April 13 Biotech Update

Happy merger Monday- well, happy Monday at least. The sector is off to a good start this week despite another dearth of deals this morning. It does worry me a.

April 10 Biotech Update

A good opening to the sector and large caps but the move was almost immediately faded (especially the large caps). Yesterday ended better than the past, so perhaps the sector.

April 9th Biotech Update

The market is choppy this morning so it is difficult to read anything into the price action. I am growing slightly more constructive on the near term of the sector.

April 8 Biotech Update

It was actually a good morning for the sector with large and SMID caps doing well. While that is a good first step, we need these moves to not only.

April 6 Biotech Update

I have not had a chance to follow the market last week, so I do not really have a sense how the sector is doing. It looks like it has.

March 31 Biotech Update

The sector was relatively weak yesterday and did not start this morning particular strong. I still am noticing the large cap lagging trend that has been going on for awhile..

March 30 Biotech Update

It looks like we have all survived the great biotech sell off of 2015. To be honest, I am not sure this really counts as a sell off (yet). We.

March 27 Biotech Update

The sector is in bounce mode. While I certainly think there is room for a rally after the sharp selling, I would not read this as an all clear. Yes,.

March 25 Biotech Update

A rough start to morning for the sector with a biotech bubble article in the WSJ not helping. There was nothing new but the headline is the headline (it also.

March 24 Biotech Update

Today seems to be a slow day, so I will try and keep it short and to the point. The sector held up better than I would have thought yesterday,.

March 23 Biotech Update

A weak start to the week but it is also a continuation from the weak ending of last week. Everyone is waiting for a pullback. The bulls expect a moderate.

March 20 Biotech Update

I believe there was some sort of data that came out today that had people talking. LOL. The BIIB data neatly dovetailed into biotech valuation discussion and so I want.

March 18 Biotech Update

Some early weakness but I also suspect today is going to be fairly volatile with the Fed weighing in later this afternoon. So I am really not going to read.

March 17 Biotech Update

The market is weak but the biotech sector is showing good strength. The large caps seem to be holding up their end of the bargain, which bodes well for this.

March 16 Biotech Update

A good start to the week with a new all-time high in the IBB but I still want to see how the large caps perform in the afternoon. The pattern.

March 11 Biotech Update

So the sector clearly ended up outperforming yesterday despite a beat down in the broader markets. That being said I still see the large caps as the real laggards in.

March 10 Biotech Update

The pullback continues. It seems like the downdraft may be extended in the near term setting up a bounce but I am not convinced it would be more than simply.

March 9 Biotech Update

A slow news start to the week and a weak start to the trading as the sector is again underperforming the broader markets. Despite the recent weakness, I am still.

March 6 Biotech Update

It seems like every day I write this week is a weak start to the morning. It is not surprising that the sector is pulling back after the run yesterday.

March 4 Biotech Update

Another weak start to the sector, which seems to be a developing theme but the whole market is down so I would not read too much into it. It still.

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