February 26 Biotech Update

The sector has gapped above the range with merger Monday. Interestingly the last gap we saw in the XBI (JPM week) saw a gap and run instead of a test.

February 21 Biotech Update

Resistance is acting like resistance. It looked early that we might be peaking above it but clearly that is not the case. These sort of false breakouts (and breakdowns) are.

February 19 Biotech Update

The sector might be peaking its head above the top end of the range. The ideal set up for breakout are moves above the range and then successfully testing the.

February 15th Biotech Update

Not surprisingly we are in a post earnings lull. While there are still earnings being posted, the bulk of the major ones have been reported. We are also seeing the.

February 13th Biotech Update

The sector continues to do well this week on not necessarily all positive news. My refrain will continue to be that we are range bound until proven otherwise and so.

February 12 Biotech Update

We have some interesting news today (positive and negative) with some interesting read through. I still think the base case is that the sector is in a range until proven.

February 7 Biotech Update

We start off a little weak this morning, which is not completely unexpected given that we are at the top end of the recent range. Obviously it would be nice.

February 6 Biotech Update

The sector faded yesterday and seems to be in a little range between $80 and $86. This is not necessarily a bad thing after the big bounce we had. Sitting.

February 5 Biotech Update

There might be reason for optimism in the sector. The XBI seems to be breaking above its recent range and the $80 level might have been support for this new.

February 1st Biotech Update

The sector seems to have gotten its footing in a way I was not expecting. Perhaps there is a bigger underlying bid than I thought. Perhaps the dovish turn in.

January 30 Biotech Update

Another day and another weak earning for biotech. This was fairly predictable and the real question is how far these earnings (and the upcoming slew of secondaries now that the.

January 29 Biotech Update

An interesting start to large cap earnings. The sector was weak yesterday and this could be the long awaited pullback (or another head fake). Ideally, the pullback bottoms out in.

January 25 Biotech Update

Another day and another lackluster pharma earnings. In some sense, it is good to see this have limited impact on the sector but on the other hand this is certainly.

January 24 Biotech Update

Another day and another chance to grind away at these levels. Yesterday was pretty weak and it will be interesting to see how the sector reacts. If we have an.

January 23 Biotech Update

A short note today as there is not much going on. We have earnings starting next week so the pace of news should pick up but at this point, I.

January 22 Biotech Update

Certainly not the best start to the week but it remains early. As long as the XBI remains above $80 I would not worry too much about this being the.

Celgene Update

Real quick post on CELG. I sold my position for $86.28. I wanted to lock in profits and while there is still a nice gap between current price and deal.

January 17 Biotech Update

The grind in place or higher option remains possible with the market. It will be interesting to see how the approach of earning season pressures traders. Does the lack of.

January 15 Biotech Update

We are clearly not out of the woods for a correction but we should also remember that corrections can occur through price or time. In other words, most think of.

January 11 Biotech Update

Everyone continues to expect a pullback and yesterday looked like it would be the day that starts the correction but we ended up green again. This has been on the.

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