June 4 Biotech Update

Are we bouncing or starting a new trend higher? Both are plausible explanations for the recent move as the selling has been pretty consistent and so a dead cat bounce was at least due. The sector outperformed yesterday, although it is modestly underperforming today. I still think we are in a broader macro driven market […]

May 3 Biotech Update

The sector really is trading without a clear trend. Nothing that has happened this week has created a new trend but the range is narrowing, so I expect next week to provide more clarity as to the next move in the sector. A break below the lows this week likely triggers another leg lower otherwise […]

May 1 Biotech Update

The sector continues to lag. What I see as a little odd is that pharma appears to be outperforming biotech. If Medicare for All was going to collapse the US drug market, why would pharma be immune and be doing well? It is an odd disconnect and speaks to something else going on in the […]

January 30 Biotech Update

Another day and another weak earning for biotech. This was fairly predictable and the real question is how far these earnings (and the upcoming slew of secondaries now that the government is open) will push the sector. The higher this pullback bottoms the strong the signal, whereas getting anywhere near the previous low would be […]

January 17 Biotech Update

The grind in place or higher option remains possible with the market. It will be interesting to see how the approach of earning season pressures traders. Does the lack of a correction before earning season pressure traders to chase or does it lead traders to take some risk of the table to avoid losing their […]

January 15 Biotech Update

We are clearly not out of the woods for a correction but we should also remember that corrections can occur through price or time. In other words, most think of a correction as a retracement of a move higher and while that is most common, it can also occur through time where prices grind in […]

December 11 Biotech Update

The market did a lot better to start the week than I would have thought and that strength continues today. At this point, I think everyone does not really trust the market (I fall in that camp) but does that mean then that the sellers on this pop get burned? Everyone expects the move higher […]

November 19 Biotech Update

This should be a relatively slow week but with ASH late breaking abstracts coming out later, it might not be completely devoid of news. There is a little more hope for the sector than the middle of last week. We have had a couple of strong days, although one could argue this has just brought […]

October 25 Biotech Update

Yesterday was brutal and there is really little to say about it as we are clearly in the middle of a massive correction if not outright bear market. I suspect that we are closer to the end than the beginning but that does not mean we could not see another 10% lower from these levels […]

October 17 Biotech Update

Yesterday was obviously a great day for the sector with everything higher and by a lot. It is not stunning to see some pullback from that move but if there is truly a reinvigorated sector, then you would want to see this red opening reverse into a green day to turn yesterday from a one-off […]

October 15 Biotech Update

Tell me if you heard this story before. Merger Monday and nothing happens in biotech. We have essentially run out of excuses as it was the political uncertainty and then it was tax reform. Neither are issues at the moment and we still have nothing happening. Are valuations in public companies still too high? Have […]

September 24 Biotech Update

An interesting start to the week, although we still like real M&A or business development. Unlike previous weeks, however, there is actually some interesting news to discuss. The sector is green and outperforming the broader market but the move seems pretty isolated so ideally this green will broaden as the day continues. 1. The big […]

September 20th Biotech Update

Still a boring market in terms of news. The sector appears to have successfully defended the bottom end of its range but one could argue it done so simply by performing in-line with a strong broad market. Given the broader strength it would have been an awful signal to breakdown but regardless of the reason, […]

September 17 Biotech Update

Not a great start to the week in terms of trading as it looks like we are set to retest the bottom on the range (yet again). As long as the market does not start a larger move lower, there is nothing to think that the range will not hold again but as with any […]

September 12th Biotech Update

The sector is certainly struggling and its inability to generate any consistent buying interest after the sell-off is certainly worrisome. All of that being said there are so many names that have been red everyday that there has to be a snap back rally at a minimum. CELG has lost over $1.2B in market cap […]

September 11th Biotech Update

While we have another snoozer of a day in biotech land, it does provide some insight into the trading bias of the sector and it remains negative. You would think that the path of least resistance would be to test the upper end of the recent range given the sharp sell-off but at this point […]

September 10 Biotech Update

There is nothing going on in the sector. No real news. No new deals. You would have thought that September would bring about some news but it seems like we are stuck in the summer pattern. It looks like that breakout failed its test and the next key to watch is what happens at 120 […]

August 2 Biotech Update

The sector continues to hold up in terms of price action relative to the broader market. If the market can at least stabilize, the sector has a good chance to eventually regain and perhaps break through recent highs. Obviously, all bets are off if the broader market collapses. My inclination is that the tech and […]

July 31 Biotech Update

I am still trying to catch up on all the earnings and happenings last week but I wanted to talk about two broad observations. In some ways, I benefited from not being able to watch the price action last week and only really looked at the news. In general, the price action does not reflect […]

July 17 Biotech Update

The lack of news continues as well as a generally weak market. While it certainly was not strong yesterday (and to start today), it feels more like indifference than a strong push by the bears. This does not mean it could not morph into something more meaningful but at this point it seems more like […]