January 15th Biotech Update

So JPM is done and it was the least eventful one I can remember.  I am still a little surprised that the sector has done this well.  Usually post JPM we see a flood of secondaries and I suspect there will be an uptick in the next couple weeks.  That being said we ended last […]

January 13th Biotech Update

So I think JPM is a complete failure in terms of news.  It is obviously a dud in terms of M&A.  I do not remember the last time we had a JPM with zero mergers. There have been some with minor deals but it has been awhile since there have not been any.  This actually […]

January 11th Biotech Update

Yikes, what a boring start to JPM.  I thought last year was sort of slow news and no big events sort of JPM but this is even worse.  There is nothing bad that has been announced but if we thought that JPM would spark some life into the sector with big news, then we are […]

January 8th Biotech Update

So the sector was doing well yesterday in the lead up to JPM and perhaps we get some early news today but the news yesterday was certainly not a good start and that might end up weighing on the sector (at least in the morning).  Hopefully this is not a signal as to the type […]

January 7th Biotech Update

Not a lot of news on the biotech front but certainly that is not the case for the broader news cycle.  It was a little disjointed to see the market rally as the capitol was occupied but clearly the market did not see that getting in the way of a transition to Biden.  In any […]

January 5th Biotech Update

Was not the best start to the week and perhaps the sector is looking a little tired but I do not see anything to signal that the bull market is over.  To me this looks more like a bull market consolidation than the start of some major pullback or start of a bear market.  There […]

January 4th Biotech Update

Volume and the market news should start to pick up this week as people get back from the holiday but keep in mind that JPM is next week, so I would not expect a ton of biotech news.  Most of the biotech news should be speculation heading into JPM and the news that could be […]

December 29th Biotech Update

So this is generally a seasonally good time of the year and the broader market is showing that but the biotech sector is now a noticeable laggard.  All time highs are being printed and the sector is deep in the red.  Is this a major signal?  Perhaps but I also can easily argue that this […]

December 28th Biotech Update

As expected the news is slowing down and there is not a ton of news to talk about today if there is really anything news worthy.  Given the lack of news I suspect that the sector and markets will continue the low volume seasonal trade, which means a bullish bias.  Perhaps there is an added […]

December 22nd Biotech Update

The sector actually pulled out a good red to green day and seemed to pretty consistently outperform the broader markets.  We start pretty much the same this morning and while it is possible that there is a rotation back into the sector that could lead to more outperformance, I am not ready to call it […]

December 21st Biotech Update

It is going to be a holiday shortened week both in the markets and in my writing.  There should not be any major news (I would think) but I will write today and tomorrow and then take a holiday break until next Monday.  In any case, I think we have already seen the biggest news […]

December 18th Biotech Udate

It has been a little disappointing the follow through this week given the big M&A.  It is not a disaster of a response but certainly not as good as I was expecting.  We still have one day left so perhaps today can get us to new highs.  There has not been a lot of news […]

December 17th Biotech Update

I am a little surprised at the lack of follow through after Monday.  I expected the potential of a small retracement but then strength to return to the sector.  I am not willing to say the trading is indicating a near term top is in for the sector as we are still in a seasonally […]

December 16th Biotech Update

Well, we have had two red days in a row after Monday’s move.  I noted that we should be setup for a rally into the end of the year and that anything other than that bodes poorly in the near term.  So is it time to call it and in the short term?  Not quite […]

December 14th Biotech Update

We should certainly see all time highs this week to continue.  We are in a seasonally good period and the news is certainly supportive.  If we are unable to run off of this news it sends a strong signal.  Certainly we were already at highs but this news should bring even more buyers into the […]

December 10th Biotech Update

The sector is clearly doing well and there is some interesting news that perhaps bodes well heading into JPM and the end of the year.  We are not quite making news highs again today but the sector is feeling like it wants to and it really stands in stark contrast to the pandemic and economy.  […]

December 9th Biotech Update

The sector has not had the typical post-conference weakness, which is good to see.  Also, there have been a good set of secondaries with the sector still being strong.  It is not strange to see secondaries pop up during strong moves as that is pretty typical.  What is interesting is that we usually see these […]

December 7th Biotech Update

So far we do not have an ASH selloff, which is nice to see.  I think in general we remain with some seasonal and broader market tailwinds and that should take us through JPM in January.  In fact, we are probably getting close to the M&A speculation time but remember that last year was actually […]

December 3rd Biotech (and MLP) Update

Sorry for the delay but we are dealing with kids that were exposed to COVID and having to get them tested and now they are back in virtual school.  I am sure many of you have dealt with similar (or worse) issues and thankfully for us it is just added time but it certainly has […]

December 1st Biotech Update

A strong start to the week that is continuing.  While certain sentiment measures are getting into danger territory, it still seems like the market has a little bit more room for running.  The uncertainty around the elections is waning and the Biden economic team seems to indicate a strong desire for fiscal stimulus.  We are […]