious case of the flat market continues. At this point, I would call it a clear trend (with the trend being sideways). I know I have been waiting for.

February 18th Biotech Update

What an odd market. Fundamentally it should be struggling. It was overbought and PE stretched and we are now starting to see earnings warnings from the corona virus and yet.

February 14th Biotech Update

You remember how I believed that the sector was at a decision point and was unlikely to hang out close to the recent highs without breaking out or breaking down?.

February 11 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be in decision mode. It is hanging right around the recent highs and it is almost as if the market is trying to make up its.

February 10 Biotech Update

Last Monday we were following a weak end to the previous week and I expected that to continue early in the week but instead we had a pretty strong rally..

February 7th Biotech Update

The sector seems to be in an odd spot. Fundamentals look fine and the trading is not awful but the chart looks precarious. We might have 3 lower highs and.

February 5 Biotech Update

So the sell off last week seemed like the market looking for news to sell off on and today it seems the opposite. Corona virus fears continue to decline and.

February 4 Biotech Update

The market and sector have done much better this week than I expected. It is time to revisit my views as despite the many headwinds and issues that continue to.

February 3 Biotech Update

The market is off to a good start this morning but I suspect we fade. The old saying goes that markets never bottom on Fridays and typically when you have.

January 31 Biotech Update

The market seems on edge. It looks like people want to sell but have been so trained to be the dips that it is almost like muscle memory at this.

January 29 Biotech Update

The sector and market seem to be trying to make a decision. There was a decent selloff and now the bounce. Is the bounce just resetting the short term oversold.

January 28 Biotech Update

The sector bounced right where you would expect, which is a positive sign. I am still not convinced that it is setting up well for the near term but you.

January 27 Biotech Update

We are heading into a perfect storm for weakness, so stay nimble and/or hedged. The sector has had a nice run and was overbought. We had an uneventful JPM and.

January 24 Biotech Update

Thanks to everyone who was on the stream yesterday and those that watched afterwards. Not much has really changed between now and then. The sector appears relatively weak but perhaps.

January 22 Biotech Update

I think the trading context for the near term is basically set. We have a potential macro scare with the Wuhan coronavirus, earnings, and the sector trading just below breakout.

January 21 Biotech Update

A long weekend and we start the week like JPM with little to now news. If you stare at the chart closely enough and squint your eyes, we might be.

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