January 27 Biotech Update

It is amazing how quickly sentiment can change. Last week I was noting the shifts and the expectations for a correction. This was certainly needed but I think the speed of the move has less to do with fundamentals and more to do with jittery investors. Nobody wants to be the last one to sell, […]

January 23rd Biotech Update

The macro backdrop today was not great but the sector did better than I would have expected going into the day. That being said there is likely a correction coming so buying this dip might not be the best strategy. I am still mainly sitting on the sidelines on stocks I am watching waiting for […]

January 22nd Biotech Update

I feel like a record stuck skipping over the same part but there has not really been anything new in the market this week either from a macro sense or even at the individual level. The sector was strong in the morning basically on the backs of the large caps (see GILD later in the […]

January 21st Biotech Update on GILD ECYT ONTX

The sector is looking a little tired at these levels but it seems like everyone is expecting a pullback, which makes the contrarian in me wonder if there is another leg higher.  I am certainly not selling anything at this point but would be cautious about buying now.  I would not be surprised to see catalyst stocks […]