Trade Strategy: Approaching Catalysts

Its end of year 2011 and there are a large quantity of trading opportunities approaching. On the docket: $ALIM – PDUFA (NOV 12, 2011) $SPPI – PDUFA (NOV 20, 2011) $TSPT – PDUFA (NOV 27, 2011) $INCY – PDUFA (DEC 3, 2011) $AFFY – Advisory Committee (DEC 2, 2011 / PDUFA on MAR 27, 2012) […]

INCY – Incyte: Q3 2011 Update

Incyte Corporation: October 27, 2011 Q3 Report Highlights: Incyte provided updates on its third quarter finances and key clinical programs this morning. The company is anticipating approval of ruxolitinib by the PDUFA date of December 3. Launch preparations are advancing; 60 reps have been hired. A request for modification of the Phase III RESPONSE trial […]

INCY – Initiate Coverage on Incyte

Incyte Pharmaceuticals (INCY) Initiating Coverage: Incyte Pharmaceuticals is a small biotech company focused on developing treatments for cancer and inflammatory disorders. Lead compound Ruxolitinib (INCB18424) is awaiting FDA approval for the treatment of Myelofibrosis (MF) with an expected decision date on December 3rd. Ruxolitinib is also recruiting patients in a global Phase III study for […]

Run Biologics- The JAKs Are Coming

A new class of drugs targeting the JAK kinases is set to challenge today’s biggest selling biologics for the treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Heading this class is Pfizer’s tofacitinib; this potent, but relatively un-selective JAK inhibitor demonstrated positive results in five pivotal trials earlier this year. Pfizer intends on filing for marketing […]

Incyte Or YM Biosciences, Which JAK To Choose?

Advances in treatment for myelofibrosis (MF) have come by leaps and bounds in the last few years since the discovery of the activating mutation JAK2V617F in myeloproliferative disorders including MF, polycythemia vera, and essential thrombocytopenia. Incyte’s JAK inhibitor, ruxolitinib (INCB018424), looks to be the first drug to reach approval for the disorder, but a slew […]

Incyte’s Topical JAK Inhibitor: Throw it Over the Counter

Jason Chew Incyte’s topical formulation of its JAK inhibitor, INCB18424, doesn’t seem to get much respect from analysts. Even after showing robust activity and safety in a placebo-controlled multi-dose Phase IIb trial in mild to moderate psoriasis patients, most believe it has limited market potential. Management hasn’t given any guidance on revenues for topical 424, […]

Incyte Pharmaceuticals’ JAK: Just Another Kinase?

Jason Chew With a nearly $2 billion market cap, Incyte is currently the most valuable biotech stock with no marketed product. Is it justified? Practically all of the company’s value is wrapped up in two related Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors, both of which are partnered. INCB18424 for oncology is partnered with Novartis and the related […]

Incyte Pharmaceuticals: JAK it Up

Incyte Pharmaceuticals: JAK it Up Incyte Pharmaceuticals has one of the most promising pipelines in the small to mid-cap space. It has two very promising compounds in development, INCB18424 for the treatment of Myelofibrosis (MF), a disease classified under the Myeloproliferative disorders (MPD) family, and other oncology indications, and INCB28050 for the treatment of Rheumatoid […]