A Follow Up

Just a really quick update. I had a good email exchange with one of the lead ACLF trial investigators and he basically confirmed what CNAT noted in their CC. The exclusion/inclusion criteria were so restrictive that it was virtually impossible for anyone to qualify. The investigator was confident that the issues were corrected with the […]

March 26- Biotechs are Not Dead Yet

This is a better day but sellers still seem there but buying seems more concerted today. It appears that yesterday was the buyers dipping their toes in the water to make sure the coast was clear and today they seemed much more willing to put cash to work. As we saw with yesterday, however, the […]

March 21 Biotech Update

[This was written Friday but the site was down and I was unable to post it. I am publishing it as it was Friday and will write another column later today for more recent news] Well, it was a manic day with a very nice win followed by the broader morning bloodbath in the sector. […]

Quick Confirmation

I just talked to CNAT and confirmed that they have not seen any lipid abnormalities either at the pre-clinical or clinical stages. In addition, they noted that there is no reason to expect the emricisan mechanism of action to generate any lipid abnormalities. Obviously, this does not completely rule anything out but simply confirms my […]

March 18 Biotech Update- Cause for Optimism?

This morning was much more encouraging than yesterday with the sector finally seeming to outperform the broader market. Obviously one day does not make a trend and even despite the price action; most of it seemed on fairly light volume so this could still be the pause that refreshes for the next move down. In […]

March 6 Biotech Update- Oh the Humanity

It is Thursday again and as usual I do not have much time to write anything in depth. In general, the broad market looked good but the sector seemed pretty heavy. I cannot shake the feeling that the sector is starting to turn in that the runs higher seem further apart and the intraday dips […]

February 27- A Quick Biotech Update

Thursday’s are always busy and today is no different. I wanted to post a quick update in terms of ECYT. 1. As I noted yesterday, I contacted the company and I did eventually get a response. Essentially, ECYT does not want to discuss anything about the CHMP process with individuals for fear of selective disclosure. […]