September 14 Biotech Update

Talk about a slow start to the week. Nothing really new, which probably means all eyes will remain on the Fed. I have no idea whether the Fed is going.

September 11 Biotech Update

Macro seems to be slowly fading into the background but note that I said slowly as it will likely take more time and it should remain meaningful in the short.

September 9 Biotech Update

Well, there was certainly some additional news last night and I want to focus on that but it still seems like we are in a macro driven market with the.

September 8 Biotech Update

I expected a more active Tuesday but perhaps all of the deals are taking a little longer to finalize. In fact, we have a pretty quiet morning which is going.

September 2 Biotech Update

The market looks bad again. Even though we are having a mini rally this morning, the sellers appear to be in control so far this week. I still think China.

August 31 Biotech Update

Looks like a slightly lower start to the week. Macro still obviously matters but the size of the moves seems to be decreasing. I find it interesting that the weakness.

August 28 Biotech Update

I was busy for a day and the market does great but I come back and we have a gap lower. Sorry. In all seriousness, however, the snap back rally.

August 26 Biotech Update

The market had a rough day yesterday where the rally from the “lows” earlier in the week faded at the end of the day. That is never a good sign.

August 25 Biotech Update

Despite ending the day down significantly, it actually felt like a good day. I wanted to post a real quick and short note as from now on Tuesday and Thursday.

August 24 Biotech Update

Wow. What a start to the week. In terms of news there was not much but we had an incredible flash crash in the large caps at the open. From.

August 21 Biotech Update

So it is obviously getting rough and we got our first peeks of panic yesterday. Most everyone seems to think that the worst is yet to come and I would.

August 20 Biotech Update

Another gap lower but the market remains in a rut refusing to breakdown or breakout. As I have said before, 2015 has been a year of churn and that is.

August 19 Biotech Update

Not much has changed sector wide since I last wrote but we did have a trade play out, although not quite the way I expected. I want to talk about.

August 14 Biotech Update

We had the continuation yesterday only to fail later in the day. It is looking that this bounce might only be setting up another leg lower but it is clearly.

August 13 Biotech Update

We had our reversal yesterday that I talked about, although I had my doubts for a little while. That is probably enough to get some buying interest barring additional negative.

August 12 Biotech Update

Essentially more of the same yesterday and into the morning today. At the very least, I think we are probably close to a bounce and would not be surprised to.

August 11 Biotech Update

Not a lot of biotech news again but macro is creeping back into the discussion with China devaluing their currency. Who knows the pin action this will have on the.

August 10 Biotech Update

We are getting a spurt of IO collaborations this morning but no major news or M&A. After the sell off Friday (and come back), I would not be surprised to.

August 7 Biotech Update

I am not able to write for a couple of days and the market goes to crap, I figured you all would be able to keep down the fort better.

August 4 Biotech Update

Looks like the sector was saving the fireworks for today with a lot more news. The reaction so far seems a little tepid given the positives but it is early.

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