Depomed’s Stock Price Is a Gift Following FDA Approval of Pain Drug

Now that Depomed’s (DEPO) GRALISE has been approved by the FDA, making a bull case for Depomed becomes easy. GRALISE is an extended release gabapentin formulation, formerly DM-1796, that is.

Sales Potential and Chances of FDA Approval for DepoMed’s DM-1796

Many biotech investors have been closely watching the upcoming PDUFA date for DM-1796, DepoMed’s (DEPO) investigational extended-release gabapentin formulation. Depomed’s story has been marred with ups and downs, panicking those.

Celldex: Can Anything Halt It’s Slide?

Three Phase II trials and still waiting. It’s been a lot of bad news lately for this little biotech. Trial data has been scrutinized, a Phase II/III was downgraded to.

Roche Scores Big With Plexxikon and Immunogen Deals

Roche took a hit in December 2010 when the FDA revoked the breast cancer indication from Avastin, its top selling oncology drug for lack of benefit. Businessweek had estimated this.

Big Pharma Is The New Big Biotech

Biotechnology companies used to be distinguished by their ability to produce complex drugs requiring the culture of living organisms- drugs often based on the manipulation of DNA. Genentech and Amgen.

Finding Opportunity in Abbott – Depomed Dispute

Tuesday, Depomed (DEPO) announced that Abbott (ABT) is disputing elements of their contract regarding DM-1796, an investigational extended-release gabapentin formulation. According to the conference call and press release, CEO Carl Pelzel is “perplexed”.

Ardea Keeps On Rolling

Ardea’s stock has appreciated about 36% since mid-December, a couple weeks prior to its release of successful Phase IIb gout data. Gout hasn’t been the most exciting area of research..

Halozyme: It’s All In The Delivery

According to Datamonitor, market share among pharmaceutical products is shifting from oral therapeutics to injectibles due to such factors as therapeutic focus, molecule type and lifecycle stage. Drug delivery platforms.

News Stories Miss the Point as Depomed Approaches FDA Target Date

Depomed (NASDAQ:DEPO), a specialty pharmaceutical company, has seen a healthy gain in its stock price due in part to its upcoming PDUFA date for DM-1796, a once-a-day treatment for Post.

Achillion Pharma Breaks 52-week High, What’s Next?

Achillion stock has been flat all year, underperforming the biotech indices as well as its peers in the Hepatitis C drug development community. The stock began to leap a couple.

Enzon Pharmaceuticals – A Two-Platform Company

Enzon is a developmental stage company with a product in Phase II and two in Phase I. The biotech’s pipeline is powerd by two platform technologies- PEGylation, and Locked Nucleic.

Biovista – a Dedicated Approach to Drug Repositioning

Following up my previous piece on drug repositioning by Orexigen with its diet pill, Contrave, I spoke with Dr. Aris Persidis, President and co-founder of Biovista- a leading company in.

Oncogenex Has Novel Products and Financial Flexibility

Perhaps unprecedented in the realm of biotech companies, Oncogenex Pharmaceuticals has an astonishing four years of cash. It will end this year with approximately $83-85 million, enough to see it.

Orexigen’s Contrave- Making Waves Beyond Obesity Drugs

The success of Orexigen’s weight loss drug, Contrave, with the FDA advisory panel highlights an important area in drug development- repositioning. Orexigen accomplished this by combining the off-patent drugs bupropion.

Orexigen’s Contrave Receives Panel Backing- Great News For Vivus

In a shock to watchers of recent developments in the area of weight loss drugs, the FDA panel of expert advisors voted 13 to 7 recommending the approval of Contrave.

Revival of the One Trick Pony

The In Vivo Blog had a very nice piece on the recent turnaround in Exelixis’ strategy- downsizing its broad portfolio to focus on its most advanced compound, XL184. This announcement.

Celgene Plunges on Revlimid Data

Celgene shares lost over 8% in regular trading to close at $55.64 Monday after the company released clinical data for its multiple myeloma drug, Revlimid, at the American Society of.

MagForce- Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment With Nanotechnology

MagForce is a Frankfurt listed company developing nanotechnology based therapies for solid tumors. Its patented technology is based on the superparamagnetism of iron oxide nanoparticles, which can be manipulated in.

Are Analysts Underestimating Sales For Avanir’s Nuedexta?

After first receiving a “complete response” letter from the FDA for its Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) treatment, Nuedexta, Avanir has finally won approval with a modified drug formulation and new clinical.

Biosimilar Antibodies- Another Win For Teva Pharmaceuticals

Already the undisputed leader in generics for small molecule drugs, Teva stands to benefit enormously as biosimilars begin to gain momentum. Laws passed in recent years have paved the way.

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