Taiwan Liposome Company- Ahead of the Pack

Jason Chew Biotechnology is an emerging industry in Taiwan. After the country’s immense success in high tech, the government is searching for another engine of economic growth. There are now.

A Rash of Data Expected From Seattle Genetics

Jason Chew(Featured in FieceBiotech, TheBigRedBiotechBlog) This autumn is turning out to be a busy season for Seattle Genetics. The company is expecting results from up to three clinical trials between.

Teva- Evolution of a Generics Company

Jason Chew(Featured on Bullfax) It is difficult to characterize Teva- is it a generics company or a biopharmaceutical? It would appear it is the best of both worlds, a hybrid.

Big Biotech- The End of An Era

Jason Chew In their heyday, big biotech companies rivaled some Big Pharma companies in market capitalization and epitomized innovation in pharmaceutical development. At the time of its acquistion by Roche,.

GSK and Anthera: Novel Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease

Jason Chew The cardiovascular disease (CVD) market is worth approximately $100 billion today and makes up 12% of all global pharmaceutical sales. Unit sales of medicines for CVD are growing,.

A New Era In HCV Drug Development

Jason Chew(Featured in HCVAdvocate.org) Pegylated interferon plus ribavirin is the current standard of care for HCV treatment. However, it is a 48-week treatment and is only effective in about 50%.

Vivus Investors Flee to Arena Pharmaceuticals

Jason Chew Vivus shares tanked after an expert panel voted 10 to 6 against approving its obesity drug, Qnexa. The panel was particularly worried that Vivus only had one year data.

Gilead: Undervalued

Jason Chew Gilead’s stock has been in a funk. In the last three months, it has dropped 24% from about $46/share to about $35/share, this compares to a 15% drop.

Why Arena’s Lorcaserin Will Not Be Used In Combination With Phentermine

Jason Chew It is tempting to believe that once Lorcaserin has been approved, it will be used off-label in combination with phentermine to create a safe and efficacious version of.

Fail Early, Fail Fast- A Recipe For Failure

Jason Chew The mantra for big Pharma is to fail early and fail fast in preclinical studies, then push compounds out as quickly as possible into first-in-human testing, and gather.

Celgene- On An Acquisition Spree

Jason Chew During the last decade, Celgene has been one of the best performing stocks. With a market cap in the year 2000 of just $2.4 billion, it has grown.

George Scangos Named Biogen Idec’s CEO- Not Entirely a Head Scratcher

Jason Chew June 30, 2010- Geoge Scangos from Exelixis was officially named CEO of Biogen, replacing James Mullen who retired June 8 under pressure from the board. He has biologics.

Calistoga Pharmaceuticals and Plexxikon- Two Biotechs to Keep an Eye On

Jason Chew Calistoga and Plexxikon are on the leading edge of two of the hottest targets in drug development today. Both are privately held. Seattle based Calistoga Pharmaceuticals was founded.

Bristol-Myers Squibb- High Dividend, Zero Growth

Jason Chew With a 5% dividend, Bristol-Myers Squibb provides one the highest yields you can find. This makes BMY a very attractive stock for income investors, especially considering today’s near-zero.

Anthera Pharmaceuticals- IPO, What’s Next?

Jason Chew After the 2000 bubble and crash, the biotech IPO has finally begun to crack open a bit. First, Ironwood tested the waters in February with the largest IPO.

Cubist vs. Hatch-Waxman

In 2003, Cubist was granted approval for its novel antibiotic, Cubicin, for complicated skin and skin structure infections by Gram-positive bacteria, including drug-resistant strains. Over the next couple years, the.

Targacept- Ready to Take Off

Jason Chew Targacept is a company focused on CNS diseases and disorders, targeting Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors (NNRs). As a company spun off from R.J Reynolds and still located in Winston-Salem,.

Curis Drug GDC-0449 Fails Colorectal Trial

Jason Chew Curis released results today for its hedghog pathway inhibitor GDC-0449 in a pivotal Phase II colorectal trial run by Roche. The company said its drug failed to extend the.

Ariad is Set For Success

Jason Chew For years, much of Ariad’s value had been tied to its mTOR inhibitor, Ridaforolimus. Ridaforolimus is an orally bio-available analog of Rapamycin- an immunosuppresent discovered decades ago- the.

Genomic Health- Possible Takeover Candidate

Jason Chew Genomic Health is a pure-play oncology in-vitro diagnostics company with approved products and a pipeline to drive future growth. It fits in well with the growing importance of.

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