CBSTZ: New developments for Cubist CVR

A quick update on CBSTZ the Cubist CVR. Today Cubist filed an 8-K notifying CVR holders that it intends to purchase all the CVRs at $0.059225 on February 2, 2015..

CBSTZ: a low probability, high impact special situation

This week started with a merger Monday. Cubist Pharmaceuticals agreed to be acquired by Merck & Company for $9.5B including assumption of debt. CBST traded like one would expect on.

November 25 Biotech Update- What to Make of CLDX and CBST data and the new MRK trial

The market was a low volume chop fest (although with a fairly narrow range) for the most part and I do not think we should read too much into price.

CBST – An Outlook

Cubist management gave a five-year outlook at their Investor Day presentation on June 11; it was quite impressive. The most notable point was management’s projection of $2 billion in global.

CBST – 2011 Q4 Quarterly Report Follow-up; Catalysts Through 2012 and Beyond

CBST: 2011 Q4 Quarterly Report Follow-up; Catalysts Through 2012 and Beyond Thursday, January 19 Cubist announced fourth quarter and full-year 2011 results today that surpassed analyst expectations. Excluding one-time costs,.

CBST – Initiating Coverage

CBST: Initiating Coverage Overview: Cubist is a small commercial stage biotech focused on the development of acute care products. Its revenues are almost entirely derived from the antibiotic Cubicin, used.

May 27 Biotech Update

Yesterday was not a great day but after the run having a treading water sort of trading is not the worst outcome. At the worst, we were trading in line.

December 12 Biotech Update

The market is weak to open as a follow through on the selling yesterday. This feels like a reversal day but it is way too early to tell but either.

December 10 Biotech Update

It was a slightly negative open to the market but certainly more benign than yesterday where the market was able to come back. It may be the case that we.

December 9 Biotech Update

The market is pretty crappy to start this morning but let us see if the trend reverses. We have had a lot gap higher opens and then weakness the rest.

December 8 Biotech Update

It has been a busy couple of days as expected and more news than can be adequately covered in one day, so today I will touch on what seems most.

October 24 Biotech Update

It was a neutral open for the market which is pretty positive given the selling related to the Ebola case in NYC. It is very positive to see the market.

October 22 Biotech Update

After a couple days of ripping higher the markets seemed to have calmed a little, which is understandable as this rip higher needs to be digested. The small caps tended.

October 6 Biotech Update

The market is OK this morning with biotechs not the strongest sector. That is not completely unexpected given the 60 Minutes story on cancer drug pricing. As such you would.

July 28 Biotech Update

Earnings season is off to a good start with both a nice quarter from BIIB and the positive phase III data from PBYI. It is encouraging that good news is.

April 30 Biotech Update

It is not Tuesday so the selling continues. It seems like the turnaround Tuesdays happen but have no sticking power. At some point that trend will change and that should.

April 29 Biotech Update- A Day of Steady Progress

The rollercoaster continues as we swing up and down in seemingly ever tighter time frames. In some ways, that seems good in that base building is a messy process with.

January 9- The Biotech Momentum Continues

It was a great day for biotechs despite a neutral to bearish macro drag. We not only had some great price action but we continued with the positive news. This.

December 16 Biotech Update- More Antiobiotic News and Post-ASH Selloff

Stocks were strong out of the gate and biotechs with them but the market weakened throughout the morning. Biotechs did not necessarily lead the market lower but seemed to be.

December 13 Biotech Update- Some Anti-infective Discussions

It was more of the same in the market (so to speak) and while there was some green out there, I am not convinced that we have completely consolidated that.