August 5th Biotech Update

Things got a little better for the sector with some green but we really need to get some momentum and accelerate to the upside.  It is too easy for the bears to sell any rally and short without any real fear that the sector might move against a short position (or move against it more […]

June 4th Biotech (and MLP) Update

I would like to say something really interesting is happening in the sector or there is some great opportunity but the fundamental news is sort of like the sector- flat.  It seems to me there is a dual whammy hitting the sector that is acting as some headwinds that are holding it back.  First, MRNA […]

SRPT – Preparing for WMS-2018 Presentation

Tomorrow 10/04, at 7:00 am ET, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) with Dr. Mendell are hosting a conference call from Argentina at #WMS2018 the 23rd International Annual World Muscle Society meeting, to present and discuss new data from the micro-dystrophin gene-therapy study Ph1/2. Link to SRPT webcast page: Back in June 19th at the R&D day SRPT […]

May 9 Biotech Update

Again not a day with a lot of news. There was a macro trade yesterday with the American withdrawal from the Iran deal as well as some heightened tensions between Israel and Iran. That macro hit the market a little but seemed to really impact the sector with the risk off. I suspect the Iran […]

March 15 Biotech Update

The PARP wars have ramped up with the AZN data. This was important data for the PARP wars but sort of important for the sector more broadly as this is a new class of drugs that seemingly has an impressive impact on the lives of patients. I think the PCSK9 data later this week are […]

November 15 Biotech Update

The initial move from the election seems long in the legs and perhaps is ready to pause. We have seen a couple of companies do secondaries, which is a perfectly rational and reasonable response. It has been an awful environment to raise cash, so many need cash and this is a nice time to refill […]

Sarepta Patent Issue – Ask The USPTO Reg Attorney

  This week BioMarin (BMRN) announced it won the first  DMD patent battle against Sarepta (SRPT) in a press release stating, "BioMarin Receives Favorable Ruling in the Use of Exon 51 Antisense Oligonucleotides Patent Interference". On the other hand, Sarepta press release said, "Sarepta Therapeutics Announces USPTO Decision in Patent Interference Case with BioMarin Pharmaceutical" […]

ESPR Quick Note

Esperion shares have fallen over 8% today as The Medicines Co and Alnylam released early data on their RNAi candidate, ALN-PCSsc, targeting PCSK9. The drug was shown to efficiently and safely reduce LCL-C when given subcutaneously. It was shown to maintain LCL-C suppression 140 days after a single 1.5 ml injection. The long duration of […]

Quick update from TRIL Presentation in Toronto

  Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (TRIL) – Nasdaq   Trillium Therapeutics presented at Bloomburton-2015 Healthcare Investor Conference in Toronto on May 5th, the speaker Dr. Rob Uger, TRIL’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) was very informative during the presentation, mentioned that TRIL are looking for a combination therapy with other immunological agents such as Approved cancer antibodies, T cell […]

[Free Content] TGTX in Pictures

  TG Therapeutics has two programs, the CD20 targeting antibody TG-1101, and PI3K delta inhibitor TGR-1202. The focus of this post is on TGR-1202. Earlier coverage can be found here [link]. TG has been hesitant in giving out the structure of TGR-1202. It’s out now, so here it is below along with Idelalisib and IPI-145 […]