July 19th Biotech Update

I am back and need to catch up on the overall market and some sector news. I do want to focus today on a stock we all know and will.

July 10th Biotech Update

The market is in an odd position in that it is doing well with macro having faded into the background. I would keep an eye on the Iran situation flaring.

July 9 Biotech Update

I am back from vacation and have a couple of days to get as much work done before I am taking care of some family issues. I should have some.

June 28th Biotech Update

A good finish to the week so far in the sector. I will try and keep this quick and to the point as it is a little delayed because of.

June 27 Biotech Update

A good start to the morning for the sector, although it seems mostly in line with the broader markets. Given the performance the past couple days, however, I am happy.

June 24 Market Update

The sector is in an interesting spot. Tensions with Iran remain elevated but did not escalate, which should lead to a risk on move and while the market was tepidly.

June 20th Biotech Update

The sector continues to do well but we may have some additional macro coming with the Iran downing of an American drone in international waters. The market does not seem.

June 18th Biotech Update

We got a very nice follow through during the day yesterday for the sector. That is exactly what you wanted to see and ideally it continues for the next couple.

June 17 Biotech Update

It is a good start to the week with merger Monday coming back the sector albeit with names we were not expecting. The XBI has been in a nice tight.

June 14 Biotech Update

It is Friday again, so be on the lookout for those rumors or late day runners. A slow start to the morning in terms of price action but we are.

June 13 Biotech Update

I am back but honestly we are entering the summer quite period with little news to drive the sector higher or lower. We did get a break from the macro,.

June 6 Biotech Update

Nothing has really changed. Oddly the sector is really underperforming the market today at the start, which is not good but at least we are seeing an end to the.

June 4 Biotech Update

Are we bouncing or starting a new trend higher? Both are plausible explanations for the recent move as the selling has been pretty consistent and so a dead cat bounce.

June 3 Biotech Update

Guess what? The macro continues to dominate but it might actually work for us this week. If Mexico can work out a deal with the US, then the market is.

May 31 Biotech Update

Macro, Macro, Macro. No this is not a complete repeat of yesterday but it sure is looking like one. It would be really nice to have at least some time.

May 30 Biotech Update

Macro, Macro, Macro. I am sort of getting sick of it but at least it is working to the upside today (at least for now). Hopefully with ASCO coming this.

May 29 Biotech Update

So I thought we were moving out of a macro dominated market but apparently spoke too soon. While China and Iran seem to be less and less in the headlines,.

May 28 Biotech Update

So a relatively slow start to the week. I suspect many hoped for a buyout or two after the long weekend but no such luck. We do have a potential.

May 21st Biotech Update

And today we are green with the rest of the market. There is some biotech news but at this point the sector is trading simply as a slightly higher beta.

May 20 Biotech Update

China and trade seemed to be fading into the background potentially setting this week up for a decline of the highly correlated macro markets but Iran and the Middle East.

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