October 7th Biotech Update

Shockingly the sector is rallying with the rest of the market.  It seems like it has been awhile and a little morning rally in a broader market rally is nothing really to write home about but it is a start.  I have been saying that we were at the bottom end of what seems like […]

XENE – Quick note, Positive TMS Data Presented at The European Congress on Epileptology

Today morning, Xenon Pharmaceutical (XENE) reported positive data from its XEN1101 Phase 1b transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) study. (LINK) XEN1101 Demonstrates Statistically Significant Reduction in Corticospinal and Cortical Excitability as Measured by TMS-EMG and TMS-EEG XEN1101 Demonstrates Greater Effect on TMS-EMG Resting Motor Threshold at Significantly Lower Dose When Compared to Historical Ezogabine Data XEN1101 […]

XENE – Epilepsy and Advocacy Under the New FDA

Xenon Pharmaceuticals (XENE) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for neurological disorders. XENE has an extensive knowledge of human genetics and diseases caused by mutations in ion channels, known as channelopathies, focusing their efforts on novel product pipeline of CNS-central nervous system therapies, to address areas of high […]

July 1 Biotech Update

I am back from vacation and ready to get back into the sector. I planned on talking about the CGPR space today but I will push that back until tomorrow (but ALDR is on my radar to buy so do not be surprised if I start a position between now and tomorrow’s note but it […]

April 6 Biotech Update

I have not had a chance to follow the market last week, so I do not really have a sense how the sector is doing. It looks like it has been more of the same with weakness and large caps trudging along and unable to generate any real leadership. The sector is certainly lagging the […]

January 6 Biotech Update

A good start to the day with the market slightly higher but as always we need to see how they end as yesterday was a rough day and odds are more selling is on its way. That being said the sector held up exceptionally well and was a clear outperformer. I suspect the excitement heading […]