September 24th Biotech Update

It really feels like the sector wants to continue the trend higher but the broader market is not going to let it.  I think if the broader market sentiment were neutral, then the sector would be moving higher.  I do not think the sector has a chance to move higher in the midst of a […]

June 15th Biotech Update

It looked like we could have gotten some momentum but it was not quite able to continue.  It was not stock specific but pretty broad based.  It is not as if it was a particularly bad day but that momentum that was building that I thought could get us to the $140-1 level on the […]

May 19th Biotech Update

We do not have a ton of news but it has picked up a little this week, which is nice.  It is also nice that the news has generally been positive (although not universally so).  It is nice to see that the positive news is being treated as such (having positive effects on stock prices) […]

May 6th Biotech Update

Well, yesterday starting really good with PFE finally getting some love and the sector on decent footing but it certainly did not end well.  We are now at the recent lows with odds likely favoring breaking the lows and triggering another leg lower.  In some ways this is fundamentally and sentiment driven.  As I noted […]

March 19th Biotech (and Energy) Update

Yesterday clearly did not instill a ton of confidence.  That being said we did not break any lows so the path of setting a higher low and establishing a new move higher is still possible.  The difference is that we are now closer to taking out the lows, which is not a comfortable position (especially […]

March 8th Biotech Update

I am not sure if the sector is trading on fundamentals anymore.  I do not mean that it is over- or under- valued but that the trading has been so extreme that I am not sure news matters.  Of course, as we attempt to rather this week starts with no M&A and a negative trial […]

January 13th Biotech Update

So I think JPM is a complete failure in terms of news.  It is obviously a dud in terms of M&A.  I do not remember the last time we had a JPM with zero mergers. There have been some with minor deals but it has been awhile since there have not been any.  This actually […]

January 8th Biotech Update

So the sector was doing well yesterday in the lead up to JPM and perhaps we get some early news today but the news yesterday was certainly not a good start and that might end up weighing on the sector (at least in the morning).  Hopefully this is not a signal as to the type […]

November 9th Biotech Update

We do not have merger Monday, so I suspect the market will be disappointed.  I joke of course as this is going to be a massive relief rally on the news of the PFE vaccine.  While there will certainly be a rally that raises almost everyone, there will likely be rotations out of COVID treatment […]

October 26th Biotech Update

A mixed start to the week with the broader market and sector lower on the open.  Nothing dramatic on either and nothing really meaningful in news flow, so a sort of drifting would not be unexpected.  I think it is safe to say that we are in the calm before the storm with earnings really […]

October 1st Biotech Update

The sector has been a grind this week in that it appears unable to move higher but also is not breaking down at all.  Every rally appears to be sold or unable to get any real traction (the open today is a perfect example in that it looks like we could have a good day […]

September 28th Biotech Update

While there is nothing major happening in the sector, the broader market appears to be recovering and the sector is probably going to be along for the ride.  If we can get enough strength this week to push the XBI above the recent highs (around $116.30) then we can start to take more serious the […]

September 10 Biotech Update

The sector seems to be doing well as it recovers with the broader market.  One has to remain a little cautious as we seem to be in a downtrend with lower highs and lower lows and while this strength looks good, we cannot become too optimistic until we break the recent trend.  Hopefully this is […]

August 20th Biotech Update

The sector seems to be hanging in there despite the CRLs yesterday but there remains some interesting fallout that I want to focus on today. I would not be surprised to see the sector ultimately move higher in the near term given how well it traded on pretty negative news but we will see. I […]

August 6th Biotech Update

The sector came close to getting above recent highs but seemed to touch them and then pullback.  It was not necessarily a bad day for the sector but also did not quite break the potential downtrend.  There seems to be some positive news last night and this morning, so perhaps that will be enough to […]

July 8th Biotech (and MLP) Update

We are getting some news as the week progresses but it still remains a little slow on the news.  I suspect that this continues as we have the start of earning season at the end of the month and so unless there is really noteworthy news companies are going to likely wait until earnings to […]

July 2nd Biotech Update

The news seems to have dried up as we head into the long weekend.  We had “positive” jobs data that seems to be sparking a rally.  While the data are good, it is also on the back of the expanded epidemic so it seems a little unsustainable as there have been repeated closings in the […]