June 3 Biotech Update

Yesterday was not a great day for the sector with reports of a large sell program in large caps and from what I saw that makes sense. None of the.

June 2 Biotech Update

ASCO is not quite over but my time in ASCO is over and now I am going to spend the next couple of days writing about what I think are.

May 27 Biotech Update

Yesterday did not get any better and this is certainly not the start to the ASCO run up that the sector would want. That being said there was so little.

May 26 Biotech Update

What a bad start to the week and by bad I mean slow. The only sound we heard this morning was crickets. Nothing to move the sector in terms of.

May 22 Biotech Update

Yesterday sort of followed the potential new pattern of gaining strength throughout the day but volumes were a little low as we approach the holiday weekend. I suspect today will.

May 21 Biotech Update

It is a similar start to the trading day with the market sort of flat with the sector a little lower (with notable exceptions which will be discussed below). It.

May 20 Biotech Update

The market was off to a benign start but the sector seemed to take it on the chin (albeit on generally light volume). I am not sure why the selling.

May 19 Biotech Update

A mixed start to the morning with some red and green. It seems to me that the market generally wants to move higher but no one seems to have high.

May 18th Biotech Update

The sector seems to be treading water this morning if not slightly outperforming the broader market. There seems to be a tug of war of wanting to be positioned into.

May 12 Biotech Update

The sector is being hit this morning, although it is really the market that is weak and taking the sector with it. Yesterday the sector did a good job holding.

May 11 Biotech Update

It is a good start to the week which is interesting as we have little news and a lack of M&A. I was curious as to how the sector would.

May 8 Biotech Update

I wish I had more time to write this week but it has been too busy. The sector is obviously doing well and perhaps we have bottomed but at the.

May 6 Biotech Update

Well, we finally get another deal and it is pretty telling how the sector reacted. Obviously there is a tailwind but it is not universal and we need to see.

May 5 Biotech Update

So clearly the strength later in the day did not play out yesterday and it ended up being yet another day with a strong open and a move that was.

May 4 Biotech Update

It is a decent start to the day with a positive open. The longer that we do not pullback the more pressure it will place on those who were short.

May 1 Biotech Update

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday nobody wanted to buy a biotech and there was nothing that could ever happen that could reverse the selling. A giant GILD beat.

April 29 Biotech Update

This has to be a quick note as this morning is busy but clearly the market is teetering. The bounce this morning is nice but we need a lot more.

April 28 Biotech Update

So it ended up being a bad start to the week with a significant drop straight down to support with follow through early this morning. The sector seemed to find.

April 27 Biotech Update

The sector has to deal with both some negative headlines and the lack of any deals on Merger Monday but it is difficult to read too much into the action.

April 24 Biotech Update

Some news to talk about today with interesting implications and I will try to cover most of them. The sector seems to be lagging early despite some business development news.

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