April 30 Biotech Update

It is not Tuesday so the selling continues. It seems like the turnaround Tuesdays happen but have no sticking power. At some point that trend will change and that should be an important tell. Whether that happens today or in a couple of months is not clear at this time but as long as the […]

January 29- Biotech Update

Would you believe another snow day in Louisiana, which is number three in the past couple of weeks (if you were counting). In general, despite a very weak market , biotechs did fairly well, although it was the large caps holding up the sector with the small caps more mixed. It was nice to see […]

ASH 2013 Preview on Lymphoid Malignancies

This year’s annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology(ASH13) is highly anticipated for a number of reasons. Pharmacyclic’s Ibrutinib could be viewed as one of the several catalysts sparking the biotech sector’s run the past 2 years. They are now within months of receiving approval for 2 indications where they could benefit patient lives […]

July 25- EOD

We had a lot of large cap biotech news in terms of the earnings and I wanted to focus on two of them as both had clean beats but also gave some investors pause: CELG and BIIB. 1. BIIB absolutely blew out BG-12 sales. The sell side consensus was $70M and the buyside whisper was […]

July 1- EOD

Today was the fallout of the AMGN bid for ONXX. There are a couple of aspects of it that I want to touch on and go a little further than my article this morning. 1. In my article I tried to cover the companies that I thought had the most compelling reasons to be interested […]

June 28- EOD

Not much of a lot of new today but there were some interesting tidbits. 1. BIIB spiked higher today on the back of SNY news. The EMA granted Aubagio exclusivity and traders immediately wanted to tie this into the debate over BG12 exclusivity in the EU. I am not sure that this is anything more […]

June 14- Midday

This is midday today as I will be out of my office for the rest of the day. So an early surprise. A very odd day today in the market. Biotechs really seemed to lag for some reason even when the market was not a real drag. Let’s see how we end the day. 1. […]

June 12- EOD

It was sort of an odd day in the market. It actually felt worse than it was earlier in the day, partly because we started with some strength and then sold off. I have a hard time figuring if biotechs were relatively strong or weak. For the most part, it seemed like they were weaker […]

May 30- EOD

A bit of a quite day today in the markets. There is some biotech news but it seems to be the calm before the storm of ASCO, or as I heard someone note- the fire hose of data. 1. At the ELN annual meeting someone asked them about the possibility of purchasing AMRN and they […]

May 20th – End Of Day Biotech Wrap-up

Outside of a not completely unexpected merger, it was a relatively quite start to the week. As has been par for the course, ASCO oncology stocks tended to be weak but not in a significant manner. Perhaps we are having the quite before the storm. 1. PPHM announced its agreement with the FDA on a […]

Upcoming earnings and conferences this week

With the first quarter behind us, we look to updates across the biotech industry on new product launches and guidance for the year. We are also coming upon the summer medical conference series. Additionally, we briefly discuss 2 upcoming FDA approvals. Upcoming earnings releases and updates Monday, April 22nd After-Hours: ILMN Tuesday, April 23rd Pre-Market: […]

Biotech and Pharma earnings preview

Starting after-hours on Tuesday, we’ll see a lot of biotech and pharmaceuticals earnings, guidance, and outlook on their current programs. With the market cooling off, companies will be under pressure to meet investor expectations. Next week a number of sector leaders will kick things off. We’ve listed the updates in chronological order. Amgen (Nasdaq: AMGN) […]