August 28 Biotech Update

I think today is the day. The sector is at a very precarious positon. It has dropped below what was support but I still think it has a chance to.

August 26 Biotech Update

Market starts the week higher but I do not trust it as there is the old saying that markets never bottom on Fridays. To be fair futures were down a.

August 23 Biotech Update

So the sector feels a lot worse than the chart indicates. We are right around support at $80 and that seems to have been holding. We are approaching, however, a.

August 21 Biotech Update

Broadly speaking the sector and market are doing well. Sentiment has been pretty negative and there were some macro concerns. This seems to be easing a bit, so a rally.

August 20th Biotech Update

So I do not want to spend a lot of time on macro or the sector as it is the same but we do have some really important news to.

August 19th Biotech News

The market seems to be in a good mood to start the week and I would argue it remains macro driven. I think the hope is that central banks and.

August 16th Biotech Update

So far the week is ending on a positive note but it is early but not surprising that we see some sort of bounce in the market. I sort of.

August 15 Biotech Update

While the macro has been major the past couple of days, the sector specific news has been pretty sparse. I was hoping something interesting would happen to write about but.

August 13 Biotech News

We are back into the old pattern. Good biotech news that moves the individual stock but has limited read through. We have had a couple of these days where the.

August 12th Biotech Update

Another week with another set of macro concerns. I was waiting to see if there would be any interesting biotech news but I guess not. There was some late last.

August 9th Biotech Update

It has been 24 hours of surprises culminating in my daughters school bus not showing up this morning but that is the least of the surprises. Interestingly, the broader sector.

August 8 Biotech Update

What macro brings down macro can bring up. The sector seems to be trading right in line with the broader markets but hopefully we see some acceleration of the sector.

August 7 Biotech Update

Are we in the process of bottoming? Perhaps. The sector still cannot get the moves it deserves based on the fundamental news that has come the past couple of weeks..

August 6 Biotech Update

We tried to get a bounce this morning but it is tepid at best. On the positive side we did get a CNBC “Market in Turmoil” segment, which usually marks.

August 5 Biotech Update

We live in a sea of macro right now. Take your pick. China and trade. China currency. China and the protest in Hong Kong. India and Pakistan over Kashimir. Iran.

August 2 Biotech Update

So it looked like yesterday was the day that all the good news was finally going to push the sector higher and we get the China tariffs macro news. Clearly.

July 31 Biotech Update

Well, this would have been sooner but as soon as I got to my office I had a train of people “needing” to talk to me immediately. I did not.

July 30 Biotech Update

Tell me if you heard this before. Good news in the sector that moves individual stocks and yet little effect on the broader sector. We have yet another day with.

July 29th Biotech Update

We sort of have another merger Monday but again not what SMID investors were hoping for and another one that might have limited read through to the broader sector. That.

July 26 Biotech Update

The market seems odd to me. Earnings so far have been good and the individual stocks are going higher on the earnings and holding onto the gains. The rest of.

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