September 17 Biotech Update

So I was thinking that any response to the attacks on Saudi Arabia would happen sooner rather than later but I am no longer convinced that remains the case.  Clearly.

September 16 Biotech Update

It is looking like a macro week, although this could resolve itself fairly quickly.  The attacks on the ARAMCO production facility is likely to have long term effects on oil.

September 11th Biotech Update

(Sorry for the delay.  The site worked but we had an issue with posting new articles.  It is now fixed) The resilience of the sector is a little surprising and.

September 10 Biotech Update

Surprise.  The sector is weak.  I am a little surprised that we are not see a faster sell off as clearly there is no momentum and we have broken support. .

September 9th Biotech Update

We have some interesting news to start the week and of course it leads to a flat sector with the broader market green.  It seems like the sector is underperforming.

September 5th Biotech Update

I have class about to begin but I want to put out a quick note on the news. GBT announced that the FDA has accepted the NDA for voxelotor with.

September 4th Biotech Update

The sector is in an odd spot.  It seems to be right under a major support but has not quite broken down.  I suspect we cannot remain at these levels.

September 3 Biotech Update

We remain in the summer doldrums but more than that we are stuck in the macro issues. Between a potential recession to the China trade war, it is virtually impossible.

August 29th Biotech Update

I will keep this short and sweet as there is little news to talk about. On the positive side, the sector seems to be doing better and while I would.

August 28 Biotech Update

I think today is the day. The sector is at a very precarious positon. It has dropped below what was support but I still think it has a chance to.

August 26 Biotech Update

Market starts the week higher but I do not trust it as there is the old saying that markets never bottom on Fridays. To be fair futures were down a.

August 23 Biotech Update

So the sector feels a lot worse than the chart indicates. We are right around support at $80 and that seems to have been holding. We are approaching, however, a.

August 21 Biotech Update

Broadly speaking the sector and market are doing well. Sentiment has been pretty negative and there were some macro concerns. This seems to be easing a bit, so a rally.

August 20th Biotech Update

So I do not want to spend a lot of time on macro or the sector as it is the same but we do have some really important news to.

August 19th Biotech News

The market seems to be in a good mood to start the week and I would argue it remains macro driven. I think the hope is that central banks and.

August 16th Biotech Update

So far the week is ending on a positive note but it is early but not surprising that we see some sort of bounce in the market. I sort of.

August 15 Biotech Update

While the macro has been major the past couple of days, the sector specific news has been pretty sparse. I was hoping something interesting would happen to write about but.

August 13 Biotech News

We are back into the old pattern. Good biotech news that moves the individual stock but has limited read through. We have had a couple of these days where the.

August 9th Biotech Update

It has been 24 hours of surprises culminating in my daughters school bus not showing up this morning but that is the least of the surprises. Interestingly, the broader sector.

August 8 Biotech Update

What macro brings down macro can bring up. The sector seems to be trading right in line with the broader markets but hopefully we see some acceleration of the sector.

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