July 31 Biotech Update

The market has certainly been pretty poor since the spike on the GDP print, which is not a great near term signal. As would be expected biotechs are following the broader market lower but not really underperforming more than one would expect for a highly volatile sector. Of course the small caps are getting hit […]

July 30 Biotech Update

The sector and market rallied nicely on the GDP but I am still not convinced that we have an all clear. It was especially disconcerting how quickly the market gave back a lot of the post GDP print gains. Of course, there are still values out there and no reason to sell and run for […]

July 29 Biotech Update

I had a great email last night that asked me to compare FMI and ILMN and so today I will go a step further and have a day of rumbles with FMI vs ILMN, CNAT vs GALT, and MRK vs PFE. I would talk a little about the broader market and sector but at this […]

July 28 Biotech Update

Not a great start to the week but the sector seems to be tracking the broader market selloff. I am really of two minds in that there are many reasons to expect the broader market to hit a significant air pocket as it seems pricey by a number of traditional valuation methods (CAPE and so […]

July 25 Biotech Update

Market is pulling back a little and taking everything with it. I think we will get a much better sense of how the sector is reacting to the large cap earnings next week as the stocks either pullback further, consolidate, or grind higher. Today I want to follow up on a couple of issues of […]

July 24 Biotech Update

A busy day in the sector and I want to highlight some broad themes and then perhaps revisit with details where appropriate in the next day or two. In general, the earnings are pretty much in line and do nothing to dampen the growth stories of the large cap biotechs. The stock action so far […]

July 28 Biotech Update

Earnings season is off to a good start with both a nice quarter from BIIB and the positive phase III data from PBYI. It is encouraging that good news is being rewarded but the key is going to be how well this spike maintains over the next days and weeks. Given the positive pin action […]

July 22 Biotech Update

Today and tomorrow are more of the same in that we seem to be in a holding pattern for the large cap earnings. So I will keep this short and sweet as there is not really a ton to talk about. As I have noted before, the reaction to the earnings is going to be […]

July 21 Biotech Update

It was a quite start to the week with the markets a little weak, which is probably more related to macro concerns than anything specific to the market. This is not to say that valuation concerns do not exist but I still get the sense that the Ukraine and Gaza are keeping investors on edge […]

July 18 Biotech Update

I am back after my three day trip to NYC and while it seemed that the sector took a hit, today’s action seems to be a good start to recapture a lot of the losses. My point is not that the pullback was insignificant but more that it seems more like a pause/pullback that refreshes […]

July 14 Biotech Update

It was a mixed day in the market as the broader market seemed good but biotechs seemed more mixed. I am not sure these is much to make out of it as the key over the next couple of weeks will be earnings (at least for the larger biotechs) and then once we get through […]

July 11 Biotech Update

Despite a weak macro market, biotechs actually performed pretty well yesterday. That was a surprise albeit a pleasant one. Clearly biotech has its mojo back as three or four months ago, the sector would have been down 5% on a day like yesterday. I have been talking about reactions to earnings as a signal about […]

July 10 Biotech Update

It was clearly a bad day in the market and the sector. It is looking more and more likely that the long anticipated correction is here and the question now is how deep of a correction and how long will it last? I would not be surprised to see at least a 5% correction in […]

July 9 Biotech Update

The market was better today but this is not surprising that we get a breather after the two day sell off. The key is what happens in the afternoon and tomorrow. In other words, we cannot know if this is simply a dead cat bounce before more selling or the end of a quick downdraft. […]

July 8 Biotech Update

Again there is not a lot of news outside of a marginally raised offer for SHPG but clearly the market is selling off. Is this the long awaited correction that I have been talking about? Perhaps. I think we need to see how stocks react to earnings to get a real sense. If stocks are […]

July 7 Biotech Update

So a relatively weak day in the markets but really nothing much going on and it seems more like another day of the summer doldrums. I think the vast majority of days are going to be like this with some to the upside and some to the downside. At some point, there will be some […]

July 3 Biotech Update

It seems like a very slow day in the market as not a lot of news outside of the macro data, which was positive. The sector seemed to drag a little this morning but I would certainly not read anything into the move today given the volume and the morning heading into an early close […]

July 2 Biotech Update

A tough end to USA soccer in the World Cup but another good morning for biotech stocks. I have some follow up discussion from earlier this week as there is not a ton of new news this morning. I suspect that will be the case as we get closer to the long weekend (but we, […]

July 1 Biotech Update

It was a good morning in the sector with some positive news and momentum, although we seemed to have faded a little. As I have been saying for awhile, I think the sector has a good shot to hit new all-time highs as long as the macro environment does not turn bearish. I do not […]