November 4 Biotech Update

The sector certainly seems to be getting it legs back. The SMID are finally starting to get a bid (even if it is partly driven by short covering but it has to start somewhere). In addition, earnings have been good and now we are entering a period of both data catalysts and a seasonally positive […]

November 2 Biotech Update

We finally get a merger Monday of sorts although only one of the deals is a public company. It will be telling to a certain extent how the SMIDs respond to the deals. I (and many others) thought that we need a pickup in M&A to spark additional interest in the space as well as […]

October 29 Biotech Update

As I noted before, it appears that the sector is improving and while I would not say it has turned, I would argue that the odds are better that the next large move will be higher rather than lower. This would especially be the case if we start to see M&A pick up. The potential […]

October 28 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be getting its feet but unevenly and in fits and starts. It looks like the large caps are probably the most consistent outperformers with some strong SMID names but as a group it is much more mixed. We continue to be in earnings seasons and likely explains the outperformance of the […]

October 14 Biotech Update

I am not sure if the sector sold off yesterday as simply a normal short term move or whether there were real concerns about the democratic debate. I suspect a portion of the selling was likely related to the debate, which is silly as I have noted before politicians have moved on from the pricing […]

October 12 Biotech Update

Another start to the week and another week without the M&A that many think is needed to move the sector higher. I worry a little about that argument as one would like to see the sector move higher off of fundamentals and not adding more and more takeover premiums into stocks. That being said I […]

October 2 Biotech Update

Just when it seemed like the market could have been getting its footing we have the weak jobs report and we are back to a macro driven sell off. I think down continues to be the near term trend until proven otherwise. I am looking at both the VIX and put/call ratios and think they […]

September 21 Biotech Update

Another slow news start to the week. The market background seems better but with a lack of real news/catalysts, the sector is likely we trade in line with market. It will be interesting to see how the sector trades with a lack of news as it may give us at least some sense as to […]

August 4 Biotech Update

Looks like the sector was saving the fireworks for today with a lot more news. The reaction so far seems a little tepid given the positives but it is early and I think some are a little worried about the broader market. The collapse in oil may unfortunately signal a return to the macro market […]

July 28 Biotech Update

The sector looked like it would be off to a good start but it faded quickly. I would still argue that any movement before the GILD earnings can be quickly changed, so the trading action tomorrow is much more important than anything today. Not a ton of major news but a decent amount of tidbits, […]

June 18 Biotech Update

The summer is seasonally weak, especially after the EHA and ASCO- right? I am not sure of the exact catalyst for the move today but it is certainly moving the sector higher (with the broader market as well). There was not a lot of news, so perhaps this is simply the end of the buyer […]

May 22 Biotech Update

Yesterday sort of followed the potential new pattern of gaining strength throughout the day but volumes were a little low as we approach the holiday weekend. I suspect today will be even worse, so I will refrain from making any real interpretations of the moves given the lack of volume. 1. There is a lot […]

April 28 Biotech Update

So it ended up being a bad start to the week with a significant drop straight down to support with follow through early this morning. The sector seemed to find some support at support levels yesterday but it felt tenuous. Keep in mind that we have yet to have the big scary correction this year […]

The Week Ahead in Earnings

A second busy week of earnings is due out in the space this week. We will see 3 of the 4 remaining large caps report (Gilead, Celgene, Vertex) and a smattering of big pharma reports as well. Given the sell off today, earnings reports could stem the fall, or exacerbate it further with poor results. […]

April 15 Biotech Update

It is a busy day so I am going to try and keep this short but every time I write that it seems like I write the same amount if not more than usual. The sector basically looks in-line with the broader markets and large caps actually seem to be participating in the move higher, […]

April 14 Biotech Update

A weak start to the day that essentially appears to be a continuation from the late selling yesterday. It still seems to be the case that large caps are underperforming the SMID, which has been the case for awhile. I suspect that is going to be a difficult trend to break but for the long […]

March 25 Biotech Update

A rough start to morning for the sector with a biotech bubble article in the WSJ not helping. There was nothing new but the headline is the headline (it also had some odd numbers like CELG P/E over 50, which is much higher than the numbers I usually see when calculating CELG P/E). Of course, […]

March 23 Biotech Update

A weak start to the week but it is also a continuation from the weak ending of last week. Everyone is waiting for a pullback. The bulls expect a moderate pullback to consolidate the move, the bears expect a more significant move to purge a lot of the excess valuation, and the bubble callers are […]

February 11 Biotech Update

Another slow day in the market in terms of news, so I want to round out a couple of ideas today. Nothing has really changed in relation to my views in that the next move will be higher (remember that is a very low conviction view) with continued chop regardless of the ultimate direction of […]

February 10

Who order gains and losses with a large side of chop? This is a market clearly looking for direction and positive signs one day turn into negative signs the next. A stock that you expect to be an early tell of market sentiment ends up just being another victim of the chop. Markets like this […]