May 19 Biotech Update- The Merger Drama

It was certainly an interesting start to the week in terms of the PFE/AZN drama but the price action outside of those names was somewhat muted (I guess also outside the ITMN move). My point is that outside the names directly related to news, there was nothing significant and more of a trending day (with […]

May 8- The Biotech Draft

While there are some stock specific pieces of news, I want to do something a little different today in honor of the NFL draft. I am going to draft my top 10 stocks. This is assuming that I have no positions at all, so this is not what I would be buying now but if […]

May 7 Biotech Update

I feel like a repeating record in that there is nothing really news worthy today and of course I am a certainly repeating myself in terms of the sector selling. I will just highlight some points that I have talked about before but seem germane for today. First, we are looking at a pretty bifurcated […]

May 5 Biotech Update

Really not a lot to talk about today. The sector had a decent morning but news flow was relatively low outside of the PFE call. Even that was a little anti-climatic as it did not really add anything that we did not already know. They made the case that an AZN deal does not destroy […]

April 30 Biotech Update

It is not Tuesday so the selling continues. It seems like the turnaround Tuesdays happen but have no sticking power. At some point that trend will change and that should be an important tell. Whether that happens today or in a couple of months is not clear at this time but as long as the […]

April 22- Building Some Momentum

Everyone loves biotechs again. Has the bottom been put in? Perhaps but there was a lot of damage done to the sector, so I would remain selective on buys and not chase any of these early moves. That being said the coast is likely clear for the near term assuming that the large cap biotechs […]

April 15 Biotech Update

Another day and nothing to talk about except more selling. There is really nothing more to say at this point that has not already been said. There is a significant correction in the growth sector of the market and funds are hitting the sell button every day and it will continue despite the fundamentals of […]