August 11th Biotech Update

Have we hit a bottom?  There seems to have been a clear bounce from a level that looks like it could be support but there also seems to be a clear downtrend with lower lows and lower highs.  So this little bounce is good but it needs to get above $85 before we can relax […]

August 10th Biotech Update

I am back but my luggage is still on vacation.  Hopefully, I will soon learn of its fate and it will find its way home.  I need to catch up on the sector trading and will have more remarks on that later but there is more than enough news to keep me busy with reading […]

July 31st Biotech Update

Momentum.  We need to build momentum.  We had a good end to the week on the backs of the RETA buyout but a strong day and then back to the struggle is not really that great.  It brought us out of the danger zone but we need to get over $87 on the XBI on […]

July 28th Biotech Update

Finally a little bit of traction in the sector and it could be a little relief rally or it could be news related.  It is absolutely critical that this is more than an early morning rally that loses steam and we end up red.  We are at an area where a lower low is possible […]

July 26th Biotech Update

Not really an inspiring week for the sector so far.  The broader sector continues to muddle where we really need some excitement and momentum.  I still think we in potential trouble when the broader market corrects.  Perhaps we somehow get money when the broader market corrects but we generally go down even more when the […]

July 25th Biotech Update

The sector has me worried a little as it is holding up but cannot follow the market higher.  There has been real strength in the broader market but the sector has barely been able to eke out anything.  What happens when we get a broader market correction?  In some ways, the sector is perhaps next […]

July 18th Biotech Update

So far so good this week.  We definitely need to continue the strength.  I would have ideally preferred to finish closer to the highs but a nice strong green to start the week is good.  We are above the $85 level and not messing around this level and moving higher adds to the initial strength. […]

July 17th Biotech Update

Last week was a weird week.  It looked good but there was one strong day and a lot of days that could not build on it.  To be fair, those days did not look bad as the sector held up to some selling pressure as well but I would not look at them as positive […]

July 14th Biotech Update

Not a bad week considering where we started.  It could look even better with a strong close.  To be fair, however, most of the gains this week are basically in one day and the rest has more or less held those gains more than actually built on them.  That is why I would prefer to […]

July 13th Biotech Update

While we are not out of the woods, it looks like the week is going in the positive direction.  I would have ideally preferred a more consistently stronger week, but we are grinding our way higher.  Unfortunately, it looks like the vast bulk of the move is one great day but if we can get […]

July 11th Biotech Update

It was a very nice start to the week, but I sort of feel like we are in a strange spot.  I am not convinced that the sector is now clear of breaking down.  I can easily see a couple days of weakness that puts us under the lows of yesterday.  I can also see […]

July 7th Biotech Update

The sector is in a tenuous position and yesterday did not help.  In some ways it looked like we broke down below the support but given how we climbed back and got a lot of the losses back saved a little.  If we can end strong and continue the late day momentum, then yesterday could […]

July 6th Biotech Update

We are bouncing around support and while it is good that it holds, it is dangerous for the sector.  If we wanted to be positive, then we are grinding out some volume adding more strength to this support and providing a nice base from which to move higher.  Given that we have all experienced the […]

July 5th Biotech Update

I suspect we are going to have a slow week even though the holiday is over.  The summer is generally going to be slow as people are out of office and with a holiday landing on a Tuesday, my hunch is that this week is going to be slow for even the summer.  I do […]

July 3rd Biotech Update

We at least ended the week well and while there is not a long weekend, we have the day off tomorrow for the 4th of July.  I think it is going to be a slow news week and nothing too exciting in the markets.  That does not mean that we cannot have a meaningful week, […]

June 27th Biotech Update

This is it.  We either bounce from these levels or we are setup for a much larger selloff as we set a lower low.  I strongly suspect that we rally as we have basically gone straight down.  Even if this level ultimately fails in the next week or so, I think the selling has been […]

June 26th Biotech Update

We are running out of chances. We desperately need to find a higher low and cannot fall below $82.5 area as that would look like a lower low.  On the positive, we are looking oversold after last week and so I think it would be difficult to continue the selloff and break below that level […]

June 22nd Biotech Update

Incremental.  That would be the word I use to describe the action in the sector outside of the big down day earlier in the week.  I do not read this as necessarily bad as there has been ample opportunity to accelerate the move lower given we are hanging out at these levels but that follow […]

June 21st Biotech Update

The trading did not start well but it ended up fine.  That is quite important.  We are at an area that should act as support (at least somewhere around these levels) and so not falling any further is not more important that moving higher, but it certainly is up there.  It was good that we […]

June 20th Biotech Update

Not the best way to end a week but we are at what could be a level of support and I talked about this possibility.  It was not the less stressful version of setting up a bullish trend but heading down to these current levels and using it as a support to a move to […]