February 7th Biotech Update

A good start to the week and we are still in the middle of earnings.  Obviously the sector has been oversold and it is at least due for a dead cat bounce.  It is also possible that last week was the start of the messy bottoming process.  I am not sure even the market knows.  […]

December 21st Biotech Update

The sector is really trying to confuse me.  I thought the least likely scenario was going to be a green day for the sector and a red day for the market and the second least likely would be a red day for the sector and green for the market.  It seemed to me that they […]

November 10th Biotech Update

Guess what, the sector remains range bound.  We approached the upper end of the range and it was a pretty quick move to the upper end of the range but now we are pulling back.  I thought there was a chance that the sector would get closer to the upper end of the range before […]

November 1st Biotech Update

  A good start to the week but it is early in many ways.  We would want to see this momentum build throughout the day and more importantly build across the days.  The sector has had the occasional positive day but it has been a real struggle to string positive days together.  Hopefully this is […]

October 7th Biotech Update

Shockingly the sector is rallying with the rest of the market.  It seems like it has been awhile and a little morning rally in a broader market rally is nothing really to write home about but it is a start.  I have been saying that we were at the bottom end of what seems like […]

September 17th Biotech Update

The sector sort of had that reversal yesterday but it honestly did not seem particularly strong.  We are red this morning so perhaps we can get a stronger reversal today to really put in that higher low but the sector seems a little weak.  I would have thought we would have at least gotten a […]

September 15th Biotech Update

The sector is in pullback mode.  The past two weeks have been pretty frustrating as the sector has not been able to get any traction and every move higher is met by consistent selling pressure.  I still think the base case at this point is that we are in a trend higher and if that […]

August 19th Biotech Update

Yesterday did not end well but hopefully the recent lows hold and we get a bounce.  I still think as long as the lows hold we could work under the assumption that we are range bound, although I would certainly prefer if we were hanging out near the upper bound of the range as opposed […]

August 18th Biotech Update

Not a ton of more that is going on in the sector.  It was certainly nice to see the green but we really need that momentum to continue.  I still think the sector is best described as either range bound or potentially starting a new downtrend.  I lean towards the range bound but it also […]

August 13th Biotech Update

Today could be a day of decision in terms of the sector (and some stocks).  The XBI seems to have a little pennant forming and it would be nice to see a breakout over the $130 level where that should lead to a continuation next week.  Of course, there is still some room for indecision […]

May 12th Biotech Update

Good news and bad news.  The sector broke its recent lows yesterday- bad news.  It reversed and ended green- good news.  I think the clear downtrend is not as clear but I also do not think we are in a good spot.  The $120 level should be some decent support but it seems best case […]

May 7th Biotech (and MLP) Update

We broke to new lows so how far will we fall?  That is the natural question but it actually looks like we hit what could be pretty strong support.  So is it possible that we actually bounce as opposed to collapse?  If you look at the previous lower lows, they are not actually that different.  […]

April 15th Biotech Update

I want to be optimistic and speak to the new upside momentum in the sector and in the immediate term that is accurate.  The issue is that even with all the positive price action we have only been able to get to the middle of the $125 to $140 range that is key for the […]

April 8th Biotech Update

I spent some time this morning looking for something interesting to talk about and there really is not much.  The sector remains in a sort of zone of indecision and that has not changed.  We were a little closer to the downside level with some negative sentiment but we are higher today and I am […]

March 15 Biotech Update

Well, we have a chance this week to reverse (or continue the reversal) and send a strong signal that the bottom is in.  I suspect we cannot do that unless the NASDAQ has also bottomed, which probably means the broader market is going higher.  There continues to be little thesis changing news so we will […]

February 19th Biotech Update

The sector really seems unable to bounce which seems to open up a move to $150.  That being said I really think we are oversold in the near term and so it would really be a signal of disinterest in the sector if we continue to $150.  In some ways, it sets up a pretty […]

February 18th Biotech Update

Not a ton of news so a short note today.  The sector tried to bounce yesterday and did a decent job but today there is no clear follow through.  We are certainly at a level where there should be some support but it does not seem like very many people are exciting about biotech at […]

February 10th Biotech Update

Right now the market seems to be the epitome of a market at highs tends to make marginal new highs.  The sector has been doing really well and in some ways was leading the moves higher.  There was a little pause yesterday which is normal but at this point I still think the trend is […]

February 8th Biotech (and MLP) Update

We have moved past the large cap portion of the earnings with positive price action in the sector but less so in the companies that are reporting.  I do not believe that is related to the quality of the earnings as they were generally fine but more of a broader disconnect between large and SMID […]

February 1st Biotech Update

It is an interesting start to the week and one that will also have the start of earnings season for biotechs.  The GME saga continues with both a push to keep GME high but also a push to move into SLV.  I am more interested in the SLV plays in that it provides a better […]