August 3rd Biotech Update

We started the week at the bottom of the range and within three days we are at the top of the range.  I find days like this a little tough to judge.  Big positive moves like this make it feel like there is very strong momentum but when they smack against the top of a […]

July 21st Biotech Update

A slow week but a good week for the sector.  We are entering earnings and that might provide a little boost or drag but it has been awhile since an earnings season really seemed to impact the sector.  They can affect individual stocks but the quarters where you have broad read throughs seem to have […]

May 3rd Biotech Update

  So we had a late day rally yesterday and I am not sure what to think about it.  I sort of prefer the weak Monday and gap down Tuesday morning to reverse green sort of setups.  It was nice to see the sector rally on what was a group of bad news but with […]

April 8th Biotech Update

While it looked like today was going to be a flat week of consolidation, the last couple of days have been a disappointment and this is more of a pullback sort of week.  Pullbacks are not bad per se as long as it stays above support and I think if we stay above $90 and […]

April 6th Biotech Update

We had a good day and then a bad day and hopefully we have another good day.  The sector is doing well (or at least better than it has been for a long time). It has been awhile since the sector looked to be setting up an uptrend and while we have been disappointed before, […]

February 10th Biotech Update

The sector had been doing well but the inflation data this morning was worse than expected both year on year and month on month.  This increases rate increase expectations and higher rates has been lowering the sector.  At some point, however, one has to think that rate increases would be priced into the market.  How […]

February 2nd Biotech Update

The sector actually put together a couple of good days in a row but today is back to its underperformance. I would not give up on the sector given that it is still early in the day and the general market seems a little supportive of a reversal.  Also even if the sector has changed […]

January 31st Biotech Update

I may have bottomed the sector.  I do not remember what day it was but I talked about the sector possibly needing a sort of crash to bottom and get that seller exhaustion that would mark a bottom. The sector has done OK since then but of course this pattern has happened before.  There as […]

January 28th Biotech Update

So it seems like the sector will not be building off of the reversals earlier in the week.  We can point to a number of potential factors like the fed and interest rates, the correction in the broader markets, the risk of conflict in Europe, or the spate of clinical holds this week.  I am […]

January 20th Biotech Update

Not much new is going on at this point.  The sector does not look good and one should think there is more downside but it is already stretched to the downside.  The selling just seems relentless so far and at some point one has to ask where the marginal sellers are coming from.  The generalists […]

January 14th Biotech Update

It is not going well for the sector.  There just seem to be no buyers at any levels.  I am not sure what will bring the buyers back.  Obviously the biggest component is M&A but keep in mind the sector reaction after MRK bought XLRN.  I have a hard time thinking through big risks.  Drug […]

January 12th Biotech Update

I think the big news that was going to drop this week has dropped.  There are still a lot of companies I am going to be following up with so there is still plenty to write about but I do not big new news coming.  Given the lack of M&A and some negative news the […]

January 10th Biotech Update

Well, if you thought JPM 2021 was a disappointment you had not seen JPM 2022.  While there can still be individual stock news I think the lack of any significant deals means that M&A is not going to be a theme in this conference.  I guess the one advantage we have this year is that […]

January 5th Biotech Update

Well, the New Year started off so well but it feels a lot like last year.  To be fair that is not completely surprising as simply changing the calendar does not alter the fundamentals of the sector.  Yesterday (and the early morning today) feels like rotation in the belief that Omicron will not crash the […]

January 3rd Biotech Update

2021 is finally over and 2022 enters with hopes of a better year but we all are probably scarred from the year that was 2021.  JPM is coming and that brings with it hopes of M&A, positive guidance, and perhaps positive data.  Last year it was not great and that ended up being a signal […]

December 20th Biotech Update

We had a good end to last week but we are really just bouncing around at the recent lows.  I suspect we are going to be moving with the market in that if the market rallies the sector moves higher and perhaps outperforms but if the market breaks down we break the lows and likely […]

December 10th Biotech Update

We did not get the three days of momentum, which is disappointing.  I understand we had two good days and perhaps in the immediate term we were overbought but one the way down it was relentless and so it is not crazy to think that if we are reversing there could be a long streak […]

December 6th Biotech Update

We started lower this morning which is not that bad.  I think if we rallied off the start then we likely give it up but a dip to flush out the frustrated traders (and let us be honest that is all of us at this point) might clear the deck for a really rally later […]

November 17th Biotech Update

The sector is doing what it does.  It is remaining in the range and aggravating investors with it continued under performance.  This should be a seasonally strong period but we remain stuck in the range.  Perhaps investors still have some lingering concerns about drug pricing reforms and the details that are being worked out.  Or […]