Women’s Health: Who can handle the heat for Hot Flashes?

After the Women’s Health Initiative there is an opportunity for new non-hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms Some estimates believe this market may be up to $8 Billion USD Before the Women’s Health Initiative (‘WHI’), women were effectively treating their menopausal symptoms with hormone replacement therapy (‘HRT’), such as Premarin, Prempro and others. But since then, […]

Solvay : “Second Round” for Drug-Unit

Reuters reported that Solvay has drawn up a shortlist of potential bidders for it’s drug business. The start of a second round of the divestment process is supposed to imply that “Solvay is more serious than it has said in public about selling the business with $3.78 billion in sales.” Solvay commented on the report, […]

Santurus: Fundamentals Unchanged!

Recently, an article from Seeking Alpha has got me scratching my head! The title: “Santarus: Business Fundamentals Improving”, which was written by an analyst from Zack’s. The article highlighted recent additions to Santarus’s business plan through the in-licensing of: Glumetza, Budenoside, and Rifamycin. Furthermore, the article suggested that these additions are net positive since little-to-no […]

DepoMed: Protected by Cash and Headed Higher

Recently, my partner has made some great stock picks for his portfolio. The markets now are truly once in a lifetime and these sort of gyrations can present huge opportunities to us small time investors. His portfolio is up 75% month-over-month. I got to give him props. But let me make a case for Depomed (NASDAQ:DEPO). […]