August 12 Biotech Update

It was another mixed start to the day, which was worse than I would have thought given the ICPT data. Even the stocks that were moving seemed to have relatively muted moves and were giving back a substantial portion of the initial bounce. While small caps were not really outperforming large caps, it was another […]

August 11 Biotech Update

A relatively mixed early day in the market. The open was modestly positive and biotechs seemed to participate but not dramatically. Again it seemed like it was the small caps that had more of a bid but it was not anything spectacular. The morning seemed dominated by news more than anything else. 1. TKMR is […]

August 5 Biotech Update

It was an interesting morning in the market. The broader market was down but biotechs seemed to hold up pretty well but oddly it seemed like it was the small caps that did better. This is interesting because it is the large caps that tend to outperform as a flight to safety (if you can […]

August 4- Biotech Update

It was an interesting start to the week with Ebola and ASPIRE. It was strange that the sector was strong to start but seemed to hit a quick air pocket. Given how far the market has sold off, I would be very surprised not to see a bounce back this week but the market needs […]

Tekmira – Is It The Bottom Yet

  Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp (TKMR) –Nasdaq   Tekmira is the new “fallen star” after the wild run started Jan 07th, 2014 from $7.66, and reaching the all time high $31.48 mid March. But that was the inflection point as well, the price start dropping fast with no stops or even real technical correction, reaching the support […]

ALNY – Alnylam’s busy summer

Some viewed 2012 as a year of redemption for the field of RNA therapeutics with several notable successes in the sector. This year will likely also mark another important milestone for this specialty sector of the biotech industry. The next 30 days should be rather interesting for Alnylam Pharma (NASDAQ:ALNY) and to some extent Tekmira […]

ALNY – Troubled Legal Battle Ahead For Alnylam

With shares of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALNY) up well over 150% year-to-date, with 52 week highs at $21.38, we began an investigation into their current valuation and pending catalysts. Alnylam is a biotech company with technology/intellectual property rights on some key patents in the RNAi space, and some early-stage pipeline candidates for several indications. Unfortunately, […]

ALNY TKMR – Updates on Alnylam and Tekmira

This post will provide a few updates from a number of recent presentations by Alnylam $ALNY (First Quarter 2012 earnings call and conference call regarding ALN-RSV data) and Tekmira $TKMR (First Quarter 2012 earnings), two developers of RNAi technology and therapeutics that are simultaneously partners and bitter opponents in a series of legal battles. My […]