December 13 Biotech Update

There is some news today so I will do a quick Friday note. 1. ATNX had their data and it showed a statistically significant OS improvement. We are getting a.

December 11 Biotech Update

Today will be interesting in whether or not we can break into new highs for the week. It looked like Monday was going to trigger a breakout and run but.

The CNST Bull Case in a Single Slide

Constellation Pharmaceuticals presented some compelling data at ASH. In early results from 15 JAKi naive Myelofibrosis patients treated with a combination of BET inhibitor CPI-0610 and ruxolitinib, 12 (80%) achieved.

December 10 Biotech Update

It seems like the sector might breakout and run yesterday morning but it came back to reality in the afternoon. While it would have been nice to see a run,.

December 9th Biotech Update

We have our answer as to the strength of the trend. Positive data are being rewarded (so far) and the perfect storm continues for the sector with not only good.

December 4th Biotech Update

The sector struggled a little and the momentum seems to have paused but we remain squarely within the uptrend. Of course, yesterday saw a ton of secondaries (the most I.

December 3rd Biotech Update

The broader market backdrop is not nearly as positive with some China fears creeping into the market but the sector remains strong. I still think the stock reactions to ASH.

December 2nd Biotech Update

The sector remains strong and we have ASH coming so we could see a run in some names this week. Given the recent strength and the potential run-up (uptrends are.

November 26 Biotech Update

The trend is your friend and while I expected a news to slow we got an unanticipated surprise. Positive news continues to hit the sector and the trend continues higher..

November 25th Biotech Update

If it were not for some M&A this would be a quiet start to the week. I suspect that in the end it will be pretty low on fundamental news.

November 20th Biotech Update

The trend is our friend and it seems like the XBI wants to get to $90, although any price between now and then could see the pause. The worry would.

November 19th Biotech Update

The leak is finally fixed. It only took six hours yesterday and an inadvertent flooding of the laundry room but it is done. Now I need to get the dry.

Taking a BET on CNST

Constellation Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development of cancer therapeutics by targeting the epigenetic pathway. It has EZH2 and BET inhibitors in mid-stage clinical studies. Excitement in the stock is.

November 13 Biotech Update

All three SMIDs this week had positive news although only AMRN really took off on it. Of course, AMRN had the smallest positive move into the week and probably had.

November 12th Biotech Update

I know the actual AdCom is in a couple of days but the briefing docs release today gave us the final move for this weekly trifecta. This could also be.

November 11 Biotech Update

This is not necessarily a big week for the sector (the trend still seems in intact) but certainly some big SMID catalyst for stocks that I follow. In fact, there.

November 6 Biotech Update

We remain in what seems like the trend. Day three of the pullbacks tends to be when we restart the move higher but yesterday ended marginally green instead of red.

November 5th Biotech Update

Let us see if the trend is our friend. We hit what should be some resistance and have stalled. Previously, this led to a day or two of a shallow.

November 4 Biotech Update

Of course we get some meaningful news when I am unable to write but at least it was good news. And of course the sector does well when I am.

October 30 Biotech Update

The price action has not been great the past couple of days despite continued positive fundamentals. This could simply be a consolidation of the recent move higher and setting up.

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