May 31- EOD

Again, I feel like today was another quite before the storm day. There was some interesting news but really nothing dramatic happening. 1. Jon Najarian pumped CLSN last night as an ASCO play, which is horribly odd given that CLSN will not be at ASCO and thermodox is a complete dud of a drug. I […]

May 30- EOD

A bit of a quite day today in the markets. There is some biotech news but it seems to be the calm before the storm of ASCO, or as I heard someone note- the fire hose of data. 1. At the ELN annual meeting someone asked them about the possibility of purchasing AMRN and they […]

May 29- EOD

It seemed like a nice selloff in biotech today. There were the occasional winners (INFI) but for the most part it was a sea of red today. The summer months can be difficult times for biotechs but they have been quite resilient and these sell-offs have ended up being good buying opportunities. 1. I want […]

May 28- Mid Day

This is mid-day instead of the end of the day because I will be out of the office for the rest of the afternoon. This is a little shorter than it should be given the news and moves today but I should have time to add more to this tomorrow. 1. Looks like I have […]

May 24 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Really another slow day entering into the long weekend. From my perspective, there were really only two really interesting moves. 1. AVEO was a bit of a shocker. AVEO disclosed in a filing that Astellas will no longer fund tivozanib in RCC and would not seek approval in the EU. There are still some other […]

May 23 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Today was another macro day in that the macro environment had a lot more to do with price movements than fundamentals. That being said, bios seemed to be strong in the morning despite the sell-off and move higher when the market reversed. There was not really a lot of new news today but, as always, […]

May 22 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

While the market got some intraday whipsaw action, it seemed generally good and biotechs did well- early. We had a late day sell-off with biotechs seeming to do better than the market in general. 1. It seems like just yesterday I was positive but cautious on ARIA because it was still making lower high and […]

May 21 – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Perhaps it is the start of the summer season but the market seems to have been quite the past couple of days or perhaps I am simply looking at the wrong parts of the market. 1. There were a number of EHA abstracts released today for PCYC and perhaps one of the most important was […]

May 20th – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Outside of a not completely unexpected merger, it was a relatively quite start to the week. As has been par for the course, ASCO oncology stocks tended to be weak but not in a significant manner. Perhaps we are having the quite before the storm. 1. PPHM announced its agreement with the FDA on a […]