August 29- EOD

We got a trickle of some interesting biotech news but still nothing dramatic. I suspect that the pace will increase in September as the summer ends and the fall healthcare conference season begins. 1. PCYC announced the acceptance of the NDA for previously treated mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and previously treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/small […]

August 28- EOD

Again, it is a quite day in the biotech realm as the market essentially treads water waiting for the strike on Syria before deciding on its next direction. The market was strong early on and then seemed to fade alter in the day and for the most part it seems that biotechs either followed the […]

August 27- EOD

I have bemoaned about slow days before but very little biotech news today. I will do some more macro Syria coverage and some tidbits from the biotech world. That being said, I think the market is heading into a time that will be driven more by macro issues than stock specific fundamentals. 1. It seems […]

August 26- EOD

The week is off to a good start with the end of the ONXX/AMGN saga and some strong moves in biotech land. There is not a lot of stock specific stories, so this is mainly going to focus on some macro issues both within biotech land and outside. 1. I want to start with the […]

August 22- EOD

A quiet day after the relatively interesting data release of INCY yesterday. Of course, it was forced quiet as the market broke for most of the day. There is really not much new to talk about outside of some positive sentiment in the sector (see the ONXX/AMGN discussion below). Outside of that it is more […]

August 21- Midday

There was certainly some interesting news today with INCY and I wanted to spend time going through the results as they actually raise as many questions as answers. I also wanted to put out my EOD early (so there will not be one after the market closes) in case some of you were interested in […]

August 20-EOD

There was really nothing special on the news front today but I guess we were getting a little spoiled with the VICL, MNKD, and GTXI data all coming out in the past week or so. The dramas are the same in terms of biotech valuations, what is happening with ONXX and AMGN, and so on. […]

August 19- EOD

Somewhat of a decent start to the week but unfortunately it appears like more of the same in term of general biotech sentiment and news flow. There are a couple of interesting notes but nothing that is significant enough to change the sentiment. 1. The biggest individual mover today was GTXI as it announced the […]

August 16- EOD (kind of)

This is a Friday in August and so it is not surprising that it was light on the news front as well as it being another low volume chop fest. That being said biotechs seemed to be getting their footing more so than earlier in the week but it is still very difficult to tell […]

August 15- EOD

Markets started off weak again and biotechs followed down. Outside of the conference call from MNKD there was not much news in terms of data. Perhaps it is this lack of near term catalysts coupled with running too far too fast that is dragging biotechs. Regardless, it is more of the same. 1. The news […]

August 14- EOD

The big news of the morning at least was the MNKD data and all we need now is GTXI to complete the trifecta. The markets were a little better in that biotechs did not seem as weak, although I would not say are quite turning the corner. In fact, as the market turned down it […]

August 13- EOD

Very little news of interest today. The markets continue to be a low volume chop fest with biotechs tending to bear the brunt of the selling. I think a lot of the bios are going to need to see their 50 or 200 day moving averages before finding significant support and I would not be […]

August 12- EOD

It looks like we are setting up to have a week of data releases with VICL today and perhaps both GTXI and MNKD later this week. It should generate some interest but none of these will likely affect biotech sentiment writ large, so they should remain stock specific stories. That being said it looks like […]

August 9- EOD

Well this was a fittingly slow day to a slow weak with much more of the same in terms of trading and performance of biotechs. They seemed to have a little more strength today but nothing exceptionally notable. There are three little tidbits that I think are interesting that might have broader implications. 1. DNDN […]

August 8- EOD

So the low volume chop fest seemed to continue today and I expect it will continue for the rest of the summer. It is really hard to say whether biotechs are generally doing better or worse than the market as we see some pretty wide swings on little volume. It seems like they are underperforming […]

August 7- EOD

We have a combination of low volume and negative near term sentiment and thus biotechs have been weak. Most of the selling looks to be on low volume, so it is difficult to know whether this is the start of a broader trend that will pick up steam (and volume) or simply a pause that […]

August 6- EOD

Another quiet day on the biotech news front, where the only real news of interest was the REGN earnings. The REGN miss and weak market not surprisingly led to a rather broad based weakness in biotech. Outside of that there is really nothing significant to talk about but the news can pick up over the […]

August 5- EOD

It was actually a quiet start to the week but there are a couple of points that I want to make and issues to put on the radar. 1. I rarely talk macro but there are a couple of warning signs that are starting to become more important and they will affect the biotechs at […]

August 2- EOD

Fairly quiet day after a rather eventful week, so it is nice to have a little less to write about as we ease into the weekend. 1. I wanted to spend a little time talking about why I bought TTPH earlier this week with the TSRX proceeds. First, I wanted to keep most of the […]

August 1- EOD

Lots of good earnings and conference calls to go through. It is going to take a couple of days to sort through it all so I will try and focus on a couple of companies a day. 1. There was some discussion yesterday about SGEN and the news that the FDA will not add retreatment […]