March 18 Biotech Update

Some early weakness but I also suspect today is going to be fairly volatile with the Fed weighing in later this afternoon. So I am really not going to read.

March 17 Biotech Update

The market is weak but the biotech sector is showing good strength. The large caps seem to be holding up their end of the bargain, which bodes well for this.

March 16 Biotech Update

A good start to the week with a new all-time high in the IBB but I still want to see how the large caps perform in the afternoon. The pattern.

March 13 Biotech Update

I know that the sector is doing well and near highs but I cannot shake the feeling that the stocks feel heavy. I do not have a better way to.

March 11 Biotech Update

So the sector clearly ended up outperforming yesterday despite a beat down in the broader markets. That being said I still see the large caps as the real laggards in.

March 10 Biotech Update

The pullback continues. It seems like the downdraft may be extended in the near term setting up a bounce but I am not convinced it would be more than simply.

March 9 Biotech Update

A slow news start to the week and a weak start to the trading as the sector is again underperforming the broader markets. Despite the recent weakness, I am still.

March 6 Biotech Update

It seems like every day I write this week is a weak start to the morning. It is not surprising that the sector is pulling back after the run yesterday.

March 4 Biotech Update

Another weak start to the sector, which seems to be a developing theme but the whole market is down so I would not read too much into it. It still.

March 3 Biotech Update

The market is weaker today and it is bringing down the sector, although it appears that biotechs are underperforming the broader market. It does not appear that this underperformance is.

March 2 Biotech Update

A relatively good start to the week with only one slight worry. While the sector is generally green with the market, large cap biotechs are noticeably weaker. While it might.

February 27 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be a little weaker than the market although the moves are relatively small, so there is probably not a lot one can read into it. That.

February 25 Biotech Update

I am back but have not really followed the market the past couple of days. My sense is that it has been relatively weak and could be setting up for.

February 20 Biotech Update

As much as I have disliked this recent move higher in terms of not trusting it, you have to respect how well the sector is climbing the wall of worry..

February 18 Biotech Update

I am back after a small break and I hope that nobody missed me. The market certainly did not miss me as not much has really happened on the news.

February 13 Biotech Update

Market seems pretty benign but the sector appears a little heavy. As I have been saying the only thing we can have confidence in about the market is the lack.

February 11 Biotech Update

Another slow day in the market in terms of news, so I want to round out a couple of ideas today. Nothing has really changed in relation to my views.

February 10

Who order gains and losses with a large side of chop? This is a market clearly looking for direction and positive signs one day turn into negative signs the next..

February 9 Biotech Update

A good start to the week with the markets a little week but the sector outperforming. This is not totally surprising given the underperformance last week in that there should.

February 6 Biotech Update

Well, I can honestly say that on Wednesday I did not think the sector would be looking this good on Friday. The economy seems to be improving, the macro (outside.

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