Quick take on some upcoming catalysts

With Gilead’s (NASDAQ: GILD) recent announcement about the 7977 data(100% RVR, 25/25 in genotype 1 patients so far) should have Idenix(NASDAQ: IDIX) and Achillion(NASDAQ: ACHN) investors thinking hard about the relative risk-reward at this point. GILD announced that data would be available at CROI12 on March 5th-8th; they plan to annouce more SVR data on […]

ACHN – Initiating Coverage

Achillion: Initiating Coverage Background: Achillion is a small biotech focused on the development of a cure for Hepatitis C. It has several compounds in its pipeline, all unpartnered. The two leading products are next-generation protease inhibitors, ACH-1625 and ACH-2684, followed up by a duo of NS5A inhibitors, ACH-2928 and ACH-3102. There has been considerable M&A […]

Is Pharmasset The Next Gilead?

Private: Patrick Crutcher

The HCV landscape is looking eerily similar to that of HIV treatments at its infancy, with a few differences. While the development of drugs for HIV took off quickly after identification of the disease, only now are truly effective therapies coming to market for HCV, led by pioneering work from Vertex. HIV drug development was […]

Where Is Lilly In The PI3K Race?

Some 15 years ago, scientists at Eli Lilly discovered the first PI3kinase inhibitor, code name LY294002. Although only of modest potency and selectivity, it became widely used by the research community as a tool compound to elucidate the PI3K pathway. In recent years, the field has taken off with compounds in development for oncology and […]

Gilead Is On A Roll

It appears the tide is finally turning for Gilead Pharmaceuticals. After hitting a 52-week low of $31.76 in late August 2010, it has since rallied 30% to reach $41.30 on news of successful Phase III trials of its integrase inhibitor, though that is still well below the stock’s $48.44 high from March last year. Gilead […]

Gilead: Undervalued

Jason Chew Gilead’s stock has been in a funk. In the last three months, it has dropped 24% from about $46/share to about $35/share, this compares to a 15% drop for the Biotech HOLDERs index. It now has a PE of 11.1, lower than Pfizer, Novartis, and Sanofi Aventis, while having far higher growth and […]