June 7- EOD

[This was meant to be posted Friday afternoon but did not seem to go through, so you get a bonus EOD of today] I do not think there is not.

June 6- EOD

Perhaps we had a turnaround Thursday but could of course all be crushed by a bad jobs report (or perhaps a good jobs report- you never know in this market)..

June 5- EOD

Rough day in the market today and biotechs were clearly not immune. Aside from the general downtrend there were some stock specific stories. 1. There was some strategic restructuring at.

June 4- EOD

Quite day, more or less. Some interesting ASCO news with some larger pin action. Other than that I did not see anything of particular interest. Bios were generally weak and.

June 3- EOD

Happy mid-ASCO (although most of the data is already presented). Some interesting ASCO and, surprisingly, non-ASCO stories. 1. I added to my SGEN position today (at $33.67). It has been.

May 31- EOD

Again, I feel like today was another quite before the storm day. There was some interesting news but really nothing dramatic happening. 1. Jon Najarian pumped CLSN last night as.

May 30- EOD

A bit of a quite day today in the markets. There is some biotech news but it seems to be the calm before the storm of ASCO, or as I.

May 29- EOD

It seemed like a nice selloff in biotech today. There were the occasional winners (INFI) but for the most part it was a sea of red today. The summer months.

May 28- Mid Day

This is mid-day instead of the end of the day because I will be out of the office for the rest of the afternoon. This is a little shorter than.

May 24 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Really another slow day entering into the long weekend. From my perspective, there were really only two really interesting moves. 1. AVEO was a bit of a shocker. AVEO disclosed.

May 23 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Today was another macro day in that the macro environment had a lot more to do with price movements than fundamentals. That being said, bios seemed to be strong in.

May 22 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

While the market got some intraday whipsaw action, it seemed generally good and biotechs did well- early. We had a late day sell-off with biotechs seeming to do better than.

May 21 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Perhaps it is the start of the summer season but the market seems to have been quite the past couple of days or perhaps I am simply looking at the.

May 20th – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Outside of a not completely unexpected merger, it was a relatively quite start to the week. As has been par for the course, ASCO oncology stocks tended to be weak.

May 17th – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

It seemed to be a quite day as I think everyone is recovering from the ASCO abstract dump. 1. I had some good discussion with people about the PGNX abstract.

May 16 2013 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

A lot of movers today and most were deep in the red. A lot of the moves were ASCO stocks selling off after the abstracts were released last night but.

May 15 2013 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Well, this is my first daily rundown for subscribers and while many of you have received these as emails, this might be new for others. In general, I like to.

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