August 3 Biotech Update

It is a pretty tame start to the week. I am a little surprised given that there seemed to be some bullish late Friday price and option action with concomitant.

July 31 Biotech Update

Not a lot of news so I want to round out a couple of issues this morning and close it out for the week. I am finding it more and.

July 30 Biotech Update

The sector is pretty weak, which is a continuation of the past couple of days. It is not immediately clear to me the reason for the weakness as earnings have.

July 29 Biotech Update

The sector was a strong performer after the bell but it did not seem to last long. The sector should be strong given the bulk of the earnings but I.

July 28 Biotech Update

The sector looked like it would be off to a good start but it faded quickly. I would still argue that any movement before the GILD earnings can be quickly.

July 27 Biotech Update

The market looks bad and it is bringing down the sector although I think BIIB has done a pretty good job at reversing some bullish biotech sentiment. That being said.

July 24 Biotech Update

Unlike earlier this week where bad news was shrugged off, it looks like we are going to see selling on the bad news. This pullback should eventually generate nice bargains.

July 23 Biotech Update

A good start to the day with earnings almost universally beats and raises. Given the strength the sector showed yesterday, this should move the group higher and increase expectations for.

July 22 Biotech Update

The sector is a little weak this morning, which is to be expected but not nearly as weak as I thought it would be going into the open. There has.

July 21 Biotech Update

The sector was green again yesterday and this morning but it does not seem to be a broad based move. The small caps appear to be underperforming and among the.

July 20 Biotech Update

There is some news this morning but nothing that in and of itself is likely to move the sector. On the other hand, the news has generally been positive, so.

July 17 Biotech Update

I leave town and the sector runs to new all-time highs and I come back and there is a pullback. Perhaps the market is trying to tell me something. It.

July 9 Biotech Update

It is a new day and apparently a new market with everything now OK. Clearly chop is the order of the summer (as is amnesia with the market having almost.

July 8 Biotech Update

We end one macro crisis and head directly into another. China, however, is more important than Greece so this makes a little more sense but even this selling is likely.

July 7 Biotech Update

There is a little more news today but still relatively quiet. The market seems to be looking for a direction but the sector seems to be outperforming to the upside..

July 6 Biotech Update

A pretty quiet start to the week (at least in terms of bio news). Obviously we have all the Greek drama but despite fears of the worst, the opening was.

July 3 Biotech Update

This is the last note before the fourth and I wanted to spend time going into a new therapeutic space and highlight a new company (well, it is new to.

July 1 Biotech Update

I am back from vacation and ready to get back into the sector. I planned on talking about the CGPR space today but I will push that back until tomorrow.

June 18 Biotech Update

The summer is seasonally weak, especially after the EHA and ASCO- right? I am not sure of the exact catalyst for the move today but it is certainly moving the.

June 17 Biotech Update

Market doing a little better but biotechs seemed to take yesterday off despite the broader rally. The sector seems to be more positive today (there were certainly bright spots yesterday.

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