February 8th Biotech Update

It remains a slow week in terms of news and the sector has pulled back a little.  Given the Fed talk the other day, I can live with the little pullback and if take a larger view then yesterday could be another higher low.  Obviously we need to stay above it moving forward but there […]

January 17th Biotech Update

Is this the moment of truth for the sector?  Do we finally break out of the range and do so to the upside? We are at the upper end of the range with some good momentum and so this is probably the best chance we have had in awhile.  To be clear I am not […]

October 28th Biotech Update

We were hitting the upper end of the range and so it is not completely surprising that we were a little weak.  The tech earnings have not been great and that could hit the broader market, which would not great for the sector.  That being said, The sector has been holding its own and the […]

May 9th Biotech Update

The sector continues to be a complete mess along with the broader market.  We are at multi-year lows and this move lower has been relentless.  I am sounding like a broken record but this has to see a dead cat bounce at some point.  Of course, the one thing the sector has not done is […]

May 2nd Biotech Update

The sector and market continue to do poorly.  We are getting close to at least a short term bottom as the move lower has been pretty quick and relentless.  Obviously the pattern is for these to be pauses before another move lower but the first thing we need is to at least stop the bleeding.  […]

April 7th Biotech Update

It has been an up and down week and while some of the moves felt trend like, i.e. that they would be part of a more sustained move to the upside or downside, it seems like the week is one of sideways.  There are still two trading days to make the week one of green […]

March 31st Biotech Update

The sector looked like it was going to have a nice continuation day yesterday but the afternoon ended up being a mess.  It is nice to see that it is not continued into this morning but we really do not want to start the pattern of green in the morning only to reverse later in […]

March 25th Biotech Update

Still not a lot of news in the sector.  I am encouraged that we continue to maintain this range and consolidate at these levels.  The key next will be to break out of this range to the upside and ideally it is done on the back of some positive fundamental news (M&A or positive data […]

January 31st Biotech Update

I may have bottomed the sector.  I do not remember what day it was but I talked about the sector possibly needing a sort of crash to bottom and get that seller exhaustion that would mark a bottom. The sector has done OK since then but of course this pattern has happened before.  There as […]

January 28th Biotech Update

So it seems like the sector will not be building off of the reversals earlier in the week.  We can point to a number of potential factors like the fed and interest rates, the correction in the broader markets, the risk of conflict in Europe, or the spate of clinical holds this week.  I am […]

January 7th Biotech Update

We should be in the calm before the storm as I do not see a company releasing news today.  If you were going to announce something to get eyeballs before the conference then you more likely PRed earlier in the week.  Releasing something Friday afternoon (outside of something bad to bury the news) does not […]

January 4th Biotech Update

Yesterday ended up being a good day but we have seen this before and to really turn the page we need to have multiple good days in a row. So while it was nice to see and was a good start to the new year, it will take more than a single day to convince […]

January 3rd Biotech Update

2021 is finally over and 2022 enters with hopes of a better year but we all are probably scarred from the year that was 2021.  JPM is coming and that brings with it hopes of M&A, positive guidance, and perhaps positive data.  Last year it was not great and that ended up being a signal […]

December 1st Biotech Update

It is hard to be optimistic with the sector.  We are well overdue for a bounce and if we assume that we are in a bear market these rallies can be significant.  I have been looking at the sector as being in a large range and now that has been clearly broken.  Is there a […]

November 17th Biotech Update

The sector is doing what it does.  It is remaining in the range and aggravating investors with it continued under performance.  This should be a seasonally strong period but we remain stuck in the range.  Perhaps investors still have some lingering concerns about drug pricing reforms and the details that are being worked out.  Or […]

August 2nd Biotech Update

With another big week of earnings, we have another potential to get some interest in the sector but last week was a good week of earnings and another bad week for the sector.  Everyone is still waiting on the big exciting thesis changing news and/or M&A, which has been notably lacking in the sector this […]

June 16th Biotech Update

Not a lot going on in the sector today.  We had that pullback yesterday and it puts us in an odd space.  There is not a really clear place to bounce with the $131.5 or so level perhaps a point.  We need to find some point above the recent lows to bounce and move to […]

June 9th Biotech Update

We had a nice little ramp to end yesterday and hopefully that is a sign of some building momentum in the sector.  There are good reasons for us to get some positive momentum with the BIIB approval (it is probably the largest positive surprise this year) and the broader market is likely supportive as well […]

June 3rd Biotech (and MLP) Update

We are inching our way closer to the major catalysts.  ASCO is coming this weekend but I do not think anything from ASCO is going to have the same impact on the sector as the adu decision or perhaps even the VRTX data. I am a little nervous in that ASCO usually has a sell […]