October 7- EOD

Macro, macro, and more macro. That seems to be driving the market and without any significant biotech specific news that was the word of the day. As we get closer to the debt ceiling the greater the headwind and the closer correlation between stock movements will get to 1. Biotechs will be particularly vulnerable given […]

September 23rd EOD

It was a weak day in biotech (although it seemed to recover a little in the afternoon) and some of the biggest biotech bulls are turning cautious. Mike King of JMP was out with a note this morning talking about taking money off the table. He is still a long term biotech bull but thinks […]

Upcoming Fall medical conferences

With Fall approaching quickly, we head into one of the busier periods of medical conference presentations. In the next month, we have several widely followed conferences approaching and abstract releases for a number of others. Below are some of the key conferences that we will be tracking with some analysis to follow in subsequent articles. […]

September 20- Daily Update – SRPT

Obviously the big news of the day was the failure of drisapersen in their phase III trial and what it means for etperlirsen and SRPT. While it is not clear if this was RNA related but biotechs were generally weak, although not dramatically so. Before diving into the drisapersen, I want to touch on a […]

August 19- EOD

Somewhat of a decent start to the week but unfortunately it appears like more of the same in term of general biotech sentiment and news flow. There are a couple of interesting notes but nothing that is significant enough to change the sentiment. 1. The biggest individual mover today was GTXI as it announced the […]

August 16- EOD (kind of)

This is a Friday in August and so it is not surprising that it was light on the news front as well as it being another low volume chop fest. That being said biotechs seemed to be getting their footing more so than earlier in the week but it is still very difficult to tell […]

August 13- EOD

Very little news of interest today. The markets continue to be a low volume chop fest with biotechs tending to bear the brunt of the selling. I think a lot of the bios are going to need to see their 50 or 200 day moving averages before finding significant support and I would not be […]

SRPT – Sarepta Quick Commentary

It Has Everything And Nothing To Do With Dystrophin Investors have been intensely focused on Sarepta CEO Chris Garabedian’s July 24 “Regulatory Update”, parsing each sentence as if it were one of Bernanke’s speeches. The call went generally as expected: following discussions with the FDA, Sarepta announced plans around an NDA filing based on Phase […]

July 24- EOD

The news du jour today was SRPT and I want to focus today’s note entirely on it because there is a lot to talk about. In addition, I want to focus on the bearish aspects to the story as I think the bullish case has been fairly well laid out. I would certainly not interpret […]

July 5- Morning Edition

This is another relatively short note as there is not much news today and I suspect most everyone is enjoying an extended Fourth of July weekend. I just wanted to touch on a couple of points and do so early because my office computer is not working well for some reason. It is a royal […]

June 28- EOD

Not much of a lot of new today but there were some interesting tidbits. 1. BIIB spiked higher today on the back of SNY news. The EMA granted Aubagio exclusivity and traders immediately wanted to tie this into the debate over BG12 exclusivity in the EU. I am not sure that this is anything more […]

June 26- EOD

Generally it was a good bounce back day for a lot of biotechs, although there were some pockets of underperformance. That being said, this is a positive day but the real test will be when these stock get to their 50-day moving average and whether they can decisively move back above them. Until then I […]

Week’s Option Activity (6/3~6/7)

The following stocks had notable activity in their options during the past week: $AFFY (6/3): 3,000 JAN14 2.0 strike Calls were purchased (stock at $2.08) for a debit of 0.45 or $135,000. Buyer makes money if stock is greater than $2.45 by expiration. Stock was subsequently de-listed from the NASDAQ on June 6. Oops. $CHTP […]

May 30- EOD

A bit of a quite day today in the markets. There is some biotech news but it seems to be the calm before the storm of ASCO, or as I heard someone note- the fire hose of data. 1. At the ELN annual meeting someone asked them about the possibility of purchasing AMRN and they […]

Some highlights from Day 1 at Needham

The 12th Annual Needham Healthcare Conference began today with a number of presentations by widely biotech companies. Below we have a slideshow of the summary slides from companies that we are following or have an interest in. These include Astex (ASTX), Cubist (CBST), Infinity (INFI), Insmed (INSM), ISIS (ISIS), Sarepta (SRPT) and several others.

SRPT – A Quick Look At The Chart

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc – Nasdaq(SRPT) Quick update: A big drop in SRPT today leaving the traders with speculation that there could be a leak about the decision to file for accelerated approval(AA) or not yet. For now, let’s take a look at the chart & check the technical standpoint. Daily Chart The price has been trading […]