DMD Data by Giant Pharma Pfizer Kept Sarepta In the Driver Seat with Superior Drug

Pfizer (PFE) presented its first set of data (n=6) from the mini-dystrophin gene therapy for DMD (PF-06939926) at the PPMD conference on June 28th. Much speculations surrounded Pfizer’s decision to.

Sarepta – LGMD2E Data May Become the Next Inflection Point

Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) has a long history with several inflection points through the years. Moving upward from a penny stock back in the days they used to be called AVI.

PSTI – The Future Regenerative Medicine Leader – Trading Under the Radar

• Regenerative medicine company with late-stage studies in 3 indications • Ready to use GMP-certified manufacturing facility for PLX cells • Aging is often associated with debilitating medical conditions, massive.

CEO Interview: Bellus Outlook Post the Positive Ph1 Chronic Cough Study

Back in August I published my deep dive report “Bellus – David vs. Goliath, Can BLU Deliver A Better Chronic Cough Drug Than Merck?” (Link) with a bull thesis stating.

Bellus – David vs. Goliath Round 2 – Can BLU Expand the Pipeline Following Merck Lead?

Back in August I published my first deep dive report “Bellus – David vs. Goliath Can BLU Deliver A Better Chronic Cough Drug Than Merck?” (Link) about Bellus Health (BLU.TO).

APTO – We Came for A Trade and Back for The Long-Term Potential

The First time I met Aptose Biosciences (APTO) was at the Bloom-Burton conference in Toronto back in May 2018 following the request of several Chimera Research Group (CRG) subscribers. They.

SRPT – Again, WMS-2018 Dystrophin Data Beating the Market Expectation

Yesterday 10/04, at 7:00 am ET, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) with Dr. Mendell released the biopsy data from the fourth patient including full 4 patients “Functional Data” from Argentina at #WMS2018.

SRPT – Preparing for WMS-2018 Presentation

Tomorrow 10/04, at 7:00 am ET, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) with Dr. Mendell are hosting a conference call from Argentina at #WMS2018 the 23rd International Annual World Muscle Society meeting, to.

XENE Pipeline Keep Growing – Is XEN007 The Next Surprise?

Last week, Xenon pharmaceuticals (XENE) passed one of the most important tests in the stock market, where the share price closed on Friday at $14.05, above the $14.03 resistance line,.

SRPT’s CEO Fireside Chat at Morgan Stanley Conference

Sarepta (SRPT) had a great run last week, a kick off following MS fireside chat, closing at $152.76 the highest “close” since June 21st (highest 52W close 06/20 was $153.69).

XENE – Quick note, Positive TMS Data Presented at The European Congress on Epileptology

Today morning, Xenon Pharmaceutical (XENE) reported positive data from its XEN1101 Phase 1b transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) study. (LINK) XEN1101 Demonstrates Statistically Significant Reduction in Corticospinal and Cortical Excitability as.

Bellus – David vs. Goliath Can BLU Deliver A Better Chronic Cough Drug Than Merck?

BELLUS Health (BLU.TO) (BLUSF) is a biopharmaceutical development company based in Quebec, Canada, its pipeline includes several partnered clinical-stage drug development programs, but the company’s lead drug candidate is BLU-5937.

XENE – Quick note, Q2 Earnings and Epilepsy Long Term Value Creation

Follow up to my previous report “XENE – Epilepsy and Advocacy Under the New FDA” (Link) XENE released their Q2 earning report and hosted a conference call and webcast to.

XENE – Epilepsy and Advocacy Under the New FDA

Xenon Pharmaceuticals (XENE) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for neurological disorders. XENE has an extensive knowledge of human genetics and diseases caused.

FDA GT Draft Guidance is Bullish for Sarepta's DMD Pivotal Trial

Yesterday July 11, 2018 the FDA FDA issues 6 new draft guidance documents for gene therapy, clinical development and manufacturing guidance. Human Gene Therapy for Rare Diseases – FDA Draft Guidance for.

SRPT – Building a Precision Genetic Medicine Powerhouse

Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) is attempting to build the most meaningful precision genetic medicine company in the world, and has laid out its strategy to investors of exactly how it plans.

PSTI – Placenta Stem-Cells Brings Hope to PAD-Peripheral Artery Disease Patients

Intermittent Claudication or as called IC is a peripheral artery disease (PAD) caused by fatty deposits that accumulate in the arteries of the leg and reduce blood flow to exercising muscle.

PSTI – Ahead of IC Phase-2 Top-Line Results

PLURISTEM (PSTI) a cell therapy company, developer of placenta-based cell therapy product candidates for the treatment of multiple ischemic, inflammatory and hematologic conditions, company I’m following for years.  Pluristem trading under.

What Do You Need To Know Ahead of Next Week – SRPT CHMP Oral-Explanation

The CHMP meeting will take place next week April 23-26, we have no idea what day exactly is SRPT meeting, (Update 04/23:  today the CHMP published this week agenda and.

SRPT – Preparing For The CHMP Oral-Explanation

It was an intense week for SRPT’s investors, where the share price bounced from $74.36 (close Friday 03/09) to reach the high of $84.37 this week after the press release.

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