July 2- EOD–> Midday edition

I wanted to follow up on the discussion of yesterday less with an analysis of the potential dance partners for ONXX but more in terms of where do we go from here. Obviously the speculation in mid and small caps space is who will be next. This list could encompass just about every company but […]

July 1- EOD

Today was the fallout of the AMGN bid for ONXX. There are a couple of aspects of it that I want to touch on and go a little further than my article this morning. 1. In my article I tried to cover the companies that I thought had the most compelling reasons to be interested […]

June 28- EOD

Not much of a lot of new today but there were some interesting tidbits. 1. BIIB spiked higher today on the back of SNY news. The EMA granted Aubagio exclusivity and traders immediately wanted to tie this into the debate over BG12 exclusivity in the EU. I am not sure that this is anything more […]

June 27- EOD

I thought today would be a much better day in the market for biotechs and they looked strong early but did not seem to have any real follow through. Not that it was a bad day; rather, it seemed to show more strength early. Still some stock specific stories to talk about. 1. CELG signed […]

June 26- EOD

Generally it was a good bounce back day for a lot of biotechs, although there were some pockets of underperformance. That being said, this is a positive day but the real test will be when these stock get to their 50-day moving average and whether they can decisively move back above them. Until then I […]

June 25- EOD

It was an odd day in the market as it was strong but many biotechs appeared weak. I am going to focus exclusively today on SGEN as we got more details and I have been digging into the weeds to try and get a handle on what this means. So there were more details on […]

June 24- EOD

There was a lot that happened last week that I will slowly get to go through it the next week but on a big picture macro front, I actually think this is going to end up generating some nice values for long term investors. When biotechs get hit in the macro mess it is not […]

June 14- Midday

This is midday today as I will be out of my office for the rest of the day. So an early surprise. A very odd day today in the market. Biotechs really seemed to lag for some reason even when the market was not a real drag. Let’s see how we end the day. 1. […]

June 13- EOD

Was a quiet day on the news front, so I will keep this short(er). I am just getting a sneaking suspicion that we are heading into another period where macro rules and biotechs will have a tough sledding but they have been resilient so far but I would be careful. Even when the market reversed, […]

June 12- EOD

It was sort of an odd day in the market. It actually felt worse than it was earlier in the day, partly because we started with some strength and then sold off. I have a hard time figuring if biotechs were relatively strong or weak. For the most part, it seemed like they were weaker […]

June 11-EOD

It was an odd day in the market with weakness early followed but a rally in the afternoon that made it look like we would get to unchanged (or even green). Then we sold off in the afternoon only to make another run at green in the last hour. On the positive side, it was […]

June 10- EOD

It was a mixed bag today for biotechs with some very strong performers (TSRX and ACAD to name a few) as well as some laggards (many of the oncology companies). In general, however, it seemed like biotechs tended to be relative underperformers to the broader market. 1. Iclusig sales continued their decline from last week […]

June 7- EOD

[This was meant to be posted Friday afternoon but did not seem to go through, so you get a bonus EOD of today] I do not think there is not much out there to add from today. I will touch on a couple of themes but it was generally a bounce back day for the […]

June 6- EOD

Perhaps we had a turnaround Thursday but could of course all be crushed by a bad jobs report (or perhaps a good jobs report- you never know in this market). 1. There is some additional CELG news that has not been getting a lot of attention. As way of background, CELG 2017 guidance has about […]

June 5- EOD

Rough day in the market today and biotechs were clearly not immune. Aside from the general downtrend there were some stock specific stories. 1. There was some strategic restructuring at AVEO. This is too be expected and should cut down on the cash burn as investors wait to see if tivozanib will ever get to […]

June 4- EOD

Quite day, more or less. Some interesting ASCO news with some larger pin action. Other than that I did not see anything of particular interest. Bios were generally weak and perhaps this is the start of the long awaited biotech correction but we have had many false starts before. What is different this time is […]

June 3- EOD

Happy mid-ASCO (although most of the data is already presented). Some interesting ASCO and, surprisingly, non-ASCO stories. 1. I added to my SGEN position today (at $33.67). It has been under pressure recently and I’ve been looking to add over the summer in anticipation of HL data at ASH. I am intimately aware of the […]

May 31- EOD

Again, I feel like today was another quite before the storm day. There was some interesting news but really nothing dramatic happening. 1. Jon Najarian pumped CLSN last night as an ASCO play, which is horribly odd given that CLSN will not be at ASCO and thermodox is a complete dud of a drug. I […]

May 30- EOD

A bit of a quite day today in the markets. There is some biotech news but it seems to be the calm before the storm of ASCO, or as I heard someone note- the fire hose of data. 1. At the ELN annual meeting someone asked them about the possibility of purchasing AMRN and they […]

May 29- EOD

It seemed like a nice selloff in biotech today. There were the occasional winners (INFI) but for the most part it was a sea of red today. The summer months can be difficult times for biotechs but they have been quite resilient and these sell-offs have ended up being good buying opportunities. 1. I want […]