December 2 Biotech Update- Getting Ready for ASH

Last week ended well for biotechs and today was a little more of the same with perhaps some consolidation. News has been relatively limited as most traders/investors/general biotech followers are gearing up for ASH. I will be heading down on Friday and staying through Tuesday, which means there will not be any updates this Friday, […]

November 20-EOD (or midday)

In terms of the sector it is more of the same with an inline to slight outperformance of the market writ large (when the market is treading water or going moderately higher). Despite this positive action I always get worried when I see reports that newsletter writer bearish sentiment is at multi-decade lows (often viewed […]

November 19- EOD

The sector was doing fine yesterday until Icahn dumped on the market and everything got caught in the crossfire. This morning they are doing fine again, so it seems that as long as there is not a larger market selloff biotechs might just get time to catch their footing. Of course, it is still an […]

November 18-EOD

Thankfully there was not a lot of news but biotechs did not just drift lower. I still worry about tax loss selling hitting the sector (or at least the small to mid caps) heading into the end of the year but it is nice to see that the sector can tread water on no news […]

November 15-EOD

It has been a relatively quiet day in biotech land, which is fine as it has been a busy week. I saw more of the same with a mixed performance and stocks reacting to news specific to the company and those with little news were drifting. 1. I have been spending a lot of time […]

November 14- EOD

It is a similar market day as earlier this week with some definite movers to the upside and downside but with nothing that is general to the sector. If anything it is slightly weaker than the market at large but not in any dramatic sense. Sector seems more driven by stock specific stories rather than […]

November 13-EOD

It is difficult to get a real sense of where the sector is going outside of down. Obviously one could draw the conclusion that sentiment is negative (and it is) but I am seeing more pockets of strength than the other days. What is difficult is that there does not really seem to be a […]